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MJDeebiss21 karma

David, is it fun being the Warden in Superjail! ? Do you just record your voice wherever or are you more involved? Love all your work and will be seeing wonderlust Friday. Also, will you be involved with ken in any way with the party down rumored film?

MJDeebiss4 karma

Just wanted to say I have no background on you at all BUT Wool was recommended and recently shipped via Amazon and I am anxiously awaiting it. So there.

I guess a quick question: What are your favorite books? Current must-reads? I'm on a reading binge lately.

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Do you plan on sticking with comedy? You seem to be in a lot of funny movies/shows. That is a good thing. Just wondering if you want something more deep/dramatic or if you think comedy is just more fun.

MJDeebiss2 karma

Do you game or use computers in real life (besides web browsing and email)?

Also, not a question: BRING BACK PARTY DOWN!

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Besides the La Mancha movie, what is your dream film you have yet to make? Really looking forward to Zero! Thanks for all the great films