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fuckswithducks739 karma

How many "I Rub My Duckie" vibrators (NSFW) would you guess you sold in your time there? The last time I went to a sex shop I was surprised to find they were sold out!

nunsloveguns265 karma

NONE! 0 we eventually ended up marking those down by like 75% lol

BlackdogLao377 karma

Ever play any tricks on customers?

i only ask because i once dragged a rather naive friend into a store, and while i was browsing for something for me and my adventurous girlfriend to enjoy, he awkwardly stood near the door by the cash register. when i returned to him, he was deep in conversation with the guy behind the counter, and excitedly showed me the brand new sex toy the guy was demoing to him, a voice operated vibrating egg.

His little face dropped when i explained that the egg was remote controlled, and the clerk was pressing the button to turn on and off the egg on him, as a joke.

I've always wondered if there were any other standard sex store employee japes and tricks that you pull on customers, or even stuff that you do to new employees similar to the classic building site trick of sending someone for a long weight (wait).

nunsloveguns194 karma

No but that is a pretty funny joke. Wish I would have did something like that.

I_Learned_Once349 karma

How common was it for men to buy sex toys for themselves, or girls buying toys for their guys? I always hear about dildos and anal beads, but for some reason fleshlights seem to be far less talked about.

nunsloveguns385 karma

Pretty common. I'd say around 99% of men coming in for a toy of their own had no idea what they're were getting themselves into though. We had a huge selection of masturbators but by the end the visit and with help from the employees they would leave happy. Women coming in and buying masturbators for the men in their life wasn't a very common thing unfortunately. I would always suggest it if they asked for any help or advice in the bedroom, they're great for foreplay. But the majority of the time women just kind of shrugged that idea off.

goatcoat118 karma

I bought a fleshlight in a porn store. AMA.

nunsloveguns51 karma

regular one? or a porn star one?

ElMatasiete7120 karma

Hey hey hey. WE make the questions here, buddy!

nunsloveguns28 karma

sorry... just curious :p

Now_You_Did23 karma

Are the porn star ones better?

nunsloveguns17 karma

no just the lips are different lol

Fuck-You-Dave227 karma

What is your favourite type of cheese?

nunsloveguns267 karma


qjh1kzs226 karma

How big was the largest dong you sold?

nunsloveguns419 karma

We had one dong called the cockzilla, it was a big black and 17 inches that's the biggest I can remember

MorphineBear226 karma

Was there a particular reason you wanted to work there? Interest in porn? Good pay? Benefits?

nunsloveguns323 karma

Pay sucked. I really did enjoy helping customers figure out their body and what they can do in their marriage or relationship to just better themselves and they're partner. Would totally do it again just not another store with an arcade lol

MorphineBear49 karma

Also, what do you think was the most "exotic" item sold in the store?

nunsloveguns131 karma

Definitely the large pieces. I always found the fisting hands pretty out there lol

LadBooboo200 karma

What kind of mess did you have to clean at the video arcade?

nunsloveguns314 karma

Poop, cum, piss. Most people had the "decency" to at least do it in the trash though.

LadBooboo34 karma

Nasty. Hope you wore gloves or something. Thanks for answering though.

nunsloveguns62 karma

OF COURSE. I'd double up on gloves while cleaning

Ollieacappella153 karma

What was the most awkward situation you got into while working there? Did any of the customers with uncontrollable, raging boners forget it was a shop for buying material and offer you money to finish them off?

nunsloveguns284 karma

Hmm I once had a customer ask me to do fetish lingerie modeling and after I said no he then said "well you could get good money for pictures of your feet." Pretty awkward

partenza134 karma

Have you ever bought something for yourself?

nunsloveguns308 karma

Of course. I wouldn't have been such a great saleswoman without first hand experience.

TerpBE132 karma

What was it like when you saw someone you knew as a customer? Any awkward encounters? (Teacher, clergy, friend's parent, etc.)

nunsloveguns211 karma

It wasn't really awkward. I know for them it may have been. But I tried to make anybody that I knew that came into the store as comfortable as possible just because it's kind of already awkward walking into a porn store for most people

rvaruss122 karma

Did you ever hook-up with a customer?

nunsloveguns245 karma

No way. I did meet my current boyfriend there but he was a co-worker.

freuds_sour_milk115 karma

Were the old men or the stall doors more crustier?

nunsloveguns131 karma

Definitely the old men

pbuk84103 karma

What do women buy (apart from dildos) that a fella could purchase for her as a gift? I'm not a creep but wanna buy something for the wife.

nunsloveguns129 karma

Clitorial stims, bullets, eggs ect. Massage oils are great. I always recommended the candles that burn into massage oils they smell amazing and don't get too hot. Maybe look into beginners bondage items? It really all depends on your wife and what she is into

enclavedzn91 karma

Ever meet any pornstars while working there?

nunsloveguns158 karma

Kelsi Monroe was a regular. Super nice chick. A few who did amateur porn but Kelsi was the biggest

VivaVeronica31 karma

What did she buy so much that made her a "regular?" Or was she going to the booths?

nunsloveguns65 karma

Lingerie mostly

courteecat88 karma

Whats your most memorable customer?

nunsloveguns180 karma

I can't think of one particular customer, but the most memorable moments was when the customers would come back into the store and tell us how much we've helped them with any intimacy issues they may have had.

courteecat34 karma

What sort of things would you normally recommend?

metalhead453 karma

Dick pills

nunsloveguns113 karma

Spot on! Our selection of boner pills was limitless

waterbuffalo75019 karma

And they're not all bullshit?

nunsloveguns42 karma

Well, we had some customers swear by them and buy them everyday but honestly my personal opinion is that it's kind of just a mind thing.

courteecat17 karma

What about penis enlargement things? Think Austin Powers

darksiderising24 karma

Lots of potential for permanent damage with those things. Have you tried a silicone cock ring before? You'll get hard and stay harder longer.

nunsloveguns28 karma

Great suggestions! Pair that With some stud 100 you'll be hard for quite a while!

bookham81 karma

Any stories about people returning products? Why did they return them?

nunsloveguns165 karma

ALL THE TIME! You would be surprised at how many times people try and return crap. We tested every toy before it left the store because we had no return policy. Opened the toys up, put batteries in them and showed them to the customer most of the time just so they know what they're getting. They would try and return them later and say "this isn't working anymore" leave their bodily fluids all over them! Then we would have to put on gloves and test them again. 99% of the time the toys people tried to return worked just fine. I think they thought it they don't clean it before they bring it back we won't test it.

sithhappensbro81 karma

Funniest experience with someone you know while working?

nunsloveguns247 karma

One time we had some kid, probably around 19 or so, jerked off in front of one of the employees for at least two minutes before she finally noticed him and kicked him out. The whole thing was on a security camera. The footage was hilarious!

007thisguy78 karma

Were you guys okay with people doing "whatever" in the booths? / is it legal?

nunsloveguns114 karma

The employees including myself we're not ok with letting them get away with whatever they wanted but the cooperate bosses out of state wanted us to keep are mouth shut.

squidravioli77 karma

Did you eventually become numb to it all?

nunsloveguns96 karma

Pretty much, yea

JorensM177 karma

Follow up question. Do you like Linkin Park?

nunsloveguns100 karma


Zaku41k71 karma

Ever had customers dildo fight while in store?

nunsloveguns94 karma

no but the employees did lol

worldclassmathlete70 karma

What percentage of clientelle was female?

nunsloveguns101 karma

I'd say probably around 40%

PressZDoABarrelRoll52 karma

How often did you receive prank phone calls?

nunsloveguns100 karma

ALL THE TIME ... Mostly kids

camel_sinuses44 karma

Inside jokes at the store? Nick names for repeat customers? Give us the dirt!

nunsloveguns80 karma

We had cruisers that would hang out by the video booths and try to hook up with other men. We called them booth jockeys.... Not exactly sure why? But the other employees we're calling them that before I even started

arhanv41 karma

People still buy CD porn?

nunsloveguns84 karma

Oh yes! When I started working there I was completely shocked how many people still buy DVDs. We also did rentals! Half the store was actual porn DVDs

ILuvRedHeadz39 karma

How many people have you seen "fall asleep" in the video booths? Who cleans the cum? Whats the worst mess you have seen in there?

nunsloveguns40 karma

Multiple. People would like to do poppers and pass out back there.

FairyKingdom34 karma

Did you sell hentai or furry porn, or things that were not typical?

nunsloveguns39 karma

Did sell hentai but discontinued it a couple months before I left. Wasn't really a hot seller

tittoast32 karma

What is your grossest story from working at a porn shop?

nunsloveguns57 karma

Taking out trashcans filled with poop

glasslife30 karma

that red head guy in your more proof video totally looks like a porn store employee

nunsloveguns50 karma

That was my boss. Been there for almost 15 years

tngamerjr29 karma

Do you think porn stores can stay open with the internet having tons and tons of free porn?

nunsloveguns60 karma

Honestly idk.. But I've seen stores now where the store is like 80% toys and maybe 20% porn :/

justscottaustin28 karma

How hard was it to be a female working in a porn store? Was harassment common, or was it more live-and-let-live? How many of your customers were drunk or high?

nunsloveguns39 karma

I worked day shift so not so bad. Night crew got most of the bad end of customers. Drunks, crazies all of that. Never got harassed. Hit on a few times but I usually change the subject immediately

DaveGrohlsShinyTeeth27 karma

Did you get an employee discount?

nunsloveguns115 karma

50% OFF wasssuppp. I was always the friend that got their friends sex toys for birthdays and Christmas

pimaxc35 karma

Oh god I'd spend way too much there with a 50% discount

nunsloveguns33 karma

believe me.. i did!

squidravioli27 karma

Did you get any dirt on anyone you know?

nunsloveguns73 karma

There was some people I went to high school with that would come in looking for anal toys but I never judged them or anything like that. they would of been the ones kind of embarrassed.

danmanx22 karma

Do you have redhead porn? I love redheads.

nunsloveguns39 karma

Of course. Unfortunately we did not have a section devoted to them lol

MurlocZylinder22 karma

Any weird/bad experiences with any customers ?

nunsloveguns61 karma

Most of the bad experiences I've had was with the people who would use the booths. Not closing doors, not locking them, jerking off in the hallway ect lol


What was your favorite section of the store? The section you liked to answer questions about, help customers, or laugh at the sexual puns, or just personally enjoyed.

nunsloveguns27 karma

Definitely the movies! The covers, the names, the variety was just insane!

caleel8 karma

What is the etiquette in the arcade...I went to porn store one time just to say I've been in one. I think it was mainly curiosity as I'm lucky enough to get some private time at home while the wife is away or she lets me handle my business when shes too tired/headache etc. Anyways when I went in I walked around and notice the booths dudes just pounding away...I immediately looked away and said oh shit don't look inside those booths windows. I then notice a guy rubbing one out watching another guy rub out through the window. That's when I walked away.

Back to my question is that the normal people just watching other folks?

I think I would be self conscious to be honest and wouldn't be able to even whip it out in fear of someone walking by. A snapchat or text sure but just let it hang out...I'm not sure about that one.

nunsloveguns9 karma

Yes! So normal! Some dude would leave their doors cracked open just so people could watch. We had cameras back there with a video screen we kept at the counter so literally anybody could see them

confirmed447 karma

Have you watched the Sex Factor?

nunsloveguns9 karma

No! I follow Asa akira on Instagram and I remember her promoting it! Always wanted to watch it

AssSkratchum6 karma

What's the strangest reason a person have you when they asked for a refund/return ?

nunsloveguns8 karma

because it "didn't do the job good enough"

mystriddlery2 karma

Do people ever ask for your suggestions or have you help pick between different products?

nunsloveguns2 karma

I would say around 80% of the time customers went off what we recommended which is why product knowledge is so important.

kid_tiger1 karma

did you ever use the video arcade yourself?

nunsloveguns2 karma


doesntakethehighroad1 karma

Emm, so anyone gonna mention that sex toys aren't porn?

nunsloveguns1 karma

Half the store was porn to... Just no pictures of it

FoldingChair1 karma

What would you normally eat during your lunch break?

nunsloveguns2 karma

Jimmy johns