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I noticed there a few links scattered around your post. Can you make every word in your post a different link so people can't tell what's a useful link and what isn't, so they have to try clicking on absolutely every part of it to find the information they want?

I'm feeling nostalgic.

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Unfortunately, Gabe Newell was attacked by a 3 when was very young, so I don't know.

Finally we know the truth.

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he only wanted to talk about how much he hated his kids and his wife... for 90 minutes.

I could deal with that.

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How do you ring up sex acts?

Do you have to train all new employees to memorize PLU codes like 4901 for anal and 8657 for balloon popping in high heels, or is there some kind of plastic laminated sheet by the register with little photos or clipart next to scannable bar codes?

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Catch yourself talking like him, sometimes do you?