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Don't worry, everyone will find your comments, your name has a BLUE background.

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Always disgusted when I see a 400lb person just sitting at a buffet for hours on end. They were there before you and they leave after you.

Edit: downvoted by the 400lb buffet whales hiding on Reddit. Since this got big fast, I just want to say I do not hate on fat people. But if you're sucking up the buffet in a straw and teetering the line between life and death im of course going to be disgusted. That's not a good way to live.

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2 years....dafuq, parents weren't lying when they said time flies as you get older.

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Best emergency response EVAR.

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I always finish my plates at a buffet. The trick is to take a little bit of everything. Buffet is the only time I think I'll have like 8 different animals inside of me at once.