I'm James Young, a double amputee, video gamer, bionic, reddit user who asked your help on my amputee Halloween costume a couple of years ago, with thousands of awesome responses (u/jamesahyoung). Since then I have been fortunate enough to have worked with The Alternative Limb Project, funded by Konami, to create an artistic, sci-fi inspired artificial bionic arm. The BBC followed some of the emotional journey of over a year in which it took the arm to be created, and have produced two short films.

I have been personally involved in the design of my new arm the entire way, in order for it to reflect my personality, and it's been quite a journey, so I'd love to answer any question about the limb, or myself, as we sit here as my short-form documentary goes live on YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

I've met some awesome people (bionic and otherwise) on my journey and along the way learned what I need to better integrate my body with technology (if reddit allows, i'd love to share my fundraising page for titanium bone implants to connect to future cybernetic limbs).

The film! --------

BBC iPlayer:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p03tpr4t Part 1 & 2

YouTube Mirror:

https://youtu.be/NZNFkMW9uFg - Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRxV0qw7rJg - Part 2

Edit - Fun fact: I had my accident right this time and date exactly 4 years ago!

Edit 2 - I'm logging off! Goodnight from the UK. Thank you for your questions and interest! Love ya Reddit.

Feel free to follow up on twitter @jamesahyoung

Me: www.jamesahy.com My arm: www.allodyne.com The project: www.thephantomlimbproject.com The artist: www.thealternativelimbproject.com The hand tech specifically: www.openbionics.com

Username being used for AMA: u/jamesahyoung With help from: u/aannggeellll (who appears in the documentary)

Proof: https://twitter.com/jamesahyoung/status/732951317367431168


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pipsdontsqueak609 karma

What is your opinion of Solid Snake's constant efforts to destroy Metal Gears? How do you feel about FOXHOUND generally? And be honest, did Konami actually get their inspiration from you? Are you Big Boss?

In seriousness, glad to see the program helping you out, mate. This sort of work always amazes me and I'm happy for you.

corporateswine250 karma

Do you think they will ever make a weapon to surpass you?

jamesahyoung239 karma

Well, I like that we get to experience the constant outpour of Metal Gears, cuz they look damn cool. But yeah, it's nice that Snake has a relentless drive to keep on with the fight, that totally resonates with me. Just keep going until it the goal is achieved.

FOXHOUND has some good strong characters with deep stories, I like.

Big Boss? Nah, but, I feel like I need a code name, like Venom Snake, but... for me?


pipsdontsqueak226 karma

Bionic Snake? Nah too on the nose.

I'll think about it.

Edit: Altered Snake. It just sounds dope. You can have it.

jamesahyoung41 karma

I upvoted

StormCrow1770597 karma

Do you believe that humans will one day use prosthetics not as replacements, but as upgrades?

jamesahyoung579 karma

Yes, one day

lcq92157 karma

And are you for it, or against it ?

jamesahyoung339 karma

It's not happened yet, I'll wait and see what's on offer

JezzPanda369 karma

That shit's expensive though. Would probably cost an arm and a leg to get it.

I'm really sorry, you probably get shitty jokes from shitty people like me all the time.

whatisabaggins55110 karma

It's okay, those jokes are completely armless.

Thenfreewill50 karma

Nah, he has no legs to stand on.

HesBaaack45 karma

Funny! Give 'em a hand, everybody

JezzPanda31 karma

Wow that was a risky one. You're really out on a limb here aren't you.

jamesahyoung270 karma

I feel like you can do better Reddit... are you all stumped?

TKDbeast122 karma

Have you played Deus Ex?

jamesahyoung276 karma

I have bought the newest old one on Xbox 360 to play, as canon to my cyborg life. The same way I'm forcing myself to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

PretzelPirate48 karma

Forcing yourself? I love that show.

jamesahyoung107 karma

Forcing, but loves it, like force feeding... ben and jerrys?

Shozza87111 karma

That day is a long long way off. If you look at the literature we're not even close. The vast majority of upper limb amputees today either don't tend to wear a limb or if they do they tend to be cosmetic rather than functional ones. Currently the most functional upper limbs on the market today tend to be manual types which require you to move your shoulders to open or close but in general most tasks can be better performed using their other hand if they have one.

Even if the mechanical technology was anywhere close which it isn't. There's still socket problems, skin problems, phantom limb the list goes on. No one wants to cut there limb off to find their skin is hypersensitive and can't tolerate any contact with their prosthesis. There are also significant economical barriers in developing such high tech stuff for such a small proportion of the population.

This is awesome that Konami has done this for James but it does unfortunately have the side effect of making people think if something like that happens to them they will get the same treatment.

A lot of the technology we're actually using in clinics today hasn't actually changed in a long long while and isn't really likely to in the near future. Microprocessor technology has been around for ages but still isn't used that often. A microprocessor leg can cost up to to 40k and an arm can be double that. If you're in the UK the NHS certainly won't cover it.

Even then microprocessor limbs aren't always suitable and certainly have their own myriad of problems.

jamesahyoung98 karma


ScopeCharity314 karma

Hi James - this is really exciting!

We are Scope, the disability charity and we love seeing disabled people represented in the media.

Our question is - how have you found other people's attitudes towards your acquired impairment? Have you seen a difference in attitudes towards a traditional prosthetic, compared with your new bionic one?

jamesahyoung332 karma

Hi Scope,

I love it too, i'd love to appear in the media presenting new science and technology, not even about bionics (narcissistic?) but just because I gosh darned love science.

But, on to your question:

Which impairment? I can't clap that well but otherwise I could probably find a way to do something. But, what I call 'my new physical configuration' is certainly interesting to people. They love to stare but then pretend they aren't, do they think I am Medusa from Ancient Greek mythology?

People in public mostly tut at me, kiss their teeth, and mutter under their breath 'Oh lord, that's terrible...' and 'Oh, you're doing SO well' and 'I would probably kill myself if I were you' then... 'Oh, no, I mean... uh'.

This kind of thing is relentlessly common in the UK if I am wearing no prostheses or just a leg, or my boring arm. Something different happens in the USA where people grab my hand and thank me for my service to their country. Awkward.

With my new bionic prosthesis, you can see in the documentary, people are pretty stunned, slightly excited or mind boggled. I think maybe we got it looking pretty cool, which pleases me. In general people seem happy to kind of think or be aware I am 'making an effort' to 'return to normality' so they don't tut... but mostly they look very confused, which works for me.

Eubangus_Yeranus302 karma

Something different happens in the USA where people grab my hand and thank me for my service to their country. Awkward.

As an American vet, this made me laugh too fucking hard. Not an amputee, but love what you're doing, dude!

foslforever40 karma

thank you for your service... TO SCIENCE!

jamesahyoung7 karma

I like this very much.

weedz420105 karma

Lol right? You have a god damn robot arm and this scrub calls it an impairment ...

Edit: for scrubs that didn't realize ... this is a joke. But at the same time it's not really a joke ... because OP has a GOD DAMN Metal Gear robot arm.

jamesahyoung69 karma

Haha, well I think they mean without the arm, that's how I answered the first bit

SmaragdineSon60 karma

I think maybe we got it looking pretty cool

There's no maybe about it.

jamesahyoung32 karma

Thank you :)

xMeta4x7 karma

I scratched my arm on a nail the other day, and people thanked me for serving my country too.

jamesahyoung14 karma

Well, it's possible to get septicaemia from that so maybe you'll be joining the limbless...

WolfofAnarchy175 karma

Did you ask for this?

jamesahyoung353 karma

I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS, apart from the application form

WolfofAnarchy82 karma

NICE, you got it.

Great job! Best of luck, Jensen.

jamesahyoung65 karma

Hasn't actually played it much, but I gotcha. #culture

WolfofAnarchy25 karma

do you think of yourself as an augmented human being? ;D

jamesahyoung92 karma

Augmented... depends if you're glass half full or half empty

If it matched my other arms capabilities, and had extras, yes, but it's not better, it's different, and overall less good than flesh.

But, if you compare it to no arm, then... my one-armed body has been augmented.

Poem_for_some_tard171 karma

So lets say you're not really James Young, but rather a top notch medic who was conditioned to have the memories and thoughts of James Young... what then?

jamesahyoung133 karma

Do I have a secret desire to be a medic? Will it eat at my soul if I don't pursue that career?

Also, I am a qualified biological scientist who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry... so... am I Me?

Seanvich161 karma

Would you consider cosplaying as the winter soldier?

jamesahyoung294 karma

I cosplay as myself, sir!

I was constructed with funds from international mafia badass organisation Konami. Also, Hideo Kojima said he loved the project, before, y'know...

luke_in_the_sky130 karma

What does ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA do on you?

jamesahyoung315 karma

It depends if you do it on my nipples with your tongue...

Kalashnireznikov71 karma

Would that be ↑↑↓↓←→←→ on the right nipple, then light press, hard press on the left one?

Yellowshirt8359 karma


jamesahyoung142 karma

Oh yes.

nedmaster134 karma

I take it human transmutation isn't your forte. How did your brother fair?

jamesahyoung111 karma

I can admit to have not seen (or read?) any FMA -_-

nedmaster62 karma

High recommendation to check it out.

jamesahyoung89 karma

Are you high?

jamesahyoung10 karma

Thanks :)

HiManZine129 karma

How easier is life compared to before you had the prosthetic? Also, which Metal Gear game is your favourite?

jamesahyoung191 karma

I can do pretty much everything if I have my leg to stand on, or in a wheelchair (like I do around my home, to save wear on my stumpy wump).

I think Revengeance is hilarious and it cracks me up, so I love it.

EmeraldIbis52 karma

I feel like whoever came up with the name of the documentary had never played Metal Gear... Metal Gear is a specific thing, not just anything with metal and gears in it!

jamesahyoung89 karma

Agreed... I was not allowed to change their mind >.>

P_Tchaikovsky117 karma

The most important question: have you upgraded your arm to the point that it can detach and rocket-punch enemies?

jamesahyoung165 karma

I am considering it

anonymous_198399 karma

Have you experienced any phantom limb since your accident?

Have you considered adding functionality to your arm that are not normally associated with arms? What can it do that flesh and blood arms can not?

jamesahyoung230 karma


Yes. Phantom Pain is all too real... or is it... but, yeah, it hurts. It varies per patient but mine has stuck around for 4 years and doesn't appear to be going anywhere fast. I take 4 different medications to suppress it to a workable level (if i'm well rested).

The second question, begins to be answered with what my arm has: - Quadcopter 'drone' mounts to the shoulder - 100+ addressable LEDs - Green Laser in the wrist - Torch in the wrist - USB port (to charge devices) in the wrist - Smartwatch built in (with endless power if arm is on) - Magnetic area (with power) for attaching 3D printed future addons like: https://twitter.com/jamesahyoung/status/731148404366135296

But yea, I love the idea of expanding on human ability with alternative functions u/aannggeellll and I held talks about this at 2016 GeekPicnic in Israel

EDIT: I also created a special addon for Reddit users... https://goo.gl/photos/JFQrTbXPqFvKF2J39

TehBigD9776 karma

Holy shit, that's pretty cool. You arm is more useful than the average human arm.

Just a quick question, how is it powered? Especially seeing as it seems to have sufficient excess power to support a USB port for charging and keeping a laser, torch and smart watch all running at the same time on top of its normal functions.

jamesahyoung58 karma


One of these, lulz. Plus I can swap em out, or use different sizes. This one fits nicest atm.


toogoneforthis31 karma

How long does a single battery last on average? Do you bring spare batteries with you in case it dies? Has the battery ever gone flat and left you with the arm stuck in a random position or anything like that?

Not a question but I think your robot arm is totally badass and I'm currently sitting here a little jealous that I'm stuck with two lame meat arms with no LEDs or USB charging capabilities.

jamesahyoung49 karma


Short answer: With no lights, so long I reeeally cba to measure, the battery is overpowered for just a hand. With lights on max brightness they light a room, so eats up power, but still I was too lazy to measure.

In our config, the hand kinda goes pathetic when its not being fed enough juice, so you know before it locks in place.

Long answer:

I don't know, because these are not 'smart' batteries like in a laptop or phone, when the battery runs out the cells puff up and have a risk of explosion.

I have asked Adrian (in thE film) for the appropriate smart voltage control circuitry in order to stop this happening, but until then I tend to swap the batteries out proactively to keep em fresh.

I do have a voltage alarm that looks and beeps like a bomb before it gets dangerous but I always forget to time how long they last.

Klaus_Goldfish21 karma

I don't know, because these are not 'smart' batteries like in a laptop or phone, when the battery runs out the cells puff up and have a risk of explosion.

Wait, what? That sort of functionality is trivial enough to implement that you can buy ready-made boards off aliexpress/fasttech for 10 bucks shipped. It's elementary lithium battery safety.

jamesahyoung13 karma

Yep, but we just whacked it all together to get it to BDYHAX in Texas. Safety comes second... can you link me to a smart circuit that can take up to 17.4 volts and say, 40 amps peak current (the battery max current if I wanted to power something nuts)?*

edit: *whilst being possible to make in-line unpluggable to an XT60 connector for charging?

But yeah, we ran out of money so everything that happened from Feb onwards has been unpaid favours from the team members.

mxtrav26 karma

...sign me up for this cyborg transformation please. I've already got a metal rod in my leg, just take the damn leg and give me something badass like this arm!

jamesahyoung30 karma

High five! Well, visit: www.thealternativelimbproject.com

I have metal in my face and leg, and had some in my shoulder.

BSmokin17 karma

When you sweat does your arm feel all phantom icky?

jamesahyoung28 karma

Nope, but the sweat dripping down my side does... especially my little arm inside a socket of silicone & carbon fibre.

evilcounsel22 karma

Where do they sell silicone & carbon fibre underwear? Oh, you don't mean that little arm...

jamesahyoung27 karma

Dean Street, Soho, London, England.

Borax11 karma

Are there any specialist pain treatments for phantom limb? Do regular painkillers work?

jamesahyoung24 karma

There are off-label uses of meds from anxiety meds to antidepressants. Some antineuropathic agents for things like post-herpetic neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy are useful too.

Other treatments include mirror box therapy (VR in the future: https://twitter.com/VRProsthetics), TENS machines, EM shielding (might be a bit hippie), nerve blocks, spinal-cord stimulators, and open-head surgery...

edit: no, Panadol don't cut the mustard

Crescent-Argonian90 karma

Did you know about nanomachines, son?

I heard they harden in response to physical trauma.

jamesahyoung83 karma

You can't hurt me, Crescent-Argonian

JarnSkoG77 karma

I believe strongly that people should use technology to improve their bodies. How long do you think it will take until people start to change parts of their bodies voluntarily by robotic prostheses?

jamesahyoung111 karma

We are great at creating intricate robotics, there are a bunch of really good hands out there. The greatest problem is neural integration, we don't have more than rudimentary open/close (& grip change) signals that are used by these modern devices.

I encourage you to look at DARPA facebook page and scroll looking for their releases about funding interfaces with the brain of a million neurons, as well of some of their new implantable electrode achievements (others are doing this too). The aim of this is to improve complexity of control over bionics, whilst reducing cognitive burden (or the Amount people need to think in a non-natural way) in order to successfully operate the limb.

Second to this is feedback, we need haptics, and you can search google to find out about finger sensors, but we are nowhere near creating something as good as human skin for touch and force feedback - Would you remove your arm even if it was technically very good, if you were unable to feel your partners touch?

There are more great discussions and reasons why now is in my opinion not the best time to rush to remove a limb, but for a complex coverage of the topic there's an event in the UK this month you could attend to hear more. http://www.virtualfutures.co.uk/event/vfsalon-prostheticenvy/

thedaveness51 karma

Would you remove your arm even if it was technically very good, if you were unable to feel your partners touch?

Hell no, but since I snapped my right leg in two I don't really have the get up I used too. It's healing but if there were a "hey since your this far wanna robot foot?" I would say hell yeah.

Qt563Gq8l7ZU27 karma

Dude. Constant joint and foot problems all my life. All I want is robot feet.

jamesahyoung33 karma

Elect to have them removed if you can afford it. There are some smart feet out there... more tested than hands due to something like 1 in 8 amputations being hands (don't quote me)

Ossur Proprio Foot

Endolite Elan


Foxyfox-8 karma

As a follow-up, do you personally believe that prosthetics should be used in place of "normal" limbs if their capabilities are greater? In a hypothetical, sort of Deus Ex way?

jamesahyoung20 karma

In a way, yea.

Although, it's worth considering that the brain doesn't really end at your head... we are a complex mesh of neurons, sensory beings that develop by sensing the world around us, psychologically as well as physically. You may have read that there is evidence that we are influenced in our brains and affected in our minds by our gut's bacterial microbiome.

We have no idea what someone would feel like or do or develop like if we just connected a young brain in a jar to a mechanical system that doesn't match nature.

I recently attended a UK event called Hack The Senses (ongoing) which gives you more stuff to chew on about this. https://twitter.com/HacktheSenses

N-Tail72 karma

James, its Nick T (Psycho mantis).

I'm so pleased for you man, you did amazingly on the documentary.

Now I gotta ask.. You ever gonna use it on your 'Solid Snake'?

jamesahyoung79 karma

Hi Nick!

Maybe if I warmed the plastic up...

...the carbon fibre armouring is a bit pinchy and sharp though

yeep962 karma

Are you always looking forwards to upgrades, or are you happy with how your arm works now?

Do you think there will be a point where you rather keep your current setting then to learn how a new one works?

jamesahyoung91 karma

Upgrades always, i'm not in a position to have anything 'good enough', nobody is right now in my technological point of view. I will push for advancement by participating in the research in this field, always saying "researchers, product developers - you can do better".

And, I'll keep learning new ones until I'm a bit too old to grasp it...

Abdial58 karma

Hi James! Fellow below-shoulder amputee here. When wearing the arm how does the weight sit? Most days I go sans-prosthesis, because the weight of the arm sits so awkwardly that I feel that I am being more hindered than helped.

jamesahyoung81 karma

Yo! Yeah, it's weird. But, Sophie did some overly padded silicone which is actually not bad!

It's definitely like being in a different Mode with it on, and I totally smash into old ladies with my carbon fibre shoulder in crowds because I am not used to it's width.

Director_X44 karma

Does the BBC pay more for being naked on film? Was it exploitation or opportunity?

jamesahyoung125 karma

Cameraman: "Oh can I just, get you showering?" Me: "What... why, what kind of film is this?" Cameraman: "It just shows you getting ready" Me: "I don't understand the point of this"

is naked

They do not pay subjects of documentaries -_-

drphildobaggins39 karma

Do you ever make the joke about something costing an arm and a leg?

jamesahyoung57 karma


drphildobaggins19 karma

Now that I've actually watched the doc, how's it going with the arm? How long has it been since it was filmed?

jamesahyoung28 karma

It could do with some love. I was in Israel the other week, and on exfil the hot dry sun had cooked off some of the delicate silicone work on the forearm. Needs repair.

Filming finished end of Feb

jamiegandolf36 karma

What did you think of Deus Ex?

jamesahyoung65 karma

Adam Jensen's voice... I just can't handle it. It's kinda like Christian Bale as Batman...

Laffano34 karma

What is the most funniest thing someone has said to you about your prosthetic?

jamesahyoung125 karma

"Can I try it on?"

(full bodied person)

Solidussnake199630 karma

Will you ever paint your bionic arm red and make it look like big bosses arm? And is doing everyday tasks harder than it is before?

jamesahyoung38 karma

I might get a 'wrap' like a car to switch up the colours, yeah.

Everyday tasks aren't harder, but maybe take more time to get right

kenshinuswench29 karma

I've just finished the doc, and it is not what I expected (I don't know what I expected tbh!), but it got me right in the feels and made me appreciate your journey with the arm even more. I've always found your resilience inspiring anyway, and this just highlighted this further.

Couple of qs: - When is the 2nd part airing? - What is the next step for your arm? - Do you want to upgrade your leg? - What would be your ultimate bionic limb?


jamesahyoung44 karma

Haha, well Konami also filmed the project for over a year but didn't finish making their way more technical documentary. The guy making it left the company so they are a bit stumped!

Woo... arm puns.

The second part is live now with the first on BBCThree YouTube channel Link for ease: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRxV0qw7rJg

EDIT: And thanks for your kind words! EDIT2: Missed a few Qs...

The arm has lots to do! We are working on a new PCB for the forearm with less wires (so messy in there), better buttons, and WiFi and BT which we actually didn't get in the arm in time... Also I'm hoping I can sort out some different electrodes because the current ones are pretty much hospital ones and I've broken every single one (there are 5) multiple times.

I do wish I coulda got my leg done at the same time! I'm looking into self-customization. I recently did a test print to check if I'd measured my leg properly - check it out: https://twitter.com/jamesahyoung/status/731638137378754560

Ultimate limb... Not sure, it would have to be starting with better integration with my body, including titanium anchors into the skeleton (ala: https://www.gofundme.com/titaniumjames) as well as integration with the nerves that once went to my old hand. Looks-wise, I'd like it to be customisable - did you ever see that BMW concept car that had skin that could reconfigure the shape of the vehicle? I want that, and all the skin to be OLED screens... no biggie.

fabbat22 karma

Dude that girl from the us is into you! tbh i am kinda disappointed at the outcome of the project. the arm doesnt seem really functional. more of a toy, or for aesthetic purposes. how do you feel about it?

jamesahyoung7 karma


Its goal wasn't to be functional, it just happened to end up mildly functional because of 3D printed hands being low cost, and then media thought we were trying to best the companies that have been at it for decades, because we designed it so cool. Kinda annoying... haha. It's only supposed to be pretty and light up n do alternative shit.

www.alternativelimbproject.com - see her other work - one is a snake arm, the animal, not video game character. But the snake isn't real obv, it's made of silicone, it's there to look interesting and represent that persons interests ;)

Yeah_righto_mate20 karma

If nobody else will ask, then I will!

Does it have a bottle opener built in to it?

jamesahyoung34 karma

I asked for one, but it didn't make the cut.

I have a pretty cool Millienium Falcon that does the job though. I could 3D print an attachment for festivals if needed.

grimwaldgaming19 karma

First off - Its great to see somebody who has taken life's less-than-perfect outcome and not let it derail your ambition and drive to be a kick ass person.

Question: what is the worst part of having to deal with a robotic appendage that may or may not do what your asking(telling?) it to do?

Put another way: How many times have you knocked your coffee off the table, or punched the cat instead of petting it?

jamesahyoung57 karma

Thank You grimwaldgaming!

The worst thing is that when people expect to see it working, it's slightly soul-crushing to watch their disappointment if the hand weirds out on me... because it's kind like... "Oh no, it's not, me... not my fault... the hand..." sigh

Like it feels like I let them down when it's not actually a problem that I myself am at fault for? It's weird

This hand is a prototype with software casually modded to try get it to work over a long distance (my arm is long!) and the signals are very susceptible to interference either:

  • of skin moisture issues (electrodes sliding off...)
  • muscle group charge overlap (picking up other muscle activation than the target)
  • electromagnetic issues from these thin-ass electrode cables running by chunky power sources and transformers and big ol' LED arrays
  • even the environment (hand weirded out in a Chinese restaurant once... maybe it's racist)

thisway8719 karma


I'm wondering --- if you were to start this project again from scratch, is there anything you'd do differently this time around?

jamesahyoung36 karma


I would make a completely different arm, otherwise I'd have two of the same left arm... um. But, more seriously, we thought about what the arm was going to have for SO LONG. It changed A LOT, so it has come out as a bit of a hybrid animal.

Originally it was to not be an arm, but an arm sized module absolutely chock full of techwizardry. But, then I saw that www.openbionics.com were making some pretty neat (n cheap) bionic hands, and convinced Konami to allow me to try add some limb functionality... but as a result we kind of ended up with an arm which ain't too smart (it has a Pebble smartwatch...) but as a compromise we put extra hours in made it look like an artificial arm that dropped straight out of the future. So, as it's not the most functional to use daily, it has turned into an 'art arm' with a modern bionic hand.

imatworkprobably19 karma

Have you ever used the bionic arm for sexual gratification, and if so how was it?

jamesahyoung53 karma

Not yet, although Alternative Limb Project leader Sophie de Oliveira Barata did want me to get a rumble motor in my fingertip... :/ dono Y

imatworkprobably13 karma

Is it due to a lack of dexterity in the bionic arm? Could you safely do this?

iamtheky17 karma

Has there been any recent progression in load-bearing aside from implanting anchors?

jamesahyoung23 karma

Yes, adaptable sockets

  • See u/aannggeellll 's activity arm which has adjustable tightness by a ratcheting 'boa' mechanism

  • I can't remember but there's another cool new above-knee socket that doesn't have a cup but has adjustable weird straps...

  • Also, before the socket stage, MIT has a pressure-enacting force measuring device to map your squishy or hard parts of your limb (like a topographic pressure map) in order to create the best fit, way better than 3D scans which don't give you that info.

  • There are also Vacuum pumped sockets, definitely is one by Ossur, to keep you in the cup and the volume of your flesh stable

  • Some ppl also like pin-based liners which allow you to click n lock into the socket with no grippy suspension sleeves needed (which suck and restrict movement) but others can't use them as you need to press your limb end onto a hard metal rod to lock in

akeyjavey16 karma

Hi James, badass arm you got there, what do you think of Konami after pretty much all of last year's debacles with Kojima?

jamesahyoung29 karma

I have worked with multiple Konami staff and still have no idea what went down, it is a mystery and a shame, but hey ho. Let's see what Kojima's new gaff comes up with, and what Konami come out with... if not more PES.

Edit: Did you see this... http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=26788 ...so cool

reallifelucas15 karma

As a Metal Gear fan, how good of a job did you feel that The Phantom Pain did at wrapping up the franchise?

jamesahyoung20 karma

Could always use more, though I am yet to do everything in MGSVTPP cuz of this stupid documentary taking my life!

ApexWebmaster14 karma

Are you going to hook up with that cute girl? You totally should, you guys would make an awesome couple. If she's not your type there are lot of chicks over here at /r/cyberpunk who think you're fucking hot.

jamesahyoung24 karma

Thanks Apex.

u/aannggeellll is very cute, but I am in a relationship with a tiny Mexican who I like very mushh

theprophet8413 karma

I see you have a 3d printed snoo plate for your arm. If I 3d print you a different arm plate will you wear it? I promise it won't be dickbutt.

jamesahyoung31 karma

I have a dickbutt pedestal mounted in Snoo's feet https://goo.gl/photos/JFQrTbXPqFvKF2J39

wakimaniac12 karma

Hello, James.

If you could replace any bionic-arm character in any movie/videogame/etc, who would you pick?

jamesahyoung26 karma


Geminii2711 karma

Hmm. Transdermal osseointegrated titanium implant for the hardpoint? I had some ideas about how a good endpoint should be shaped so that it could be firmly attached to and pass signals, while still having a seamless locally convex surface textured to discourage external dirt and biological buildup and be easily washable.

jamesahyoung9 karma

Google: ITAP implant

fanlouliu6 karma

Hi! I watched both of your videos - very awesome! What was your expectation before you got to try the arm? Did you have any idea how much more work it would need to function properly? Good luck with future improvements!

jamesahyoung12 karma

Yeah, I've been involved on this project intimately since the start, I knew inside it wasn't ready -_-

idontknowwhattoput015 karma

How fast can you type with it? Also, do you like tea?

jamesahyoung7 karma

1 key per... 3 seconds? I'm pretty good one (flesh) handed if I know the keyboard

funktownrock4 karma

Cool story! What about exercising, are you able to do pull ups/push ups with this device?

jamesahyoung9 karma

Nope, need titanium implants

thehauntedgod2 karma

Whats your favorite beer?

jamesahyoung7 karma

Brown ish

Nihhrt2 karma

How durable is the casing around the lithium battery pack? I would be worried about it exploding like all those "hoverboards!"

jamesahyoung4 karma

Lawl, I have no protection on it. It's velcroed in place on the carbon fibre shell. Kinda scared it's gonna blow up and burn my tits off.

ProfoundlyProfound2 karma

What has the mental impact been like?

jamesahyoung3 karma


Tactical_Wolf2 karma

Did your prosthetic cost...

an arm and a leg?

I'm sorry James.

jamesahyoung3 karma

Keep apologising.

fusiontheory2 karma

OP, has your sex life improved with the newly acquired arm? Can you make the fingers vibrate?

jamesahyoung8 karma

Sex life... ?

maclincheese2 karma

I've got to ask, being such a fan of gaming, how has your gaming changed? I saw you play the left side of the stick with your teeth. Has that changed to where your prosthesis can at the very least drive the character forward and back, or is it just easier to ditch the arm when you power on the consoles?

jamesahyoung3 karma

Ditch the arm. My mouth is more dexterous, fast and accurate.

Babies explore the world with their mouths!

JustSomeSchoolFags1 karma

What video games do you play frequently, and what console would you rather use?

jamesahyoung2 karma

Xbox One due to my history and the controller. The controller is usable for me without any mods. PS4 controller I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, it's so tiny.

I've barely played any games this year due to the film & publicity & doing talks! :'(

ImJustaBagofHammers1 karma

Which was better, Nintendo or Sega?

jamesahyoung4 karma

Nintendo had a greater role in my life, so they command my respect. But SEGA, damn, you got some classics.

Gohagan-2 karma

Who did you or are you voting for?

jamesahyoung8 karma

Yo momma