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He probably just thought it would be bad for business if two guys got stabbed to death right outside his pub by some of his regular customers.

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"Geez, the price went up since yesterday. I better book now in case it goes up again tomorrow!"

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Just piggybacking here to urge everyone reading to not donate to her Kickstarter fund.

This woman was an enthusiastic supporter of a decade-long campaign of state-sanctioned terror against China's own civilian population. A campaign in which millions were tortured, killed, and forced to live in misery and servitude for even the slightest perceived questioning of communist ideology.

The idea that she now wants to raise capital for the publication of her book titled "Across Oceans and Revolution: A Principled Life"... I don't know if it makes me want to laugh or cry! But hey, I guess if she didn't question her principles while all of those families were being dragged away never to be seen again, a little hypocrisy won't make her question them either.

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Don't you think that choosing to compete for Eritrea instead of Canada feeds in to the racist rhetoric that immigrants are not really true Canadians?

(Asking as a European with Arab heritage.)

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I feel like whoever came up with the name of the documentary had never played Metal Gear... Metal Gear is a specific thing, not just anything with metal and gears in it!