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Let me say first that I appreciate your work as many others surely do, but I'll ask a negative question.

With your type of vaccine, what's the worst that could happen if it doesn't go right?

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I can understand some localization to maybe help western audiences understand the content, but a lot of the dubs and subsequently dubtitles (subtitles that use the heavily localized dub) completely butcher what the characters are saying.

Is this a conscious decision to localize so much or is it that the translation department does not get paid enough/have enough talent or something else?

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Why does it have to be dark matter huh?! Are you some kind of matter racist?!

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I hated the re-dub of Totoro they made it sound too much like Ponyo and changed the tone of the characters way too much for my tastes.

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Are you serious about the junk grabbing thing? Where did this occur? Were you at a bar or something? That's fucking weird!