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There's not enough in the world to buy you back that time.

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In episode 2F09 when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is some sort of a magic xylophone or something?

Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

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Norm, did Gene make you say that or is that genuine? Blink twice if you need assistance.

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Triumph insulting everyone in line at the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones premiere is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. How did that come about? Do you plan to do something like that again with Triumph, maybe for the next Star Wars or some other massively popular film, or will that be a one shot?

Nerdiest edit: I felt uncomfortable just calling it "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" and not having "Episode II" in there. Come at me Triumph!

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What is your opinion of Solid Snake's constant efforts to destroy Metal Gears? How do you feel about FOXHOUND generally? And be honest, did Konami actually get their inspiration from you? Are you Big Boss?

In seriousness, glad to see the program helping you out, mate. This sort of work always amazes me and I'm happy for you.