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What does CTRL-

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Will you go to hell and die? Please?

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  1. This is really super hard - many organisations work hard to encourage accurate reporting on drugs but the nature of the industry means that journalists are hard to comprehensively reach and even then it's hard to get them to do the research when they are so pressed for time.
  2. This one is much easier! Reagent testing provides an inexpensive and effective at-home way to make sure a sample contains what it says it does. The ehrlich reagent is specifically targeted at detecting "fake" blotter and will instantly reveal when something does not contain LSD* but instead is empty or contains an NBOMe

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(This is british for "hell no")

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I find that MJ is the often only drug to be considered; the benefits of proper regulation (a different model for each drug) hold true for all, including alcohol, so:

What is your stance on the proper regulation of other drugs, for example heroin available on prescription to those who need it or clean MDMA (ecstasy) available through a system which ensures users are educated first.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this would take a HUGE bite out of criminal revenue, crime and drug related harms as well as having the potential to drop usage rates.