Hi, my name's Mat & I'm the idiot who created Ship Your Enemies Glitter. I started 2015 in a bad mood & wanted to inflict as much pain as possible to the world so I came up with the idea for people to ship an envelope filled with stupid fucking glitter to cunts they hate for $10. In what I can only call life punching me straight in the balls the website went viral and I was left with over 2,000 envelopes filled with glitter to process overnight. I noped the fuck out & ended up selling the website in an online auction which had a starting bid of $1..

Continuing on just being a fucking dick, this week I launched an 8 month long project that some people have said is "the most offensive kids book ever" called Where's MH370?. It's a search and find activity book where readers have to find missing pieces of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 in 12 full color, illustrated scenes. It's sort of like those books with that red & white striped fuck but legally I can't name it because last time they got angry & sent me scary looking legal documents. In response, I had this fan art made which is now hanging on the wall in my house. We're hoping to send it to them as a Christmas present.

Oh, you also might know me as the Australian on the /r/assistance subreddit that constantly gets hammered & gives away free shit. I may or may not be having a few bevvies with the boys right now. Don't judge me.


Proof: the source code of http://wheresmh370book.com mentions my Reddit username. Twitter proof here: @matcarpenter

EDIT: Holy shit some of you are sensitive.

EDIT 2: My eyes hurt.

EDIT 3: I shouldn't have given out my Snapchat username, I've seen way too many Redditor dicks tonight.

EDIT 4: Been going for 6 hours now. You guys have any ideas what to do with 10,000 self-adhesive googly eyes? Accidentally bought them.

EDIT 5: 2 hours sleep, back here to answer questions.

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alexxerth2430 karma

I heard some guy got glitter in their eye and lost an eye using your product.

What's your favorite vehicle?

MatHatesGlitter2348 karma

Well I drive a Mercedes Benz so it would have to be the Tesla Model S. I think there's only like 5 in Australia?

relzzuPehT225 karma

Which Mercedes Benz?

MatHatesGlitter1806 karma

I hate cars, I don't know. It needs new brake pads & rotor. The dash keeps flashing "1 Malfunction" but I'm hoping it goes away soon. These things tend to solve themselves.

djxyz01671 karma

Do you ever get complaints from the people who now shine like unicorn splooge?

MatHatesGlitter1749 karma

All the time. I think I got it the worst though. I did all of this in January-February & I'm still finding glitter everywhere. My house, my car... it still shows up at my local post office.

djxyz0529 karma

Hoho oh man, any memorable stories/messages?

MatHatesGlitter1342 karma

Some randoms invited me on an all expenses paid holiday to some private island where there was free booze, drugs & "legal prostitution". One of the many strange messages I received.

theolin111193 karma

so.... how was it?

MatHatesGlitter1333 karma

I decided to decline the invitation & keep all my organs.

AceKenshader717 karma

After trying to find Christmas decorations that won't shed glitter everywhere, I've come to the conclusion that the average person loves glitter.

MatHatesGlitter3025 karma

The average person is a fucking idiot.

Veda007463 karma

I read through this entire AMA. Every answer is on point and pretty funny. I'm going to order your book.

MatHatesGlitter785 karma

Love you.

iDemonix1404 karma

Do you feel that you pay your web developers enough?

MatHatesGlitter2551 karma

Most come from the /r/slavelabour subreddit.

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce1536 karma

Now that you have money can you buy me a 690 dollar gaming computer for no reason? I'll jump into a pile of glitter for it fwiw

MatHatesGlitter1378 karma

You'll acquire the glitter yourself? I'm tempted.

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce3793 karma

I'll split the glitter seventy five-twentyfive between you and me. I'll pile it on a large tarp in the middle of my backyard. It won't be that high, it'll be like a coating of it on aforementioned tarp. I'll, in a bathing suit, roll around in the pile, on video.

Edit: Wow. This is actually happening.

MatHatesGlitter1821 karma

50 upvotes on your comment & I'll commit. The way downvotes are flying around in this thread I feel pretty confident.

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce1137 karma

25 upvotes and a picture of my dog.

No upvotes and I'll knock the price down to 450.

MatHatesGlitter862 karma

I hate pets.

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce919 karma

25 up votes and glitter 50/50

MatHatesGlitter1680 karma

Well this backfired.

bozobozo283 karma

Did I smell a free computer around here?

MatHatesGlitter623 karma

He'd have to roll around in glitter which may be the worst thing one could do.

MrsCustardSeesYou316 karma

Shit, I would do that, and I'm a hot chick.

MatHatesGlitter790 karma

Send pics.

batshitcrazy5150116 karma

He's at 123 right now. Any deals yet. It will be posted here right? EDIT: Damn! Over 1950 now. You owe him bud.

MatHatesGlitter394 karma

I'll get him to submit it to Reddit & hopefully reap more of that sweet, sweet karma.

ptuck8741402 karma

I have to say thank you for getting my sister about 6 months ago, she still is pee'd off about it. You ever do any of your own family members?

MatHatesGlitter3575 karma

You ever do any of your own family members?


Kappachu1096 karma

Has anyone ever tried to sue your bussiness?

MatHatesGlitter1920 karma

No-one tried to sue me because of Ship Your Enemies Glitter. For the Where's MH370? book I have had legal documents sent to me from 1 major publishing company + a lot of death threats etc.

Xanza740 karma

Would you call the book worth it considering all the death threats? Do any of these threats seem to have any credibility or are they all pretty moot?

MatHatesGlitter2125 karma

I find it hilarious. I'm not sure if they're real or not, if I don't reply you know they're credib

Chicken-Mcfuckit957 karma

Who do you think would win in a fight? A bear or a shark. But the fight is on the moon so the shark could swim in the air. And they can both breathe on the moon, and don't float away.

MatHatesGlitter1095 karma

Depends on the type of bear.

ryan_holiday714 karma

When I interviewed you for the Observer, we talked about trading up the chain--how a story can start on a small site and be moved to progressively bigger sites. Did you try to use that strategy for this MH370 project? How has the media reception been compared to the glitter stunt?

MatHatesGlitter833 karma

Ryan! Good to hear from you man. Media has been reluctant to touch the book, it's a bit too controversial. That said, I was expecting this so I'm just going to have to be a bit more creative with marketing. We pulled a small newspaper stunt not that long ago & have big plans for the anniversary in March.

Swagmanhanna698 karma

Was there any motive or planning to make Ship Your Enemies glitter? Or was it really you just being mad and wanting to ruin peoples lives?

MatHatesGlitter1855 karma

I'm a terrible person.

theClutchologist542 karma

Why did you make a children's book about mh37o?

MatHatesGlitter1285 karma

It's not a childrens book however I made the book because I was always a fan of the search & find activity books when I was a kid. Questioning what would be the hardest thing to find in the world resulted in MH370 so it was a no-brainer.

Twice_Knightley514 karma

Hey Mat, Congrats on the new book.

I'm the 'Bag of Dicks' Guy who made dicksbymail, and the glitter site was a great inspiration. I have a lot of random people messaging me all the time about dicks but I gotta say my favorite interaction this year was this thread about some dude selling his potato writing website.

Those were probably the top three viral 'ship your _____ ____' sites this year and that thread got zero attention.

Anyway, whats the biggest struggle with creating a kids book?

MatHatesGlitter825 karma

Finding kids who can afford it.

Illsaveit488 karma

How can it be guaranteed that the glitter will spill out of the envelope? Is it designed in a way to ensure this, or can I just use a letter opener across the top and look inside, thereby avoiding the glitter hurricane from occurring?

MatHatesGlitter951 karma

No guarantees, you could use a letter opener but you're kidding yourself if you think that shit isn't going to get everywhere.

Dalisword323 karma

You sound fun, what do you do in your free time?

DiscvrThings321 karma

Loved reading about the Glitter website as it unfolded (terrible pun intended) but I would like to know a little bit more about how you went about marketing the site. Who were the first people you told about it and how long until you acquired those ~2,000 orders?

MYMANscrags200 karma

And were you happy with the 85k sell?

MatHatesGlitter491 karma

I didn't do any sort of traditional marketing. The website was submitted to Reddit & took off from there whilst I went out to watch the tennis. On the drive I could see the orders piling up & turned around to ride the wave. Those 2,000 orders all came within 24 hours.

In terms of the sale, that's definitely more than what I expected for a site that took less than an hour to make. It's allowed me to do a lot this year, including helping the people out over on the /r/assistance subreddit.

MYMANscrags190 karma

2000 orders that first day, obviously not sustainable, do you have any idea numbers they do today?

MatHatesGlitter480 karma

I don't, however I am curious. The website still receives a steady stream of mentions on social media daily so they must be receiving a decent amount of traffic. They've brought out a lot of new products which are fucking cringey but whatever, they're trying to make money. Oh, and they redesigned the site & removed the profanity. Super lame.

Anshin342 karma

I remember one FAQ that went something like this

Q:Help, the glittery made the guy lose an eye and now I'm in a lawsuit with them what do I do?


MatHatesGlitter315 karma

Here's an archive of the website before it got rebranded: https://web.archive.org/web/20150129082645/http://shipyourenemiesglitter.com/

eyemadeanaccount293 karma

What is the best way to remove and clean up glitter? I haven't been glitter bombed, but I did have a girl get in my Uber last night, who might as well been a fairy with how much glitter she left behind on the seat. They are cloth seats by the way.

MatHatesGlitter636 karma

You don't clean it up. It's in your car forever now.

Qscfr263 karma

How many times have used your product and any good stories with it?

MatHatesGlitter888 karma

When the site went viral I had a lot of people get in touch with me wanting to help fulfill orders. One woman sent through an email which read like all the others, ‘I’m a 30 year old woman from the U.S. who would like to help out etc.’ – I would have clicked over it quickly if it wasn’t for an email sent directly after it from the same person with the subject line “PS I’m hot” with 2 attached, raunchy photos. I replied with “nice”.

Qscfr321 karma

So did you hire her?

MatHatesGlitter799 karma

Business & pleasure bro.

bpwoods97243 karma

You're my Idol. Do you do book signings? Can I meet you somehow?

MatHatesGlitter483 karma

I do sign some of the books & write inappropriate messages in them.

TheRealHanBrolo123 karma

How inappropriate are we talking here. Id love some raunchy midget porn descriptions in my books.

MatHatesGlitter208 karma

Request it & I'll get writing.

MrDiddelz230 karma

This has been my favorite AMA of all time. So, have you ever been sent glitter since you sold the company? I'd assume once you sold you didn't know anything about glitter shipments.

MatHatesGlitter454 karma

Someone once sent me a trout with a top hat printed on a piece of paper attached to its head. That was a weird day.

victoryohone30 karma

What else happened that day?

MatHatesGlitter222 karma

I stopped opening random packages.

NinjaCheeseCake191 karma

  1. Will you have my babies?
  2. When you first started the website, how much glitter were you covered in on a scale of 1 to unicorn foetus? 3.you seem really chill brah

MatHatesGlitter316 karma

  1. How hot are you?

NinjaCheeseCake235 karma

  1. C'mon buddy, do you really have any standards?

MatHatesGlitter300 karma

  1. They're extremely low.

MatHatesPaying168 karma

Warning: salty post ahead.

Not only do you hate glitter, it would appear you hate paying the people who work for you, too.

I was hired as a freelancer on one of your projects and was completely stiffed on payment, which seems odd for someone who likes to flaunt how successful he is on a regular basis (giving away gaming computers, really?). Not only that, but you convinced me to lower my rate before even beginning the work.

Sure enough, I busted my ass for what I thought was already cheaper than usual, and then you totally disappeared when the work was done and it was time to pay up. How convenient. I tried contacting you many times afterward but to no avail.

With all of that being said, I'd consider you my enemy. I'd ship you some glitter, but I'd rather eat my foot than give you money. Have you thought about shipping yourself glitter? Could you do that for me? Don't spend too much on it, though.

MatHatesGlitter144 karma

No fucking idea what this is. If you're being serious send me an email using the contact form on my website.

cuteman142 karma

Are you behind the other "send your enemies" websites?

There was a dildo one and a few others.

It seemed like before long the creators of those sites wanted to sell the sites themselves after generating a few days of hype marketing.

MatHatesGlitter259 karma

I only created Ship Your Enemies Glitter & from there hundreds of clones popped up. It did seem like people saw the websites success & tried to emulate it which is all cool, I love when people try & make bank online but Ship Your Enemies ______ has been done to death now.

daltonslaw118 karma

Hi Satan, how's ol' Dolfi Hitler hangin'?

MatHatesGlitter302 karma

He requests more postcards.

whiteorb105 karma

What shopping cart platform did you use for the site?

MatHatesGlitter157 karma

I built the site with Bootstrap & a simple PayPal payment form.

paathurnaxe98 karma

Any tips for someone who's aspiring to become an entrepreneur? I want to get started but I've got no idea what product to go for or what to do.

MatHatesGlitter443 karma

It's better to be working on a shitty idea where you might learn a thing or two than doing nothing.

someoneinsignificant153 karma

wait this was like the first profound thing to come from this AMA wtf

MatHatesGlitter74 karma

Damn, I fucked up.

WooflesAndBacon79 karma

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

MatHatesGlitter185 karma

Depends on the mood & objective. If I'm looking to just recharge it has to be a simple Corona with a wedge of lime. If it's to get fucked up it'll be shots of any sort of bourbon.

qmaz24664 karma

Have you ever thought about collaborating with the nice people who make Cards Against Humanity?

MatHatesGlitter150 karma

Those guys are out of my league.

donuts_foshonuts34 karma

Was Ship Your Enemies Glitter what led you to starting your marketing company / becoming an entrepreneur? O:

MatHatesGlitter124 karma

No, I've been involved in business since I was 16 & getting sued by Apple. Super fun. Check out the blog.

ArmoredFan32 karma

I sell things online on popular sites and when a buyer pisses me off or is trying to scam me I use your site. It beats paying return shipping.

What was the profit margin on a glitter bomb?

MatHatesGlitter44 karma

I think it was like $6 profit. Pretty good margins.

FurockBeast24 karma

Did you start this Ama at around 3:00am local time?

MatHatesGlitter70 karma

Yeah. Been going for 6 hours. You cunts are entertaining.

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Masterchrono18 karma

I need more proof.

RealPeterNorth3 karma

Could u send shit covered in glitter ?

MatHatesGlitter56 karma

The logistics of this would be pretty complicated. If I started shipyourenemiesshitglitter.com & received 2,000 orders in the first day I would have had to been shitting so fucking much that it might have literally killed me.

Also scaling that website would be a nightmare. Do I pivot to animal excrement or hire human staff to maintain the personal shit touch?