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MatHatesPaying168 karma

Warning: salty post ahead.

Not only do you hate glitter, it would appear you hate paying the people who work for you, too.

I was hired as a freelancer on one of your projects and was completely stiffed on payment, which seems odd for someone who likes to flaunt how successful he is on a regular basis (giving away gaming computers, really?). Not only that, but you convinced me to lower my rate before even beginning the work.

Sure enough, I busted my ass for what I thought was already cheaper than usual, and then you totally disappeared when the work was done and it was time to pay up. How convenient. I tried contacting you many times afterward but to no avail.

With all of that being said, I'd consider you my enemy. I'd ship you some glitter, but I'd rather eat my foot than give you money. Have you thought about shipping yourself glitter? Could you do that for me? Don't spend too much on it, though.