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JohnMiltonJamesJoyce3793 karma

I'll split the glitter seventy five-twentyfive between you and me. I'll pile it on a large tarp in the middle of my backyard. It won't be that high, it'll be like a coating of it on aforementioned tarp. I'll, in a bathing suit, roll around in the pile, on video.

Edit: Wow. This is actually happening.

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce1536 karma

Now that you have money can you buy me a 690 dollar gaming computer for no reason? I'll jump into a pile of glitter for it fwiw

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce1137 karma

25 upvotes and a picture of my dog.

No upvotes and I'll knock the price down to 450.

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce919 karma

25 up votes and glitter 50/50

JohnMiltonJamesJoyce214 karma

Not worse than have FO4 and not being able to play it