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Hey Mat, Congrats on the new book.

I'm the 'Bag of Dicks' Guy who made dicksbymail, and the glitter site was a great inspiration. I have a lot of random people messaging me all the time about dicks but I gotta say my favorite interaction this year was this thread about some dude selling his potato writing website.

Those were probably the top three viral 'ship your _____ ____' sites this year and that thread got zero attention.

Anyway, whats the biggest struggle with creating a kids book?

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What, in your opinion is the biggest misconception the average person has about the wine industry?

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Not OP but most altruistic donations of organs come with a 'front of the line pass' for family members or yourself in the future.

(I looked into this a few years ago regarding donating a kidney and asked what would happen if a parent needed one and I was no longer able to donate)

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I lived on a block in Auckland that had 3 things on it; my apartment complex, a youth center and a brothel. I always laughed to myself thinking somewhere in the building was a lady that would drop her kid off at the youth center and go to work in the brothel and could go for days without leaving that one block.