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Hi Satan, how's ol' Dolfi Hitler hangin'?

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Dennis Rodman is a basketball plater who is famous for defending North Korea and Kim Jong-Un.

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Will the NO vote change the Troika and the IMF's attitude in any way? In other words, did the vote actually matter?

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Thank you for your service, not only to the US, but the entire planet. What do you think about US government intervention in Latin America, specifically Chile and Guatemala. Do you think you live a comfortable life in your late 90s?

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The fact is that many people go to the US to escape violence, not because they lack resources. Now, what I previously said does not mean that most central americans do not have work, they do, but it doesn't usually give them the resources to allow their kids to get a proper education, or have internet access, or air conditioning (Central America is HOT). Adding to that, these people are vulnerable to the fluctuations of the market, and can risk having less income. Also, corruption takes a lot of the resources of the country; the people can build all the sawmills they can, and raise all of the crops and livestock possible, but they will still be oppressed and abused by the drug trade, the government and, many times, the employer. In another note, you need land to be able to raise crops, and build houses and sawmills, most of which is controlled by rich "aristocratic" families, supported by the government, so the workers have no option but to work the land that is owned by others.