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Why did you make a children's book about mh37o?

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It shows he is kinda calling you out on your bs but call it what you will lol

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Where are you hiding ?


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Think you missed the word "more"

I'll happily take the downvotes though

Edit / rephrase

Everyone who needs to jerk will jerk

Why now? Why reddit? Why an ama and not a vine? Ama for porn stars has been on the rise. I've seen statistics where the stars that do them have had more "views"

So are you hopping on the bandwagon? Why or why not? And if not, why are you here other than to promote yourself?

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Do you feel your videos would be more watched if you hopped onto the "I do porn ama" bandwagon earlier or do you think you're dead on?

I ask because I don't think you've missed your mark but I haven't looked at your photos and based on the top responses and questions it seems any guy will worship a woman 120-175lbs based on height but after that it's just weird fetishes, people who need to hit the gym and guys with dicks so small I see more ass than penetration