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I am jack's complete lack of surprise.

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No really, there is.... this shit happens too much and nowadays good cops get thrown into the same category as bad cops because of how often it happens. We need more examples of good cops.

Thank you.

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1) If they're fleeing Honduras or El Salvador and cross multiple borders are they actually refugees or migrants?

2) What percentage of those ultimately seem asylum surrender themselves at the border versus requesting/applying for asylum after they've been caught/detained illegally crossing the borders?

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I think the biggest issue here is communication. Much of the activism that sprouted from our school was in relation to the simple regulation of firearms- not a complete ban. This subject, by nature, is extremely controversial which is the media tends to focus on it more. People on both sides of the gun spectrum are actually in complete agreement in terms of accountability. There were many failures on both the county and national level, and many organizations/movements (such #FixIt) have been initiated to address them. Despite the urgency of the mental health crisis in America, it is not as "glamorous" as the gun debate which is why people tend to fixate on it more.

So since mental health isn't as glamorous but certainly the most important factor here.

Why are you, today, talking a LOT more about gun control instead of the obvious and unheeded complaints about the shooter?

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Yeah, I don't think that's for beginners.