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Shit, I would do that, and I'm a hot chick.

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Also take into account neutering. Most people who gravitate towards owning pitbulls do not neuter them.

Intact male dogs of any breed are disproportionately more likely to be involved in attacks, both on animals and humas.

I really wish there were national numbers on this. All I've seen are an old SPCA stat stating 90% of dog bits are from intact males. They didn't state their source, but in the decade or so of being around a lot of dogs in dog parks--dog fights follow that % in my experience.

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Thousand-yard-stare= a definite yes

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I just have to say, I don't follow sports and have zero clue who you are but I have read a lot of your AMA so far and think this is a really excellent and wholesome AMA. it's endearing to see you relate to your fans, who are clearly a large number and so excited to interact with you. You seem like a very cool person and I'm happy you get to get cool Japanese Nike shoes and I hope your kids like the donuts in Japan as well :)

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parents of teenagers.