Good morning Reddit!

I’m The Real Ron Popeil. Although my friends, family, fans and even the TMZ paparazzi that cornered me the other night always call me Ron. So, please just call me Ron.

I started selling kitchen products at a flea market in Chicago when I was just a kid. Selling products at the flea market meant security. Making money was survival for a poor kid like me. Then, I sold products at a Five and Dime Store as well as State and County Fairs. The rest they say is history as now I am well-known for helping to invent the Infomercial Business and for selling my inventions on TV. I sold about 8 million Showtime Rotisseries on TV and made the phrase, “Set it and Forget it” a household phrase.

You might also remember my other products I’ve created and marketed such as Mr. Microphone (“Hey Good Looking I’ll be back to pick you up later!”), the Buttoneer (“The problems with buttons is they always fall off!”), Mr. Dentist (the first marketed household electric toothbrush) the Ronco Food Dehydrator (that made banana chips and beef jerky), GLH (“Hair in a Can”), the Ronco Electric Pasta Maker, the Smokeless Ashtray, the Inside the Eggshell Egg Scrambler, the CleanAire Machine, the Ronco Seal-A-Meal, the Bedazzler (Rhinestone & Stud Setter), the Auto-Cup and don’t forget the Pocket Fisherman.

Wow, I’m exhausted just thinking about all these products and these are just some of a long list. “But, WAIT THERE’S MORE”! My latest and greatest invention took me 14 long years to invent. It’s called the 5in1 Fryer & Food Cooking System and it fries a 15 lb. whole turkey in only 46 minutes and the fryer is SMALLER than the turkey. And, that’s part of the invention. It also Steams, Boils and Bakes.

You can see my new Infomercial at

In the meantime, let’s get started and “Ask me Anything”!

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Recap: Well I had lots of fun. I really love talking to people and answering their questions. I think we may do another AMA in 2016. For those of you who are driven, I'll end with the phrase, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today". Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make some fried chicken. Thanks again everyone for participating.

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clownburner72 karma

It is true you invented the technology to keep heads alive in jars, but just haven't released it yet?

TheRealRonPopeil137 karma

Still working on it! Send me your address so I can have someone come pick up your head.

Smartnership55 karma

You have coined so many phrases and memes, it's just amazing.

But wait, there's more...

...I also applaud your incredible work ethic. Do you have a book about your experiences?

TheRealRonPopeil49 karma

The Salesman of the Century - however, I'm currently working on a book of the trials and tribulations of inventing, marketing and the problems related to having product produced in China based upon my experiences related to my newest invention - Ron Popeil's 5in1 Fryer.

Smartnership7 karma

I always thought you could have helped at Quirky.

The new book should be a really interesting inside look at a complex process.

Thanks for the reply :)

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma


Smartnership11 karma was the crowdsource invention company, eventually failed.

But the types of products they could have chosen to produce would have been greatly enhanced with someone with your instincts.

I think that is what is so cool, you seem to have a great feel for what will actually sell, and how to produce the media to get that appeal across.

TheRealRonPopeil14 karma

Thank you for that. It depends upon the product whether the crowdsourcing will work or not. Always remember - is this product for just a few people or does it have mass appeal? The one that has mass appeal is more likely to succeed.

nkleszcz31 karma


What have been your impressions of the Weird Al tribute song to you?

TheRealRonPopeil59 karma

"Mr. Popeil" by Weird Al certainly inflated my ego.

Vettelaw29 karma

Mr. Popeil,

I once bought a pocket fisherman for a class camping trip. Before I left on my trip I discovered it was broken and I was forced to bring an unwieldy larger fishing pole with me.

Why did the pocket fisherman break, Mr. Popeil? Why? I didn't drop it. It just didn't work right out of the packaging.

P.S. Still a big fan of your other products.

TheRealRonPopeil49 karma

I apologize. Sometimes during the manufacturing process a very small percentage of product is not produced to my liking. This happens with every manufactured product made today in mass. Even IPhones!

BarraaCudaa21 karma

Hey Ron, it's an honour to get to talk to you. Can you give us any sneak peeks into some future products in the works?

TheRealRonPopeil29 karma

Sorry, I can't allow the competition to know what I'm working on!

BarraaCudaa10 karma

No problem! I can only DREAM about what you are coming up with. Good luck for the future :-)

TheRealRonPopeil13 karma

Take a guess and I will tell you if you're right!

Fidesphilio19 karma

I hope you don't set this IAMA up and then forget it....

Edit: but wait, there's more!

Are all your products made in the U.S? And do you personally invent them or buy the rights to them from the person that did?

TheRealRonPopeil19 karma

All my products are designed and created in the US. Most of my food dehydrators were in fact made in the US because it was not a labor intensive product to manufacture. Products where labor is a major factor are made in China. My family and a friend also contribute to my inventions.

Thankee_Sai1917 karma

Do you admire any of the TV pitchmen working today? What is the secret to making a good pitch?

TheRealRonPopeil30 karma

Steve Bryant, Rick Domeier, Mark Gill, Billy Mays, and Montel Williams. The secret to a good pitch is being believable.

benicetogroupies34 karma

Ive got some bad news about Billy Mays...

TheRealRonPopeil51 karma

I'm sure he's doing what he knows how to do best in Heaven! God bless.

pisttfo12 karma

Hi Ron, How do you differentiate from a good idea, a bad idea and a great idea?

TheRealRonPopeil27 karma

A great idea appeals to a huge, mass market. A good idea only appeals to a medium sized market. And, a bad idea appeals to a very small market.

Sozerano9 karma

Hi, Ron! I've been watching your infomercials for as long as I can remember, and I still get excited to see the Showtime Rotisserie informercial. I purchased the product for my father over 10 years ago, and he still uses it to this day. I often tell people you're one of my idols because of your ability to invent and market so effectively. Are there any products that are on the market today that you were looking into creating? Have you had situations where you were beaten to market by a competitor? Any products in particular?

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

If it's already in the marketplace, I would have no need to create it. I've never had a situation where I was beaten to market by a competitor.

trophyguy9 karma

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a new product come to you out of the blue or do you put years into thinking the next one?

TheRealRonPopeil12 karma

I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas of how to improve my product or my advertising materials.

Smartnership9 karma

Have you been asked to appear on Shark Tank? That would be awesome.

TheRealRonPopeil13 karma

The answer is yes, I have a friend who is associated with some of the Judges.

Smartnership8 karma

It would be terrific, you are the hero / prototype of virtually every entrant.

TheRealRonPopeil13 karma

I do love the Shark Tank show and all and I mean all the judges.

18598 karma

Hi Ron! You're obviously very passionate about the work you do. What hobbies do you have for when you want to unwind from inventing and marketing for a few hours?

TheRealRonPopeil18 karma

Fishing is where it's at for me. I try to do it on my boat which is called Popeil's Pocket Fisherman.


So aside from marketing these goods, do you actually use the majority that you pitch?

TheRealRonPopeil16 karma

Yes I do, but not all, all of the time. Too many products. I do use my 5 in 1 Fryer four times more than I do my "Set it and Forget It" rotisserie and that's every week.

suaveitguy8 karma

Ever been courted for a reality show or position on a TV show?

TheRealRonPopeil14 karma

Yes. I asked Simon Cowell what was the workload of taking on a reality show. His response was, "an awful lot", which caused me to not want to get involved.

toiletf_ck8 karma

Hey Ron! First off, thanks for doing this AMA. Its a great way of interacting with fans!

My questions to you are, Who is responsible for the 5 in 1 Fryer infomercials? Can you give us an insight as to what goes into producing one?

How did Flavor Flav get involved with the 5 in 1 Fryer infomercial? Who reached out to who and what was he like to work with?

TheRealRonPopeil26 karma

I am solely responsible for all my unscripted Infomercials. I hire a studio, all the cameramen as well as an editor to assist me and I locate people who love to cook. I met Flavor through a friend and had the opportunity to watch him fry chicken in a frying pan. Later, he fried ribs and a turkey in my latest invention - the 5 in1 Fryer. His testimonials are real. It was at one of his July 4th, fireworks displays at his house in Las Vegas which is as big as some of the major hotels! His neighbors just love it!

M-Thing7 karma

Hi Ron,
Thanks for the AMA. Also for bringing "Set it and forget it" into our cultural lexicon.

What books are you reading right now?
Are you planning to go see the new Star Wars movie?

Peace out

TheRealRonPopeil12 karma

Without Remorse by Tom Clancy. I do plan on seeing the new Star Wars movie.

greenclipclop6 karma

Good morning Ron?

So we code name our software releases after famous scientists. Our first release is named Ron Popeil. So when talking about deliverables and features we say 'is that required for Ron?' So tell me, Ron, is it required? :D

TheRealRonPopeil18 karma

If you say so! PS This made me and my assistant smile.

worldseasiestrecipes5 karma

You sold your business. Are you going back into business with your 5 in Fryer?

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

Not really. I'm currently looking for someone or a company to buy that main product (which I think is my greatest invention). Know anybody?

irregularcog5 karma

So how amazing is your workshop? Could you shoot a video tour?

TheRealRonPopeil6 karma

Do a search for Brian Williams and Ron Popeil and you'll see it.

Algum5 karma

Hi Ron!

I’ve loved your products for years, and am incredibly impressed with your ability to create and sell products that I didn’t even realize I needed (and when we used them at home were even better than I expected…we used the rotisserie just last week to make wings). A few quick questions: * Where do you get the ideas for your products? * How do you identify the factors that get people to buy? Are they similar in today’s environment compared to how you sold when you were at the county fairs? * What was the single most important lesson you learned in your business life?


TheRealRonPopeil10 karma

First answer: Where do I get the ideas for my products? I look for what's needed in the huge mass market.

Second: What gets people to buy is solving their problems. Solving problems has NOT changed over the years.

Third: The single most important lesson I learned in my business life is that common sense always prevails.

suaveitguy5 karma

Was there an equivalent to infomercials on TV in the 60s/70s? What came closest? How about Radio?

TheRealRonPopeil4 karma

The answer is no.

suaveitguy5 karma

I watched your A&E Biography awhile ago, it was great. You inherited the business? How did you evolve it from the early days?

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

One, I didn't inherit the business. I was a regular customer of my father's products and I didn't get any special treatment other than he allowed me credit where other customers had to pay in advance or COD to receive merchandise from him. I helped create the Direct Response business. I evolved by talking to people all day long directly to then, letting Television do the same presentation which allowed me to reach millions of people versus a few thousand.

confibulator4 karma

Mr Popeil,

I have an idea for a product and no idea where to start. What advice would you offer to someone with no manufacturing experience or start-up cash?

TheRealRonPopeil6 karma

You must ask yourself first, how BIG is the marketplace? And, who will buy your product at a fair and reasonable price? Find someone who will feel about your product the same way you do and have him invest. Then go to Alibaba's website and they will assist you. But it's paramount that someone on your team speak Chinese!

madesense4 karma

I'm really impressed with how long you've been in the business. How does the modern world of less television and more internet affect the way you market your products?

TheRealRonPopeil10 karma

It's difficult. Now one needs retail, social media, and TV to get the job done right.

suaveitguy4 karma

Did you expect that infomercials would be so widely watched? They were a bit of a phenomenon in around 1990, we watched them multiple times even without buying the products.

TheRealRonPopeil8 karma

Yes. I was surprised but in those days everybody watched TV - not like it is today with social media being what it is.

numonestun4 karma

How did you feel about getting your very own Weird Al song?

TheRealRonPopeil7 karma

Very flattered.

Jiujitsujay4 karma

What is the most successful product you have marketed?

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

Showtime Rotisserie ("Set it and Forget It")

Jiujitsujay3 karma

That might be my favorite infomercial, 2nd favorite is the food dehydrator!

TheRealRonPopeil7 karma

Go to to see what I think is my best Infomercial yet.

madd744 karma

What has been your favorite use of you or your likeness in media, and what makes it so? How about something in media you don't like?

By the way, I tell people to "set it and forget it" frequently, you aren't going to sue me are you?

TheRealRonPopeil15 karma

In response to your question, "By the way, I tell people to "set it and forget it" frequently, you aren't going to sue me are you?" - Not today, not tomorrow, and not next week. But, maybe next year. LOL.

TheRealRonPopeil13 karma

I enjoy watching movies and television shows where my face appears on the TV set within the scene of the movie or TV show.

NorbitGorbit6 karma

I heard infomercials are frequently the only shows that will freely give permission for movies to have them playing in the background because of the free exposure, even in gory horror movies, but are there any movies where you would or did not give permission to show your infomercial in?

TheRealRonPopeil9 karma

No. Any free publicity is good.

madd744 karma

But I meant was there any one that stood out that you liked the most? For example, the Futurama episode or the Simpsons episode?

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

The Simpsons Episode.

suaveitguy3 karma

What is your lab like? Is it closer to tinkering at home, or do you have a big building with a team of engineers?

TheRealRonPopeil8 karma

I have a BIG kitchen.

Metalgrowler3 karma

Hey ron, how is Lauren? I dated her briefly in middle school and met you once.

TheRealRonPopeil9 karma

She's fine. She's living the life of Lauren.

rmpocock3 karma

How long do you plan to keep goin? I'm sixty-two and I seem to remember you back from my childhood. could that be correct? keep on doing it. never bought one of your products but really enjoy your shtick. You started a genre!

TheRealRonPopeil4 karma

Until the day I die.

Lolzzergrush3 karma

Hi Ron, what are some unique ways I can use the flavor infuser?

TheRealRonPopeil6 karma

If you mean my Solid Flavor Injector, injecting whole cloves of garlic, fruits and nuts into a turkey, roast beef or leg of lamb.

ApparentlyGreen3 karma

Hi Mr. Popeil!

Long time Fan, first time poster.

I think of you as the primary motivator for why I got started on my current career.

What advice would you have to give to a young inventor and aspiring entrepreneur? Many thanks!

P.S; I have one myself and LOVE my 5-In-1 Fryer!

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

Don't do tomorrow what you can do today.

mindragon3 karma

Do you let people invest in your new inventions?

TheRealRonPopeil10 karma

No. But I am actively trying to sell what I think is my greatest invention, the 5 in 1 Fryer project which at this stage is turn-key. I do not want to run a business any more - I just want to invent and create the marketing.

mcdonaldstrump3 karma

Ron, what's your favorite product that you invented/pitched that never quite took off?

TheRealRonPopeil5 karma

My Inside the Eggshell Egg Scrambler took off but not to the degree of my other products.

TheGreekitaliano2 karma

Hi Ron,

What advice do you have for someone who doesn't have the funds to create a product that hasn't been made yet, and know that millions of people would use it? What steps do you recommend?

TheRealRonPopeil7 karma

You also have to ask yourself, what will it cost to make and what will it eventually sell for at retail? Keeping in mind, you need advertising money and the retail store has to make money. After giving me those answers, then, I can guide you going forward.

TheGreekitaliano1 karma

Well, it's a phone app. So I wouldn't have to physically make the product. How can I move forward with this? I really appreciate your time!

TheRealRonPopeil7 karma

Find someone (have them sign an NDA) with money to invest in your idea and "don't do tomorrow what you can do today". That's a rule I always live by and it's worked out well for me.

philckd2 karma

Hi Ron! I remember watching you in the very first Ronco Food Dehydrator commercial. Does it really make homemade yogurt like you said back then? If so, what are the instructions?

What product would you say that got you into the marketing business? What products did you try to invent but didn't work?

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

How to make homemade yogurt? Go online and the recipes are very similar. All my inventions got me into the marketing business.

philckd3 karma

Was there any inventions that you thought would be a bust? Props to the Ronco Door Saver!

TheRealRonPopeil8 karma

I never thought any of my inventions would be a bust! By knowing about my Ronco Door Saver, you're showing your age.

mrcrassic2 karma

Hey, Ron! What are some common mistakes you've seen new businesspeople make? Also, what are some mistakes that you've made in doing market research for products to make? How do you find what people want?

Thanks in advance!!

TheRealRonPopeil7 karma

Common mistakes that new business people make? They go to the expense of creating and inventing only to end up with a product that nobody wants. What do people want? Common sense must prevail.

ShrewyLouie2 karma

What am I supposed to do after I set it?

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

Well if you don't know the answer to that question.....

Frajer2 karma

What gave you the idea to start doing infomercials?

TheRealRonPopeil6 karma

A better sales presentation can be made in around 30 minutes versus the maximum 2 minute direct response commercial that was only available to us in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

suaveitguy2 karma

Have you seen the documentary about K-Tel? What did you think of those guys? Quite the boom.

TheRealRonPopeil4 karma

Smart, savvy guys that didn't trust each other. You can read between the lines.

no_1212 karma

Hi Ron!

If you don't mind me asking...

What was the hardest sale that you lost, and what did you learn from it? Why do you consider that experience your hardest sale?

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

I was attempting to sell an invention many years ago and the perspective buyer said, "What kind of a partnership would you like to do, Ron?" And, I responded, "Partners are only good for dancing!" I lost the sale, but made a fortune marketing the product myself.

pfelon2 karma

Have you had a product fail (or wildly succeed) that greatly surprised you? Like something you thought would be a hit and wasn't, or something that you thought might not catch on but totally did?

Thanks for being on Reddit and congrats on the new product.

TheRealRonPopeil9 karma

I'm happy to say no. But the reason and you can understand if you spend 2 1/2 years perfecting a product (the 5 in 1 Fryer took 14 years for perfecting), is the reason why all the products are successful but to different degrees. If you spend the time, you will make the dime!

suaveitguy2 karma

Are you a fan of Dragon's Den or Shark Tank? What are your feelings when you see that someone has sunk a mortgage or two they can't afford into their terrible product? Ever come across people like that yourself? Must be heartbreaking.

TheRealRonPopeil7 karma

I've only watched Shark Tank. I do come across people who trust their money with invention companies. And I believe that's a sure way of falling into the category you talk about. Sorry invention companies.

Gei3t2 karma

What is, in your opinion, the worst product that has achieved mainstream success?

TheRealRonPopeil30 karma

I hasten to say anything is bad that achieved any kind of success but if forced to answer, I'd have to say the Chia Pet.

Agonist852 karma

Hi Ron! Great to see you here doing an AMA.

Just wondering, after this AMA, will there be more??

TheRealRonPopeil5 karma


NorbitGorbit2 karma

what sort of product have you wanted to create or market but will never realistically have the resources to do so (for example a rocket car)?

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

I'm sorry - but I'm no Elon Musk! He has the resources and I don't!

UnsubstantiatedClaim2 karma

Hi Ron,

Are/were there plans to make Hair In A Can in colours other than black?

Now if you'll excuse me, I set a chicken earlier and forgot about it. Time to eat.

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

There were many colors of GLH. Brown, Silver brown, Silver black, White, Blonde.....

mrcaucasian2 karma

Have you ever caught a fish with your pocket fishing pole? My dad caught a nice catfish on the Mississippi River on his.

TheRealRonPopeil11 karma

Are you kidding me? I caught a small Bonita last week.

rcrracer2 karma

Do you patent your products?

TheRealRonPopeil4 karma


suaveitguy2 karma

Did you know Mike Levey, from Amazing Discoveries?

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

Yes, very well.

suaveitguy2 karma

Thanks. Can you write a memory or two about him? He was a pretty big cultural figure at the time, that has been too forgotten.

TheRealRonPopeil5 karma

We were good friends and I respected him for what he accomplished.

Casper0421 karma

GLH always seemed a bit crazy to me.

How much did you guys actually sell?

TheRealRonPopeil7 karma

Enough to cover millions of Chia Pets!

PantiesMallone1 karma

Hi Ron. What's the biggest hurdle for remaining a success in your industry? There seems to be hundreds of different people doing what you do, yet no one has your longevity? Is it talent, effort, luck?

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

All three!

C4RB0NUN1T1 karma

Ron, thanks for doing this. I am a huge fan of the "Set it and forget it" rotisserie. I have owned and used that thing for probably 20 years now. It's my favorite kitchen gadget, by far.

Question: I heard that the "set it and forget it" phrase was nixed from the commercials because of some frivolous law suits. Is that true?

If so, have you also experienced other frivolous suits that have caused you to change marketing tactics? I've heard something about a fryer marketed in Mexico but I can't recall the details.

Anyway, thanks a ton for the most amazing counter-top rotisserie ever made!

TheRealRonPopeil5 karma

No it never had anything to do with a law suit. It happened in my unscripted Infomercial - I just picked up and ran with it.

MarilynHanson1 karma

I've enjoyed watching you in various infomercials over the years. If you had to go back and really back only one product personally, which would it be?

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

They are all my children and I treat them equally.

AdilB1011 karma

Hi Ron! Has anyone ever referred to you as "Mr. Swanson"?

TheRealRonPopeil4 karma

I don't think I've ever been referred to as a frozen turkey dinner.

AdilB1012 karma

It's a reference to Parks and Recreation. There's a character on that show called "Ron Swanson".

TheRealRonPopeil5 karma

I did know that. And no, not yet.

irregularcog1 karma

Do you think you could market a bidet to reach American widespread acceptance? What would the tagine for that be?

TheRealRonPopeil12 karma

Sit on it, and Forget it!

VROF1 karma

Hey Ron, I love my dehydrator. We made jerky on it for years. My kids are getting into backpacking so I think we are going to dust it off and crank it up again. Are fruit leather trays available for it now?

TheRealRonPopeil3 karma

I sold Ronco in 2005 so I'm honestly not sure. They still sell that product so you can check their website or call their customer service.

makingthemesses1 karma

Have you invented anything that wound up not going to market?

TheRealRonPopeil6 karma

No. My thoughts on marketing take place before I invent.