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You have invented phase change vest that have been for sale for decades? Amazon phase change vest It appears all you have done is change the purpose of those vests. How is your vest some kind of new invention?

Edit: Is this a similar version of the Spotify fraud I described yesterday? Recurring CC transactions is what they want and are impossible to stop. From yesterday: Spotify has allowed the companies listed on this page to charge people $9.99 plus tax each month beginning in 2012. How many people over the past five years have they fraudulently charged? Thousands? 10s of thousands? 100s of thousands? Millions? Spotify intentionally facilitating these companies by not protecting Spotify copyright or trademark? Spotify management receiving kickbacks from these companies in return for not protecting copyright? Companies owned by Spotify management? These companies provide no services. All they do is collect cc money each month. CC company says they can't stop them. It's necessary to dispute the fraudulent charges every month. (Only buy with debit cards where you can stop the recurring transactions.)

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On an episode of Poker After Dark, everyone had moved to the couch, and you picked up and looked at the down turned hand of the player to your right. Were there any repercussions from this reprehensible act?

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Corporate spy

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Are the machines placed on floors other than carpet, where you can slide the machine side to side to prevent drains?

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How many more friends and relatives do you have after winning the lottery compared to before winning?