We make Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people. Cards Against Humanity began as a Kickstarter project and has become the best-reviewed toy or game on Amazon.

Today we are announcing the World Wide Web Pack, available for preorder right now on our website. 100% of the profits are going to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to establish the Cards Against Humanity Fund for Boring but Necessary Legal Battles that are Hard to Explain to the Public.

We're going to write the pack with you right here in this AMA so please pitch us your shitty card ideas in addition to your questions! The best suggestions will make it into the pack (credited to your Reddit username), and the worst ones will be mercilessly mocked.

There’s about twenty of us who make the game together, and we’re all here to answer your dumb questions: Me, jsdillon, bhantoot, DavidManque, MrMeDaniel, ehalpern, dpinsof, jennCAH, trinCAH, amycah, laurenCAH, HenryCAH, karleecah, MattCAH, siobhancah, alexcah, and mariaCAH.

Here's proof that it's really us!

This year we bought a private island, started a new company, opened a co-working space in Chicago, established a scholarship fund for women getting college degrees in science, and released the Sixth Expansion, the Science Pack, the Design Pack, the Fantasy Pack, and the Food Pack. We're happy to talk about any of that stuff or just tell you what our favorite card is.

EDIT: You guys! It's 7:00pm... I haven't taken a break to pee for twelve hours... I think we're going to call it a night! Thanks for some amazing conversation, and for getting this to the front page. We're going to be working on the World Wide Web Pack based on the suggestions in this thread tonight and tomorrow, and you can follow along with our progress in these places:

Finally, thank you for helping us raise over $150,000 for The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Worldbuilders today! Our entire company would not exist without a free and open internet, and it means so much to us to support the work that the EFF is doing to defend net neutrality and our right to privacy.

P.S. If you're looking for something else funny to do, go listen to Hello From the Magic Tavern!

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seanbooker4184 karma

White: Finding your mom on Tinder.

Ever thought of putting out a combo pack where someone can buy the game plus a few expansions all at once? Maybe slightly cheaper than buying them separately? Would be good for gifts.

Edit: and now my highest rated post is about my mom being on Tinder...haha

Maxistentialist1416 karma

White: Finding your mom on Tinder.

This is a great card suggestion!

We've never offered any deals, discounts, or sales on Cards Against Humanity (except for the time when we raised all our prices by $5 on Black Friday) - something about it just doesn't feel right to us. All of our products always cost one price and never cost another price.

jmkobus3243 karma

What is the worst email you have received from a customer?

jennCAH5413 karma

One time PornHub emailed to write a pack with us and we pretended to not know what porn was. We made them explain it to us. It was a long thread.

nulall2996 karma

Pics or it didn't happen.

jennCAH3945 karma

We definitely will publish it. All in good time.

WilliamTM1762 karma

op will surely deliver

jennCAH4928 karma

Yeah, I will. Here's a teaser, you vultures. http://imgur.com/a/mXmBj

Katie_Pornhub5362 karma

Still waiting for an answer Jenn. Even after that really awkward email thread.

Maxistentialist3820 karma

Stop viral marketing at us.

AchillesPDX3106 karma

What's it like knowing that you can produce just about anything at this point and fans will buy it en-masse even if it's just a box of cow shit?

[W] My sister-in-law's vagina.

Maxistentialist830 karma

I wish that was the case, but we have ideas and products flop all the time!

The Bullshit prank we did for Black Friday last year worked really well because people were in on the joke with us. I always view these kinds of pranks as a kind of improv where the public is our scene partner. We set up something funny, and they make it real. I love contributing to funny chaos like that myself, like Kurt Braunohler's Cloud Project.

TBoneTheOriginal3001 karma

Can I make a suggestion for a white card?

"The Cum Box".

Edit: Also "Jolly Rancher gonorrhea nodules"

Maxistentialist2797 karma

I really wish that you didn't just remind me of that.

Maxistentialist2819 karma

Actually maybe we should do this card just to upset everyone who sees it.

Maxistentialist3393 karma

Okay, I just explained this to the whole group and people are literally retching and gagging. Maybe not a great idea.

Dragoonscaper2757 karma

Why did you decide to address your complaints to Dick Cheney?

Also a white card idea: Donald Trump's toupee

Maxistentialist2283 karma

In the first edition of the game, we asked people to address complaints to Glenn Beck, but then his show was cancelled.

Then we changed it to Glorious Leader Kim Jong Il, and he died.

Now it's been Dick Cheney for a few years, we're waiting to see what happens.

As for the toupee... we haven't made a Donald Trump joke in the game yet! I think we're all hoping he fades from relevance before the card could go to press.

Iocabus2280 karma


When the internet goes down, I like to _____.

When my internet goes down I have to rely on ___ for ___.

Would you rather ___ or ___?

I identify as ___kin

I'm creating a kickstarter to fund my ___.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?


A phone so large you can use it as a television

Craigslist hookups

An infusion of HIV tainted tiger blood

Speaking only in Emoji

Using the rosetta stone to decipher a pure emoji message.

Edited to show some suggestions

jsdillon1362 karma

When the internet goes down, I like to _____.

This is a good idea, and on-theme for the WWW pack. But it doesn't quite work grammatically with the cards. Maybe something like "When my internet goes down, I have to rely on ____ ." Or maybe a Pick 2..."When my internet goes down, I have to rely on ____ for ____."

double2285 karma

When I become complacent with Internet porn, I turn to ____ as a reliable alternative

Maxistentialist1183 karma

"After I grew bored with internet porn, I could only masturbate to _____."

Maxistentialist952 karma

I really like the emoji joke - that's something we've never covered in the game before! I think it needs more of a point of view - typically cards that just "name check" something funny don't play as well.

Maybe something like... "Youths who only communicate via emoji," or "An indecipherable emoji text message from your mother."

Iocabus283 karma

Using the rosetta stone to decipher a pure emoji message. Maybe?

Maxistentialist456 karma

The emoji rosetta stone is hilarious.

Iocabus1925 karma

What are your families' opinion of the company? Any notable reactions?

Maxistentialist1309 karma

The video we made for our Hanukkah promotion this year is pretty accurate. My family is happy for the game's success, but their advice to us is that we could use the game to get a "real job" or go on Shark Tank.

already-obsolete1891 karma

Are there any cards that you flat out regret making? cards you've wished that you never put into a deck?

Also, consider the phrase "slip and slide orgies" from the whales section of the Wikipedia page about displays of homosexuality found in animals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mammals_displaying_homosexual_behavior

Maxistentialist2485 karma

We've written lots of cards that weren't funny and didn't make people laugh, and we regret every single one of them.

uberianmaan1713 karma

Black Card: I'm not a racist, but _______.

Thank you guys for this game. My housemate's infant son died after 5 days. A few weeks later we're playing CAH with some friends from out of town. The father draws the 'In the Future we will use ______ as money.' We play the turn and the last card from the answer stack is 'Dead Babies'. Looking around the room everyone is just stunned and quiet. The father then says, 'I have to give it to the person who had the balls to play that card.' There's a long pause as everyone's looking to see who's going to own up to it. A few long seconds go by and then the mother of the child slowly raises her hand and says, 'me.' Everyone bursts out laughing, including both parents. That was the first time that either parent had really laughed since their son died. So, thanks for that.

Did you ever think that your game would bring healing to the world?

Maxistentialist630 karma

This is a crazy story, thanks for sharing. Being able to acknowledge and laugh at horrible things that happen in life is not something that's valued very highly in our culture right now, but it's something that's helped us deal with all kinds of adversity in our lives. I'm really glad we were able to make that experience for your friends.

RubberRatty1321 karma

Seriously, how do you guys think of all the horrible things that you think of?

P.S. Please don't stop.

Maxistentialist2045 karma

I think about this quote from Penn Jillette (from Penn and Teller) all the time...

"The only secret to magic is that we're willing to work harder on a trick than you think we are. We have a trick that's going in the next month that we've been working on for five years. There are tricks in the show right now that we worked off and on for 30 years."

The only trick to our writing is that we work incredibly hard on it! We have weekly pitch meetings, and then we have writers' retreats a few times a year where we do nothing but brainstorm and playtest for weeks at a time.

The other thing is that we reject THOUSANDS of cards for everything that makes it into the game. A lot of them are really good, but they just don't work with the black cards, or we're concerned that people won't get them.

A few random cards from the reject list...

  • Unearthing ancient porn.
  • Eating enough organic food that the earth forgives you.
  • Going bonkers.
  • Emptying a dump truck of feral cats on the mayor.
  • Another satisfied customer.
  • Summoning a demon.
  • Drinking all of the water in the water park.
  • A moist bag of severed toes.
  • Casually pepper-spraying a throng of teenagers.
  • A creature made of penises that must constantly arouse itself to survive.
  • Two beautiful pig sisters.
  • A burrito that's just sour cream.
  • Mitt Romney's eight sons Kip, Sam, Trot, Fergis, Toolshed, Grisham, Hawkeye, and Thorp.

DCEnigma816 karma

I really like some of these, have you ever considered letting people order rejected cards? Like, letting people order packs (maybe 20 or so at a time) of rejected cards for 5 bucks?

Maxistentialist2366 karma

We make a "reject pack" with some our shitty cards in it, I'll send you one. PM me your address!

ryry6661024 karma

Who at the company has the biggest, blackest dick?

Maxistentialist1744 karma

This isn't something we ask in job interviews (it's illegal) but I'm pretty sure it's /u/jennCAH.

FreakyT984 karma

How about clickbait headlines?

[Black card:] Top 10 things I learned by experiencing ____ every morning for a year

[Black card:] ____ has a chance encounter with ____, but you won't believe what happens next!

Or even hashtags -- those are hip on the internet these days:

[White card:] #yolo

[White card:] #swag

Finally, maybe an HTTP error code?

[White card:] HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable

Maxistentialist1866 karma

We have a card in the 2014 Holiday Pack... "Today on Buzzfeed, ten pictures of _____ that look like _____." I really want to write a joke about Upworthy, I find their garbage headlines to really be the most annoying. One time they emailed me asking if they could use some of my design work and this was my reply: http://imgur.com/HxtiyKc

Fobwashed776 karma

Is there a card about your pets watching you have sex? I'm used to it now but it really used to creep me out.

Maxistentialist897 karma

What about, "getting used to your pets watching you fornicate."

92629263729366283626394 karma

White cards

The infamous hacker known as 4chan.


Black cards

Who stuck the __ in the __?

What would you rate 10/10 with rice?


Edit: Added with rice, because that's actually much better

Maxistentialist493 karma

The infamous hacker known as 4chan.

I hope he doesn't send a SWAT team to our office if we run that. Good card!

SickNdehed217 karma

You guys asked some pretty personal questions this year for the 8 sensible gifts sign up. Who actually reads all those responses? How ashamed should I be for answering them all honestly?

I still think you guys need a Parent Pack that includes all the crazy crap parents see and endure like sleepless nights, leaky boobs, a boot full of poop... Ben Hantoot knows what I'm talking about.

Maxistentialist143 karma

I'm pretty sure that data is actually anonymized in our database, but we're currently doing some analysis of the responses and working on some funny infographics. We usually post that stuff to our Twitter when it comes out: http://twitter.com/CAH

jmp8910175 karma

What do you think of this one? How about for a white card: #BlackCardsMatter

Maxistentialist129 karma


ALL cards matter.

elliottstanger74 karma

I called one of you guys' personal number one time a few days before I went on vacation because my order was messed up. You had no idea how I got your number, but it was on the shipping label, I swear. You totally helped me out and completed my order before I left for my vacation (with the game). You guys rock.

Since you're Chicago based (like I am) you should definitely do a Chicago Cubs-related card, like "Steve Bartman's Guilt" or "When the Cubs win the World Series, I'll drown myself in ____."

Since I need a question, who would win, ISIS or the Mexican Drug Cartel? Assume there is an even number of combatants.

Maxistentialist181 karma

I think the drug cartels are much more competent than ISIS. El Chapo has engineered like a dozen brilliant prison escapes, and ISIS is barely able to blow themselves up correctly.

xamphear31 karma

Hi. I was a Kickstarter backer of your original project. Great stuff and I played the hell out of it for a couple years.

Serious question: Do you feel like the core joke behind CAH has run its course? Is it time for a new game, with a new joke? What's next for you guys? Just more expansion packs?

Maxistentialist57 karma

The core joke of Cards Against Humanity is just subverting language in surprising and funny ways, and I don't think that's ever going to get old... these kind of games go back to the 1800's (and probably a long time before that!)

As for Cards Against Humanity... we still have a lot of fun writing it, but I fully understand that it's old news for the gamers who have been with us since the Kickstarter.

Cards Against Humanity also lets us employ about twenty people here in the U.S. and hundreds of people at our factory in China, and sales are still growing, so we have some responsibility to keep supporting it.

HOWEVER... we are in fact doing all kinds of new stuff that isn't Cards Against Humanity. We just started a new company (http://Blackbox.cool) and many of us are working on side projects and new endeavors. I recently made a Wild West slap fight game called Slap .45 and I'm about to publish an insanely fun new hidden identity game called Secret Hitler.

Majikku8 karma

What's everybody's favorite cards?

White: Rick Astley, /r/MarijuanaEnthusiasts, That 12 Year old kid killing you on call of duty, Drakes sweater

Black: _____ , the front page of the Internet

Never gonna give ____ up

Maxistentialist23 karma

I really like "The 12 Year old kid killing you in Call of Duty," it's such a great grammatical construction for a person in the game. Great card.

Is there a funnier word than killing? Maybe the 12 year old kid smashing you, annihilating you, no-scope headshotting you..

IT_Wolf6 karma

A white card idea: The Furries.

...on that note, how do you guys feel about the number of CAH spin-off games that have cropped up?

Also, how do y'all handle copyright issues on cards that use trademarks - is it fair use?

Maxistentialist5 karma

Our game is licensed under BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license, so we have always tried to be extremely supportive of remixes and new games that are inspired by Cards Against Humanity. If someone crosses the line into a clear ripoff of our trademark, we just nicely ask them to stop, and so far that's worked every time.

Huskeezee3 karma

What is your ranking of the three Stars? (Trek, Wars, and Gate)

White card ideas:

Making your stuffed animals self-fellate.

Posting SFW videos to Pornhub.

Maxistentialist11 karma

I have been preparing my entire life to answer this question:

  1. Trek (best characters, best universe, consistently high quality)
  2. Wars (three good movies, three bad movies, one upcoming movie that will probably be bad)
  3. Gate (The movie is great but the show can be very campy)

If anyone reading this hasn't gotten into Star Trek, I wrote an episode guide to TNG: https://medium.com/maxistentialism-blog/star-trek-the-next-generation-in-40-hours-c4a6762cbd3#.9rmghpqn1

powerscunner0 karma

Are you proud of yourselves?

[W] All the good things Hitler did.

Maxistentialist4 karma

I think I speak for all of the creators of the game when I say that we're too Jewish to be proud of ourselves. I like the white card idea a lot! We have a similar card... "Seeing things from Hitler's perspective."