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Black Card: I'm not a racist, but _______.

Thank you guys for this game. My housemate's infant son died after 5 days. A few weeks later we're playing CAH with some friends from out of town. The father draws the 'In the Future we will use ______ as money.' We play the turn and the last card from the answer stack is 'Dead Babies'. Looking around the room everyone is just stunned and quiet. The father then says, 'I have to give it to the person who had the balls to play that card.' There's a long pause as everyone's looking to see who's going to own up to it. A few long seconds go by and then the mother of the child slowly raises her hand and says, 'me.' Everyone bursts out laughing, including both parents. That was the first time that either parent had really laughed since their son died. So, thanks for that.

Did you ever think that your game would bring healing to the world?