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FreakyT984 karma

How about clickbait headlines?

[Black card:] Top 10 things I learned by experiencing ____ every morning for a year

[Black card:] ____ has a chance encounter with ____, but you won't believe what happens next!

Or even hashtags -- those are hip on the internet these days:

[White card:] #yolo

[White card:] #swag

Finally, maybe an HTTP error code?

[White card:] HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable

FreakyT55 karma

That is absolutely the most fitting possible reply!

Let's see, ideas relating to Upworthy specifically -- seems like most of their headlines are characterized by descriptions of people designed to make you feel bad for them. Maybe something like one of these?

Next on Upworthy: This striking video will change the way you think about ____.

Inspiring story: With memories of ____ still haunting her, one woman's small business was struggling. Until ____ came along.

Shared via Upworthy: 5 reasons why _____ is still _____ for people under 30