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Why did you decide to address your complaints to Dick Cheney?

Also a white card idea: Donald Trump's toupee

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Chuck, What was it like to work with Rhett and Link on the original Ojai Valley Taxidermy Video and the others you appear in? Are they pretty fun to work with? And are you collaborating on any other videos with them?

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Mr. Olmos, many have been asking about Battle Star but I've been wondering about Stand and Deliver, and how much of a challenge it was for you acting wise. How was it to work with a young Lou Diamond Phillips? My last question is, How do I reach these kids!?!?!

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Woah!!! So how does it feel to know you have voiced the childhood of so many people? How awesome is that kind of factoid?

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Amber and Lucky! My two favorite Archer characters!!!! Ahhh!

Is there a show on television right now that you would like to either do voice acting or live acting in?