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Funny story. The first edition of CAH had complaints going to Glenn Beck. After his Fox News show was canceled, we redirected complaints to Kim Jong Il. Then he died.

So, we pointed our bad-luck-cannons at Dick Cheney, but so far it hasn't worked. That fucker is immortal.

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I like the idea, though I'm not sure how well it works with the black cards. Perhaps something like:

Error 404: the webpage you were looking for, www.pornhub.com/______, could not be found.

Could be something else besides pornhub.

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[A card that is just a picture of Donald Trump's face that says "TRUMP CARD"]

This is kind of amazing. It should probably say "The Trump Card."

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When the internet goes down, I like to _____.

This is a good idea, and on-theme for the WWW pack. But it doesn't quite work grammatically with the cards. Maybe something like "When my internet goes down, I have to rely on ____ ." Or maybe a Pick 2..."When my internet goes down, I have to rely on ____ for ____."

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This is a real text my mom once sent my family: