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Black Card Idea - I live my life by the long forgotten book of the Bible, the gospel of _______

White Card Idea - Making Obscene Gestures at Blind People

Question - Comedy is becoming one of the most scrutinized and debated about topics. What are you guy's personal feelings on comedy that goes too far? Also, do you think your game helps lead to meaningful discussions about the topics they bring up or is it all just for a laugh?

Thanks for the awesome late night laughs in my dorm!

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I really like some of these, have you ever considered letting people order rejected cards? Like, letting people order packs (maybe 20 or so at a time) of rejected cards for 5 bucks?

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Is your friend still straight now?

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This is one of the best AMA's I've ever seen, bravo.

MY REQUEST Think you could do a slowed down version of "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson? That would be beautiful

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I just wanted to say, this is the first time one of my questions was answered in an "IAmA", I'm glad it was the Sharknado guys