I am Ron Jeremy and I am a porn industry and pop culture icon. I have worked in the business for over 33 years, appeared in close to 2,000 adult films, directed 250, starred in 55 music videos, as well as 60 mainstream features. Nicknamed “The Hedgehog;” I was ranked #1 on the AVN Magazine “100 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list.

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Daxxinator4087 karma

Hi Ron! Unattended female here. How much for a mustache ride?

RonJeremyXXX4964 karma

I'll pay YOU $1.

HaHaWalaTada3775 karma

Is it true you didn't know you had a big dick until an ex girlfriend told you she missed it?

RonJeremyXXX4183 karma

I'm amazed you know that. I don't think that was even in my autobiography (NYT best seller)

BeckerHollow3538 karma

Whether it was recorded or not, who was the best fuck ever?

RonJeremyXXX6020 karma

Tabitha Stevens, Christy Canyon and Sunny Lane. And your mom.

Lemburger3372 karma

How many stds have you caught and gotten taken care of?

RonJeremyXXX4913 karma

How many stds have you caught and gotten taken care of?

Honest to God, none. My friends call me bionic.

flashback833355 karma

Ron I saw you in an airport when I was 8. We took a picture. You smelled like pickled beets, best Disneyland trip ever. Why did you smell of beets though?

(Edit: wow, that's a lot of upvotes! Thanks! Secondly, I didn't know who or why this guy was famous at 8 but my Dad thought it would be funny. I know you guys are all dying to know that and I've replied to a few. Never expected my question to blow up like this, again thanks!)

(Edit 2: I said this somewhere, but the picture is lost to the ages on an old windows phone that was traded in back in like 08)

RonJeremyXXX4316 karma

Because i'm a Jewish guy and I was bathing in borscht. That's why they're called the Catskills, the borscht belt.

VeryFewLimits3094 karma

A few years ago I was in town and happened to see you eating dinner with some people at the Rainbow Room. I was considering approaching you to see if I could get a picture with you, but didn't want to bug you. Would you have minded?

Also...porn girls now, porn girls 15 years ago, or porn girls of the 80s...which are the best? And single best girl you've worked with, and why?

RonJeremyXXX4206 karma

  1. No, I do it all the time, and the Rainbow is my favorite hangout. ALL rockstars go there.

  2. 80's. I like pubic hair, and the attitude was more fun than money back then. Remember, it was the tail end of the sexual revolution.

marineturndlegofiend2431 karma

Have you ever thought of spoofing Danny DeVitos, "Oh whoops… I dropped my monster condom that I use for my magnum dong.", bit from Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

RonJeremyXXX3168 karma

No, but Danny DeVito did joke with me once, and said I inspired his role in the film Big Fish. We had this conversation at a restaurant. He's tiny, my penis is bigger.

BobMarley98322304 karma

If you weren't doing porn, what would your ideal career be?

RonJeremyXXX4144 karma

I was a school teacher, teaching mentally handicapped. I enjoyed it a lot, but my heart was in acting.

Frajer2235 karma

How can you and Sonic both be the Hedgehog?

RonJeremyXXX3951 karma

I decided not to take him to court for plagarism

SputtleTuts2041 karma

Any tips on avoiding becoming sexually jaded by an internet full of skullfucking, rectal prolapses, and incest-themed porn?

RonJeremyXXX2229 karma

incest-themed porn?

You just gave me my next title.

Men don't get jaded, some women do. Look at rockstars for example.

NickisCool1991 karma

Hey Ron, do you have someone in mind that gave you the best orgasm ever? If so, who?

RonJeremyXXX3668 karma

Tabitha Stevens, she's nice and tight. We get along....and your mom. http://www.hotmovies.com/porn-star/136/Tabitha-Stevens.html

johnnywings1943 karma

Hey Ron, how did you get so famous? Generally I don't care or want to see the guy in a porno.

RonJeremyXXX2789 karma

Hey Ron, how did you get so famous? Generally I don't care or want to see the guy in a porno.

The mainstream, much more than the porn. If I didnt do films like Boondocks Saints or Oragazmo, or a hit rap single (which went gold), I would just be another Randy West.

PointMan5284911802 karma

What's the story behind your brief cameo in Ghostbusters? Was it just a chance situation, or was it planned?

RonJeremyXXX2467 karma

I was booked as an extra. Dan Aykroyd and the director (who had worked with Marilyn Chambers) elevated me to a silent bit player. So, it was booked in advance. I got slimed

drfriend11664 karma

Are there any pornstars that refused to have sex with you?

RonJeremyXXX3353 karma

It could happen. I wouldn't last 34 years if they refused, but once in a while, a girl might want a younger boy, flat stomach, muscular, like me before the buffet!

me_llamo_greg1661 karma

What compelled you to parody Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video?

RonJeremyXXX3043 karma

I got booked, I thought it was funny and it got millions of hits. Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, and the director Terry Richardson, all liked the video alot. And besides, I look just like Miley!

maggotjt1446 karma

Hi Ron , Are any of those online ads with you in them true about how to make my penis the size of a baseball bat ?

RonJeremyXXX2247 karma

The website sexpillguru.com actually checks out the clinical trials of the various penis pills. it's accurate, it makes you larger in the soft stage, so you're dangling bigger. It gives you that morning wood any time of day. I'm referring to whatever the website says.

ionaw1446 karma

Does a porn set smell as terrible as people say? Which set smelled the worst?

RonJeremyXXX3121 karma

The one where your mom sat. This is untrue, I have been in over 2,000 adult films, about 100 mainstream films, and 54 music videos - and they all smell the same. Some used studios, others used homes. No smells. Unless I had refried beans and prune danish for lunch, with a jalapeno pepper. THEN look out!


What's your weirdest experience on a porn set?

RonJeremyXXX2343 karma

Majorca, Spain. All the big European stars were on this film, on a boat, including Rocco, Ciccoloina, everyone but me got seasick. Now THAT is a strange experience.

need_more_coffee1176 karma

Who are the porn actress(es) that you specifically remember (or was the best) for their oral, anal and straight up sex skills and/or enthusiasm?

RonJeremyXXX2991 karma

I already answered the three. For anal, Vanessa Del Rio and your mom.

LokiTheSuperSaiyan1095 karma


How big is your penis exactly?

Oh come on, I think we all want to know the answer to this question.

RonJeremyXXX2373 karma

2 inches......from the floor. Actual answer, 9 3/4. (Note: some novelty stores like the Hustler boutique sell my mold, created by Pipedream Productions - they own my dick.)

the_chosen_1231064 karma

I got to see your porn debate with Craig Gross when it came to my hometown. I found it extremely interesting and refreshing to see two opposing sides, debating in a civil way. Why do you think it is so easy for us to debate about porn, but our presidential candidates can’t even have a civil debate about wage increases, taxes, health care, etc? Bonus question: How much money would someone have to offer you to shave off your mustache?

RonJeremyXXX1180 karma

  1. Our debates were more organized and porn is always an uncomfortable topic, people don't want to defend it even though they watch it.

  2. I shaved it for a couple of movies, mainstream.

gunsforthehomeless1042 karma

what's your favorite pair of shoes you own?

RonJeremyXXX2472 karma

Don't laugh - my crocs! Feel great, look ugly. Oh shit, there goes my endorsement deal.

ImRichieDagger897 karma

What kind of work did you do on Boogie Nights?

RonJeremyXXX1023 karma

I brought the director to all of my sets, had lots of dialogue with the director, PT Anderson. I even had a small part in the film that got cut. I also helped cast the film.

AlbinoStepchild852 karma

Two questions, how does someone get started in porn living on the east coast and what do you think is the ideal penis size?

RonJeremyXXX2023 karma

  1. To get into porn, find a pretty girl and start out as a couple. Single guys won't get work, we already have too many.

  2. Any size works, most girls say. It's not the boat, but the motion of the ocean.

man_mayo839 karma

How has society's view of porn changed since you first started in the industry?

RonJeremyXXX1313 karma

Much more acceptable, because people can bring it home - they didn't like the theaters, but video, dvd, interactive CD, etc., helped it to be a more private medium. Then we BOOMED.

MANiK916797 karma

Hi Ron! What's your favorite memory from hanging out with Sublime?

RonJeremyXXX1327 karma

Providing the girls, including Tammy Ann, to Bradley Knolls bachelor party and us both getting lapdances side-by-side. He was a great guy, very talented. I helped produce his first music video and he mentioned me in the song Caress Me Down.

bdiap677 karma

Hi Ron! How many of the videos you've starred in have you actually watched after? Was it weird initially to see yourself in one?

Does watching porn change after you've been in so many?

RonJeremyXXX1041 karma

Great question, in the beginning, I watched everything. Later, just the sex, then later, just the acting. Now, only if it's really interesting.

Robin Williams and Sam Kinison said to me, that watching porn live while you're there makes it less erotic because you know how tough it can be. (I shot a film at Sam's house once, and Robin owned it)

mildcaseofdeath651 karma

Something I've always wondered, so since you're an authority on both big dicks and porn, here it goes...

A lot of the male talent nowadays seem to have a few physical traits in common: 1) their dicks exit low on their bodies with respect to their pubic bone; 2) their balls seem to be "attached" to the base of their dick rather than hang beneath them; 3) they don't seem to bob or twitch very much.

All this leads me to think a lot of them have had their suspensory ligament cut, so more of their dick is outside their body, effectively making it longer. My question is, how common (if at all) is this procedure?

Thanks for your time, Ron. I'm a little young to have witnessed much of your porn heyday, but I learned of you from Boondock Saints and thought that character was great. The Rocco joke telling scene was a crackup and your reaction seemed really genuine. Cheers.

RonJeremyXXX653 karma

Thanks for the Boondock Saints plug, I play Vincenzo, it's a cult film all over the world - and the biggest thing I've ever done in terms of worldwide box office.

Dr. Rosenstein was famous for that ligament routine. Rambone, the porn actor, John Wayne Bobbitt and porn actor/director Rex Cabo all did that operation. Too many hits and misses, so no one has done it since. And porn actors and actresses come from all ethnicity and body types. What you mentioned before is just coincidental.

justforthelulzz614 karma

Can we expect anymore random cameos or appearances from you in tv/movies any time soon?

RonJeremyXXX775 karma

Yeah, tons. Lots of them! I just did a film with Alek Skarlatos, one of the 3 marines who saved a Paris subway. Also starring William Shatner and Danny Trejo.


Gaschmoigle579 karma

If there's a Ron Jeremy of today, who is it?

And why is it James Deen?

RonJeremyXXX793 karma

James Deen is nice Jewish boy like me, we get along great. His mainstream work helped him get more famous, as it worked for me. I also think 2 other guys worth mentioning are Evan Stone and Tommy Gunn. Great guys!

BuzzAxe536 karma

If you had to fist fight one celebrity who would it be?

RonJeremyXXX952 karma

Danny Devito, I have a great chance of winning. I'll just sneeze and win. And by the way, if you want to see me beat up the iceman, Chuck Liddell, go to youtube, then punch in ron jeremy, chuck liddell. I kick his ass.

Springpeen458 karma

What's your craziest party story?

RonJeremyXXX996 karma

On a film set, we did a party scene, the hot light that goes under the legs of the actor for the up and over position, the light got too close and singed his ball hairs. His name was Bobby Astyr, and he did a double somersault with a twist into the pool and saved burning his balls off. Now THAT's funny.


Jeremy1026457 karma

What made you decide to go into the rum business?

RonJeremyXXX1900 karma

I was approached by 2 fellows from Finland who told me they needed a famous Ron, because Ron is Rum in spanish. Ron Reagan died, Ronald McDonald makes hamburgers, Ron Howard makes movies, Enron makes crooks - that left me. I agreed.

brownspice424 karma

Do you think porn messes up young people's expectations and views on sex?

RonJeremyXXX1347 karma

When I debate Pastors or feminists, that's the first question. All entertainment media is allowed to exaggerate the truth. We're showing you a fantasy, try out some positions, learn from it, especially if you're a sexy couple, don't expect your wife to do a double anal just because you see it on screen. In a college debate, one girl was amazing - she said to Craig Gross, the Pastor I debate (good friend, however), that Disney should be criticized for unrealistic expectations because they show young folks being devirginated on a beach, sunsetting, in a forest, by a river, animated creatures washing your clothes, etc., and most likely, you'll be banged in the backseat of a Chevrolet. Welcome to reality.

Di_Bello378 karma

Do you still remember the first mattress actress you've performed with?

RonJeremyXXX502 karma

ber the first mattress actress you've performed with?

Very much so - Samantha Fox, the brunette, not the singer. Broke my screen cherry in the film Tigresses and Other Man Eaters. http://www.hotmovies.com/video/140286/Original-Theatrical-Trailer-Tigresses/

jessterswan329 karma

You worked with my mother in law once before. I had asked her to ask you to come to our wedding in Vegas in 2010 and she said you politely declined. Did she ever ask and would you have come?

RonJeremyXXX848 karma

Perhaps on her face...just kidding.

Oh heck, if I had the time I can't turn down a good meal - and I get choked up at weddings, like a true cornball.

LargeCzar306 karma

I saw a picture of you and Jim Norton running a train on some chick. Can you tell the story or is it too confidential?

RonJeremyXXX932 karma

Confidential? Jim Norton has told that story on the Opie and Anthony show, on lots of tv appearances, his cable special, and his dvd. So everyone knows about it, and yes, we did a threesome in Las Vegas. Dennis Hof, from the Bunny Ranch, was there too. I was doing doggy while she was giving Jim head. I fucked her extra hard just to fuck with Jim. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting teeth! He hated it.

legrandmaster301 karma

Who was the one that got away?

RonJeremyXXX816 karma

Your mom. Curse on your dad.

Now seriously, her name was Juniper. She was seen a little on the WB TV Show Surreal Life.

a_cool_username_293 karma

What was your least favorite experience in the porn industry?

RonJeremyXXX447 karma

It might sound corny, but I've had great experiences. Some scenes can be more difficult than others, depends on how comfortable you are - like in Europe we would shoot in castles on slabs of concrete, not too comfortable, but I could handle it.

i.e. http://www.hotmovies.com/video/34691/Dracula/

noshore4me201 karma

What's your favorite book?

RonJeremyXXX594 karma

anything by Kurt Vonnegut. I also love biographies, I recently read Tony Curtis' and Carrier Fisher - both gave me beautiful inscriptions. I know them.

Meunderwears191 karma

Hi Ron. How have you (seemingly) avoided the death spiral so many porn stars go into with drugs, booze and worse?

RonJeremyXXX571 karma

That really isn't fair because porn is a microcosm of Hollywood itself. Since I am privileged enough to be on both sets, mainstream and porn, i see the exact same things in reference to drugs, alcohol, abuse at home, bad parenting (I personally know 6 mainstream child actors who all grew up into heroin addicts), so it's not a porn thing, it's a hollywood thing.

gunsforthehomeless139 karma

do you have any anecdotes involving Gregory Dark and you that you can share with us?

RonJeremyXXX226 karma

A great one. he did a mainstream film, he put me and taylor wayne in it, and at that time, an unknown actor - zach galifianakis, who became super famous in the Hangover films. This film was called Little Fish, Strange Pond.

tombodadin133 karma

If you could be the main character of any remake in movie history, who you would be and why?

RonJeremyXXX183 karma

Clark Gable (I'm very friendly with his grand daughter, Kaylee Gable) because I get to hang out with Marilyn Monroe - The Misfits.

Ghabergha127 karma

Do you remember sucking on my girlfriend's tits at the Secrets Adult Boutique in Pleasant Hill CA some years back? I was so impressed with the boldness of you doing so that I wasn't even mad. Thanks for the memory!

RonJeremyXXX159 karma

You are a great guy, but I do ask, maybe quickly, but I ask. In 33 years I never got into a quarrel with any boyfriend or husband, ever. If I didn't ask, I would have a face like a panda bear or a raccoon (black eyes).

bdiap86 karma

Hey Ron, do you ever masturbate to films you've been in?

And I don't mean Ghostbusters

RonJeremyXXX156 karma

It WAS Ghostbusters, now you know what the slime really was. I never really masturbated to my own films, it would feel kinda weird.

iBoofedBugenhagen83 karma

What is love?

RonJeremyXXX398 karma

If you could pinpoint it, it's a like, not a love. You could always explain why you like somebody, the traits you enjoy, etc, etc. Why you love somebody is a lot more intricate, hard to explain and very powerful. For example, a woman could lift a car to save a husband or child, or outrun a tiger. She couldn't do that for the man she's just fucking. Some people are so much in love, if one goes, the other often follows, and was perfectly healthy. Case in point: Johnny Cash, Christopher Reeves wife, Brittney Murphy's boyfriend, etc., etc. Now THAT's love, when you don't want to be on the planet without them.

Skullify10 karma

As someone who has a large number of partners. I kind of got into swing of getting what I need from someone and moving on. Did you also find it hard to settle down? Any advice on learning to settle down with one person instead of habitual one night stands?

RonJeremyXXX7 karma

Monogamy is very. very tough. I have a swinger mentality as do many porn stars. You can be emotionally monogamous, and that works, but the genitalia can travel as long as you keep it as a team and discover new physiques.

jonker51011 karma

So the proof is a link to Ron Jeremy's website and a link to his Twitter where he makes no mention of doing a reddit AMA?


I am 2pac back from the dead, AMA!

PROOF: http://2pac.com https://twitter.com/2pac

RonJeremyXXX11 karma

It's the very first post on ronjeremy.com and it's being periscoped live.