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Check back in tomorrow at r/AMADisasters

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Have you ever sold a liter of Big Mac sauce?

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30+ years ago, you put in your 8-9 years, and unless you were a major screw up, you'd be offered partnership (real equity partnership, not these fake partner offers that are so prevalent today). Back then, the partners also shared the pie equally regardless of what they brought in (this is a generality, but mostly accurate). There were no emails or electronic filings. Fax machines were new and shiny. Established partners could play golf if they chose, and even not work over the weekends.

Then, starting in the 80s, but really developing in the 90s, the concept of lawyers being more like free agents came on the scene. You ate what you killed. If the firm wouldn't guarantee you X% of your billings, you'd find a place that did. Older partners were quietly reduced or kicked out. Pension plans were done away with and the genteel air of practicing law was gone. Partners now work nearly as hard as the junior associates, but they make a lot more. But the security is gone, and heaven forbid your firm merge with another one -- you have to justify your existence all over again. This is largely what lead to the Dewey LeBeouf implosion. Glad I got out of that rat race.

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Stay in the womb.

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Hi Ron. How have you (seemingly) avoided the death spiral so many porn stars go into with drugs, booze and worse?