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Whether it was recorded or not, who was the best fuck ever?

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How soon do you predict space tourism will become a reality for the masses?

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Hi, I don't watch TV so I had to look you up. Is this you?

So you're exactly 1 year and 11 months younger than me and we're both born on the east coast. So happy belated birthday, and do you want to go steady with me?

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It's not my birthday yet, Feb 7th, so I have a couple of days to go still. But thanks.

Yes, ships in the night. Where's a lighthouse when you need one?

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I just don't see how someone can honestly say they're sorry while asking for something in return.

I'm not saying he's sorry or not, I'm not saying if he's being honest or not, but I just want to reply to your last statement there. I think it points to a very basic human instinct of survival. While this killer may not be facing death, his "life" is on the line and I think regardless of his true feelings, his instinct will be to do whatever he can to hold on to whatever life he thinks he has.