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A few years ago I was in town and happened to see you eating dinner with some people at the Rainbow Room. I was considering approaching you to see if I could get a picture with you, but didn't want to bug you. Would you have minded?

Also...porn girls now, porn girls 15 years ago, or porn girls of the 80s...which are the best? And single best girl you've worked with, and why?

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Oh I've got plenty of confidence. I just want to knock boots with you specifically.

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What are the chances of a random guy like me having a remote chance at sex with you?

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lol yeah, wish she'd have just said this

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This. THIS reply is what I say when I see someone say "Women want sex just as much as men."

Bullshit. If this was true, then what bamitsmeg says would not be the case. The fact that horny guys line up and pay money to watch a girl get nekkid on cam; and will also pay so that women will watch them jack it; that says all you need to know about differing libidoes.