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Something I've always wondered, so since you're an authority on both big dicks and porn, here it goes...

A lot of the male talent nowadays seem to have a few physical traits in common: 1) their dicks exit low on their bodies with respect to their pubic bone; 2) their balls seem to be "attached" to the base of their dick rather than hang beneath them; 3) they don't seem to bob or twitch very much.

All this leads me to think a lot of them have had their suspensory ligament cut, so more of their dick is outside their body, effectively making it longer. My question is, how common (if at all) is this procedure?

Thanks for your time, Ron. I'm a little young to have witnessed much of your porn heyday, but I learned of you from Boondock Saints and thought that character was great. The Rocco joke telling scene was a crackup and your reaction seemed really genuine. Cheers.

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Him continually pushing his buddy across the border into other countries was a pretty great gag.

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"Important" they are, "irreplaceable" they are not.

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Thanks for the Boondock Saints plug, I play Vincenzo, it's a cult film all over the world - and the biggest thing I've ever done in terms of worldwide box office.

Dr. Rosenstein was famous for that ligament routine. Rambone, the porn actor, John Wayne Bobbitt and porn actor/director Rex Cabo all did that operation. Too many hits and misses, so no one has done it since. And porn actors and actresses come from all ethnicity and body types. What you mentioned before is just coincidental.

Thank you for a real response, I appreciate it.

And yes, great film, I probably watched it a dozen times. I can still hear you in my head mocking Rocco clear as a bell, "I'm so fucking fu-nny."

Thanks and best wishes.

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add for your cookies.