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You just gave me my next title.

This one is free, but I'm charging you for any more. As for the jaded thing, i have to go by my own personal experience:

15-year old me was able to cum hard thinking of the concept of the cute girl on the track team.

18-year old me found a brianna banks DVD and that became a frequent flyer.

25-year old me started a collection hardcore porn (GBs-worth) that he would cycle through monthly to maximize 'worthwhile orgasms'

31-year old me needs an album of perfect-looping, 60fps, gifs of an asian women's buttholes opening and closing to acheive an erection

Is it just part of growing up? Or is there something im missing? Please help me Ron Jeremy

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enjoy every the moment and inch


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you stay the hell away from my horny

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Any tips on avoiding becoming sexually jaded by an internet full of skullfucking, rectal prolapses, and incest-themed porn?