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What compelled you to parody Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video?

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What is the reasoning behind not allowing body checking in women's hockey? Do you agree with it, or would you rather see women play with the same rules that the men play with?

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$12-15 is a fantastic price, and the kind of price that will keep people buying records. Seeing some of the bigger labels pricing new releases at $30 or more is starting to turn me away fe buying new releases on vinyl.

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In fact, these girls are stronger skaters and better players than many boys in some cases, if not equally as skilled.

This is something I have noticed while watching the Olympic Women's tournament. The skill and skating ability is incredible, but as you mentioned, no checking makes for a completely different game. Lots of people seem to have the opinion that women's hockey is less entertaining because it tends to be slower and less aggressive. I think not allowing body checking for the higher levels of women's hockey inherently creates a less entertaining game, and reinforces the idea that women's hockey is boring.

I don't personally agree that women's hockey is boring, but without body checking, neutral zone play is so much different and it seems most teams run a "trap" style defense. Even in the NHL, teams that run that style of defense are boring to watch. I think allowing body checking in Olympic women's hockey and the higher professional levels would be a very easy step towards a game that is just as entertaining as the men's game.

For the sake of youth hockey, I totally understand the reasoning. Especially if girls are welcome to play with boys if they would like to play that style of hockey.

Thanks for your response!

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After spending 21 years in prison for a crime you didn't commit, I would imagine it's especially difficult for you to see the goodness in humanity. I'm curious if you have any particular ways that you cope with the pessimism that an experience like that would lead me to. How did you stay positive? How do you stay positive going forward?