Hi Reddit!

My name is Alex, and I have albinism. I’m back for another exciting AmA!


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4dozPhil2046 karma

How concerned are you that, at any moment, an African witch doctor might hack you to pieces and sell parts of your body because of their magical properties?

AlbinoAlex1909 karma

Living in America, I'd say about 2/10.

But when I eventually go to Tanzania, I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled!

why_cant_i_join1442 karma

Because of your bad vision?

AlbinoAlex1229 karma

The whole witch doctors killing people with albinism thing is very much real, but only happens in certain African countries (namely Tanzania, rural Tanzania for that matter). They're actually hosting an albinism conference in Tanzania next month. And although they're providing security at the event, there's little risk in a capital city.

Velzevul6661006 karma

dude, do I need to go General Ackbar on your ass?? IT'S A TRAP!!! You will all be hacked to pieces!!!

EDIT : I can't believe I fuckin mixed the ranks! Not changing it though as a testament to my everlasting shame!

AlbinoAlex1991 karma

Isn't Disneyland just a people trap operated by a mouse?

Dihren912 karma


AlbinoAlex612 karma

Beatrix_BB_Kiddo183 karma

That totally would have made the front page

AlbinoAlex40 karma

Someone else can take the karma, I'm not worthy.

beavismcgee123138 karma

Yeah... id wait for the conference to be held literally anywhere else.

AlbinoAlex100 karma

Many of them are held everywhere else, they're just doing Tanzania for the first time.

ky223095 karma

I'm from Maine and have lived in Tanzania for almost ten years, including the rural areas. Hit me up whenever you are in TZ and I'll help you out with whatever I can.

AlbinoAlex188 karma

I don't know, there's this guy from Chicago that offered to have a drink with me if I'm ever in. I'm going to Chicago next week and that motherfucker isn't responding to my PMs!

:P But seriously, thank you so much for offering. When I eventually go, I'll absolutely reach out to you.

Unless this is a trap. I should send a decoy first.

ky223097 karma

I'm ginger / pale; enough to be your decoy...

AlbinoAlex92 karma

Good luck, we're all counting on you.

MakerGrey66 karma

The eyes are the first thing they'll peel.

AlbinoAlex189 karma

I thought it was the foreskin?

ClintWeastwood1047 karma

Do you ever feel like a rare, shiny pokemon?

AlbinoAlex1283 karma

All the time, it's awesome.

Random aside: I once dated a girl with albinism who was super into Pokemon.

aman27deep279 karma

Man, that sounds perfect. Why did that relationship end if you don't mind me asking?

AlbinoAlex462 karma

Distance. And we didn't have a lot in common.

bestpinoza488 karma

How the fuck do you not like Pokemon?

AlbinoAlex1598 karma

I played the shit out of Pokemon when I was a kid. I had a ton of cards, I would do battle on elementary school playgrounds, I had my own Pokeball, I had the movies, etc.

Believe it or not, there's more to a relationship than both people having albinism and liking Pokemon.

dolphinhj368 karma

Not with that attitude! /s.

Good on you, mate, for being true to yourself.

AlbinoAlex134 karma

She was great whilst it lasted, though!

tristianoronaldo843 karma

Are there any other traits of Albinism most people don't know about?

AlbinoAlex1621 karma

Most everyone is familiar with the pale skin, white hair, and easy sunburns. But few people know that albinism also causes visual impairment. The degree varies, but it's definitely bad enough to prevent most people with albinism from driving, seeing the board in class (even when sitting in the front), etc.

D3c4f0n1288 karma

I have an friend with Albinism that once described her vision as looking into the world as if you have a fishbowl full of water on your head.

I then offered to buy her a fishbowl to put on her head to see if it would reverse the symptoms.

AlbinoAlex1022 karma

HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Glorious!

I wouldn't exactly describe it like that. Vision isn't necessarily distorted, just blurry. Like 240p v. 1080p.

trusk89302 karma

So, basically, console vs Glorious PC.

Edit: I first wrote consolve. Then I corrected it, and wrote concove.

AlbinoAlex204 karma

Which one is better, anyway?

Essena279 karma

So does watching a video in 720p look like 120p to you?

AlbinoAlex353 karma

I can discern between 144p and 1080p, like I can tell there's a huge quality difference, but it only makes things so much more sharp.

MonkeyboyGWW87 karma

Well duhh.. thats because 144p looks like 24p. and 1080p looks like 180p

AlbinoAlex234 karma

klatnyelox73 karma

I like how humorous you are with this.

AlbinoAlex112 karma

It's important to have a good time :)

ch0colate_malk103 karma

Glasses don't help?

AlbinoAlex233 karma

They make my vision slightly sharper, but definitely can't get me up to 20/20.

ch0colate_malk95 karma

Oh ok, I had a friend who was basically blind, he could only see things if they were reeeeeeaaaly close. He could still use a computer but he had to put is face right next to the screen

AlbinoAlex77 karma

Same here, though maybe not that close.

smittyline54 karma

Laser eye correction?

AlbinoAlex298 karma

LASIK only corrects myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Our vision problems stem from lack of pigment, a malformed fovea, etc. Glasses, surgery, LASIK, nothing will fix that.

LostMyPasswordNewAcc98 karma

That sucks man.

AlbinoAlex91 karma

You get used to it :P

Goodgardo610 karma

Are you attracted to or would you consider dating a black girl? Genetically speaking, would your kids be a beautiful golden shade of beige?

AlbinoAlex787 karma

I do have a black friend that I have my (terrible) eye on. Although being Hispanic and considering I would've been naturally dark-skinned, I don't think it would balance out like that :(

AdolfHitlerAMA719 karma

Must have been an interesting child birth.

"Honey... Why is the baby... White?"

AlbinoAlex349 karma

Probably. Followed by a huge fight about cheating and demanding a DNA test (Maury, anyone?)


horja_mekan214 karma

is this your wife's first baby? Yes

"No this is her husband" Missed opportunity

AlbinoAlex64 karma


lizgger15435 karma

I noticed that you're hispanic. Have you ever noticed any prejudice from your family because you don't look more like them?

AlbinoAlex690 karma

Not at all. They actually make fun of me and tease me more because I don't like most Mexican foods, not because of my skin.

Licensedpterodactyl1081 karma

You should do an "I don't like Mexican food" AMA.

That's gotta be rarer.

AlbinoAlex350 karma

I like Mexican food! Tacos and quesadillas and tamales and burritos are the shit! Especially authentic, either from a taco truck in California or homemade by my family. All we have here in Texas is Tex-Mex and it's utter dog shit compared to authentic Mexican.

But enchiladas, chilaquiles, birria, stuff like that I'm not fond of.

shirshine22 karma

Do you live in a place with a large Hispanic population? I can't imagine how much you must get called güero if you do. I got that all the time when I lived in the Southwest, and I'm not even blonde

AlbinoAlex20 karma

I used to, but it wasn't that common. Usually complete strangers in supermarkets and the like. Where I live now is much more mixed, typically white people though, so I blend right in.

Beak21426 karma

Is your asshole naturally bleached ?

AlbinoAlex783 karma

I don't know, I can't see it.

84121629394 karma

Want me to take a look?

AlbinoAlex431 karma

Sure ;)

z500131 karma

Post a picture, I've never seen an albino asshole.

OneSpookySneakySquid318 karma

Risky click of the day.

AlbinoAlex19 karma

You know you wanted to!

Goodjuju4u66 karma

Well that surpassed expectations...

AlbinoAlex13 karma

Glad I could satisfy you :)

zacktheking35 karma

Get a hand mirror. We need to know.

AlbinoAlex43 karma

Or you could just come and find out yourself ;)

AndTheyAllKnowTricky390 karma

Is it true that if I eat your flesh, I gain powers?

AlbinoAlex886 karma

Heavens no! Everyone knows that you have to eat the pancreas to gain any powers.

DeSanti220 karma

What if I just nibble on your earlobe for a while, what crazy hijinks would that cause?

AlbinoAlex216 karma

Don't couples do that to each other all the time?

Renkie321 karma

Have you ever considered dying your hair or any other "modifications" as such?

AlbinoAlex750 karma

I've wanted to dye my hair for a long time, but I can't pick a colour, and I can't get any solid information about whether or not the hair dye would stick or fade after a while.

I would also spray tan at least once for the hell of it, and I'm absolutely onboard with getting a colour tattoo (the colours would pop) but I just need to pick a design. All these things have been considerations, I'm just too much of a wimp to pull the trigger.

TheLaramieReject323 karma

Yo homie, there are different kinds of hair dyes. Most would stay saturated for a while, and then slowly fade to a duller color. You would have to re-dye every so often to get the roots. You should check out r/fancyfollicles. They can answer any questions you have.

AlbinoAlex131 karma

The plan was to dye my hair and then cut it really short in like a month when the roots grow in, but if the dye fades then I could just dye it and not worry about it. Go back to normal in a few weeks.

TheLaramieReject103 karma

Yeah, there are definitely semi-permanent or temporary dyes that would just wash out over the course of several weeks. You should try it! You're a guy, so worst case scenario you could just get a buzz cut if it didn't work out.

AlbinoAlex68 karma

But would they stick considering I have very little pigment in my hair?

sashii95 karma

Not all dyes work that way. Try Special Effects dye, I've read that dyes tend not to "stick" as well on albino hair, but that brand is EXTREMELY strong and non toxic as well. They do mostly bright colors that you see on "alternative" people, but they have great reds and black. The dye stays in for months normally, so it will likely be bold and stay in for you for at least several weeks. Lmk how it goes if you try it out! I used to swear by that brand.

AlbinoAlex37 karma

How much does dying damage your hair?

resilient_reptar123 karma

If you do no upkeep, it could damage your hair a bit. But considering most of the damage done when doing funky colors is done from bleaching, a step you get to forgo, your damage would be VERY minimal and probably would correct itself through the use of a good conditioner in the shower.

AlbinoAlex33 karma

Very comforting. I mean, eventually, you just stop caring about your hair and such, but I'd rather try to minimize the damage.

micmea182 karma

You should let reddit make all these decisions for you. You'll be like a Billboard for our dumb ideas!

AlbinoAlex195 karma

"You're like a walking colouring book, it's glorious!"

markdado51 karma

Woah, that's awesome!! I never thought about doing something like that! You could be the most bad ass spy/villain ever by just changing your appearance constantly!

Good luck with picking out a color OP and feel free to post the after pics for us. :)

AlbinoAlex46 karma

I never thought about that: I wonder how many problems I'd run into with a drastically changed appearance. I wouldn't match any of my ID pictures!

Hip_Hop_Orangutan36 karma

Just to be safe you could take a series of pics documenting the transformation you are currently using on your smart phone just in case it ever became an issue. "Sir...this ID looks nothing like you." "O'really. Well check out THIS!"

AlbinoAlex132 karma

"That picture? That ID? That was the old me. I've transformed. This. This is my final form!"

MattC91 karma

You should get a white ink tattoo, those thinks are cool and it would be interesting to see how they look on your skin.

AlbinoAlex1 karma

I didn't know that was a thing, but now I have to try it—for science.

innahlovesyou271 karma

What was the hardest thing you've ever been through in life?

AlbinoAlex456 karma

I can't think of one specific event, but overall having to get by with crappy vision certainly hasn't been fun.

Thundergrunge116 karma

What is crappy vision? Or: how much do you see?

AlbinoAlex857 karma

Not my example originally but...

So let's say we're watching a football game. Texas vs. Oklahoma, and we're watching it on your brand new 4K TV. You can see everything, the individual blades of grass on the field, the beads of sweat and pores on the player's faces. The stitching on the football, just everything.

Now let's go to the basement and get grandma's old tube TV from like the 80's and throw the game on that. Well first off your bros are making fun of you for having such a shitty TV. They can watch the game, but they can't see any individual details like they could with the 4K TV. No pores or beads of sweat, no blades of grass or football stitching. Can't see the tears on Oklahoma fans' faces.

That's what my vision is like. I can see the same things you can see, but not as defined. I can see a human and tell you they're a human, but I wouldn't be able to make out their facial expressions or eye colour. I could see a tree and tell you it's a tree, but I wouldn't see the lines on the bark or individual leaves. I can see a bus and tell you it's a bus, but I wouldn't be able to read any of the numbers on it.

cheezefriez918 karma

Can't see the tears on Oklahoma fans' faces.

Fuckin got em

AlbinoAlex543 karma


ItsZorion180 karma

This is probably the best analogy to describe less than perfect vision I have ever seen.

AlbinoAlex83 karma

All credit goes to Matt, it's his analogy.

DrNightingale58 karma

Can your vision not be corrected with glasses or surgery?

AlbinoAlex63 karma

It can to a degree. Sharper vision and more focused. But I can't get anywhere near 20/20 with just standard glasses.

Russell_is_kool33 karma

Fuckin hook em

AlbinoAlex46 karma

I was amazed that everyone was talking shit about how Texas sucks this year and the Longhorns are going to lose. 14 points in like the first five minutes.

tidepodsaretheWORST237 karma

If you had to choose, would you rather have perfect vision or pigmented skin? In other words, would you prefer to see "normal" or appear "normal?" Thanks for doing this!

AlbinoAlex375 karma

Very unique question, and absolutely I would take the perfect vision. Standing out and easy sunburning are whatever, I can handle those easily. But crappy vision... man I'd swap in a heartbeat.

lartrak190 karma

What do you think of albinism stereotypes in the media? Are they hurtful?

AlbinoAlex333 karma

They're definitely annoying, especially because a lot of people take them as fact. Cue everyone asking why I don't have red eyes.

pfo_214 karma

Um.. sorry for apparently asking a stupid question, but why don't you have red eyes?

AlbinoAlex255 karma

It's a scatter effect. Same reason why the sky is blue.

sonny6832 karma

I dont know what that means, but my old albino hamster had bright red eyes and looked cool...

AlbinoAlex72 karma

Animals with albinism have red eyes, humans don't.

aksris188 karma

What's the best thing about being an albino?

AlbinoAlex603 karma

Being incredibly unique :)

ryankimjongun114 karma

This comment made my day

AlbinoAlex219 karma

These AmAs and the community support always make my day.

jungle_fungle52 karma

I love you

AlbinoAlex145 karma

I love you too... maybe... why don't you have a seat and tell me more about yourself?

Boonaki144 karma

Who are you going to vote for in the next presidential election?

AlbinoAlex899 karma

Would I get the most karma if I said Bernie Sanders?

84121629288 karma


AlbinoAlex583 karma

Then Bernie Sanders it is!

Ketherah170 karma

We did it reddit!

AlbinoAlex83 karma

First Ellen Pao resigned, and now this!

triceratrick49 karma

idk but if I upvote will you feel the Bern fo real? (the VT senator burn, not sunburn)

AlbinoAlex68 karma

What does the bern feel like?

Nitroserum132 karma

Like grassroots campaigns all over your body.

AlbinoAlex85 karma

Does it tickle?

sir_spanko88 karma

Yes, but from the inside. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AlbinoAlex32 karma

Give it to me, baby, let me feel the bern.

stanley_twobrick125 karma

Why do you think The Marshall Mathers LP 2 wasn't as solid as some of your earlier work?

AlbinoAlex213 karma

Because people found out I'm gay.

Jackz0r125 karma

How do you feel about gingers?

AlbinoAlex211 karma

They're awesome people with awesome hair!

KevanBacon57 karma

Thanks! I like your hair too.

AlbinoAlex71 karma

I'd probably like your hair, too.

rambi222289 karma

Careful, he doesn't actually have a soul...

AlbinoAlex207 karma

Neither do I.

markdado109 karma

Thanks for posting OP! Just 2 questions...

Has this impacted you financially at all? (I noticed in your proof that it said no additional charge for testing your parents)

Where do you live/where are your parents from?

AlbinoAlex180 karma

Not consistently. Things like glasses and monoculars are fairly expensive, but they're like once in a decade or so purchases. It's not a chronic condition like diabetes that requires constant equipment and constant maintenance. Visual aids are expensive, but one and done.

I live in Dallas, Texas. My parents are originally from Mexico.

TheConsolate90 karma

How do you deal with the looks or comments you get from people?

AlbinoAlex234 karma

Because of my low vision, I often can't tell if people are staring (my face is usually buried in my phone, anyway). So it just goes over my head.

Comments are few and far between, but they're overwhelmingly curious or positive. Things like asking if I have albinism, or most often just commenting on how much they like my hair. Negative comments are fairly rare, and I just ignore them.

Atomicbrainwave74 karma

I can't imagine what negative comments would be, any examples?

P.S. Nice hair.

AlbinoAlex117 karma

Just your generic "hey albino!" or... remember when skittles put a really white lifeguard in their commercial once? Someone made a reference to that. Nothing really overly negative but... not exactly the nicest thing to say to someone, either.

P.S. Thanks :)

Hip_Hop_Orangutan144 karma

Hey Albino! hahaha that is so uninspired it is actually hilarious. Kinda like how I call other drivers by their license plate if they are from another province/state. "Nice turn signal Minnesota!!"

AlbinoAlex85 karma

People who make fun of me are never usually original.

AlbinoAlex13 karma

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Poor kid :P

BlueCollarCriminal71 karma

Does it ever bother you to be referred to as "an albino" rather than "someone with albinism"?

AlbinoAlex107 karma

Personally, no. But I know some people who are incredibly bothered by it.

SparkPlug8170 karma

If you had the option to be not-albino (you mentioned you were Hispanic) would you take that option or would you like to stay how you are?

AlbinoAlex142 karma

At this point, I'd rather stay the way I am. I'm so used to it, I've been to so many amazing places and met so many amazing people. And I get to keep doing these AmAs.

korainato124 karma

You know it's funny. I've been here a few years already and you're the only person I remember.


To be honest, you and the dude with a double dick.

AlbinoAlex100 karma

Double dick dude will always be legendary. John Green also does awesome AmAs. Gordon Ramsay, that guy who's been to every country without flying. Lots of people are AmA famous. I can't really say I have a place yet, but I love it here.

kizzlemyniz62 karma

Coming from someone with vitiligo, how do you cope with the sun? My skin burns so quickly where I am missing pigment!

AlbinoAlex63 karma

I just try my best to stay out of it. Walk in the shade whenever you can, walk quickly, etc.

But when I'm going to be out for long periods of time, I just use sunscreen (applied very liberally). It's hard to gauge. Sometimes you end up applying sunscreen for nothing, other times you don't think you'll need it and burn.

mralbania50 karma

If you don't mind me asking, what colour are your pubes?

AlbinoAlex228 karma

Why don't you come over and find out ;)

storkiz49 karma

How do you feel about my name being Albin?

AlbinoAlex62 karma

I've never met anyone named Albin before. But people are getting more clever with names these days. Like Nevaeh, and then there are all those wacky spellings for common names.

maLoone45 karma

Albin is a pretty common name in Sweden actually :)

AlbinoAlex69 karma

I have to got o Sweden now, and meet all these Albins. Plus, cute girls.

Fun side story: At a conference years ago, a group of people with albinism were touring, when someone came across them and asked "Are you from Sweden?" That spawned the whole Swedish Bikini Team thing.

Slashenbash49 karma

How do you deal with the sun?

AlbinoAlex105 karma

I primarily just stay out of it. Obviously you can't really avoid sun exposure unless you're a vampire, but a six minute walk to Subway won't do much. It's only when I go to like a fair or the beach or a place where I'll be outside in direct sunlight for an hour or so that it becomes problematic.

And in those situations, SPF 100 sunscreen—applied religiously on a schedule.

why_cant_i_join29 karma

What happens if you're out in the sun for an hour?

AlbinoAlex90 karma

A sunburn. The longer I'm out, the worse it is. There is no tanning or other defensive measure. I just turn red, then burn, and then it hurts for the next few days :(

thekyshu13 karma

How often do you apply it in that case?

AlbinoAlex19 karma

Not often actually, I prefer the stay out of the sun approach because it's free and easy.

Sunscreen application is like twice a year. It's so rare that my previous bottles expired while being nearly full.

TheLaramieReject48 karma

Do people with albinism have a higher rate of skin cancer?

Have you ever read To Kill a Mockingbird? I'm thinking of Boo Radley.

AlbinoAlex55 karma

I don't think any studies have been conducted to compare the skin cancer rates of people with albinism to the general population, but the risk is definitely higher.

I read it my junior year of high school and made the same connection/ Though maybe poor old Boo was just an introvert. Someone should write to the author and ask if Radley was meant to have albinism.

11th_hour27 karma

Hey dude! We all know kids can be little assholes. So my question is : when you were younger, did kids in your class knew you had albinism? Did they act any different towards you or they didn't give a shit?

AlbinoAlex63 karma

I can't speak for whether or not they knew. They never said anything and I never asked. But overall, they were at least used to me. I grew up with my classmates, so when it came time to form cliques and for popularity to actually matter, I was already accepted and treated nicely because everyone already knew me.

I wasn't popular, not by a long shot, but I was far from a bullied social outcast.

wannabeGraceJones19 karma

Are you black ?

AlbinoAlex29 karma


Intolerance48 karma

Quite the opposite

AlbinoAlex25 karma

Well I mean, I'd be naturally dark-skinned, but yeah due to the albinism definitely the opposite.

halfbaited826 karma

Do your parents know you're black?

AlbinoAlex39 karma

No, and let's keep it that way.

INeverPlayedF-Zero13 karma

What are you going as for Halloween?

AlbinoAlex57 karma


Pelon107111 karma

Did you ever have issues in school or in society as a whole?

AlbinoAlex23 karma

In school definitely, not being able to see the board or participate too much. But socially, I've always been okay.

WalnutGaming11 karma

What's the biggest change you've had do deal with?

AlbinoAlex57 karma

Since I was born with the condition, there really wasn't a transition period. But personally, moving away from home was difficult.

Vike928 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

AlbinoAlex47 karma

"1 horse-sized duck. The Cube Square Law means that the legs of a horse sized duck would be incredibly unstable. Easy fight."

— CGPGrey.

darkstar10314 karma

so as a ginger kid, I gotta ask, sunburns?

AlbinoAlex4 karma

Not often, because I'm careful. But they do happen and they suck.

dyslexicbunny4 karma

Would you rather stick with albinism or have gingerism?

AlbinoAlex18 karma

Albinism, because why not?

kevantheman353 karma

Have you met anyone else with albinism?

AlbinoAlex4 karma

Many many people, they're awesome.

lovemyusername3 karma

Is it true you have no soul?

AlbinoAlex16 karma

I sold it to the devil for a doughnut a long time ago.

Axcalibur3 karma

How many sunburn jokes to you have to put up with?

Also, how many people think they are origional?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

None, actually, and very few albinism jokes. Even I don't know any sunburn or albinism jokes. So if anyone comes up with them, they'd be very original.

IwalkedTheDinosaur32 karma

So would you find sunburn jokes... apeeling?

AlbinoAlex25 karma

Get out.

D3c4f0n-3 karma

Why would they have Albino jokes? You've achieved the perfect shade of white. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

White is right, afterall.

AlbinoAlex3 karma

Because albino jokes are funny, at least to me.

wolfmalfoy2 karma

On the topic of low vision: are your vision problems fully correctable with contacts or glasses? Or are those just partial measures? Or are the vision problems so unique that they can't be corrected at all?

AlbinoAlex6 karma

My eye problems are mainly physical, and occurred on the womb. Glasses and other current correction methods help slightly, as they make vision sharper and more focused. But nothing short of an eye transplant could really make a dramatic improvement.

undreamt_odds2 karma

Why is Yellowman the greatest Reggae musician of all time?

AlbinoAlex4 karma

Because he smokes lots of weed?

AlbinoAlex4 karma

I mean, at least someone is original with song names.

2Mobile2 karma

Are your pubes white?

edit: being serious. most pubes are darker in color than the rest of the hair on the body, in my exp.

AlbinoAlex2 karma


dossier2 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10 what do you think of the movie Powder and why 10/10?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I've never actually seen it, so it'll have to be ?/10 for now.

FamousStudios1 karma

I have a question: since people with albinism have fewer pigments, do the sun rays affect you differently?

AlbinoAlex9 karma

Yes, we sunburn a lot easier. Like, automatically. There is no tanning or other defenses. Exposure to UV rays for long enough will always result in a sunburn.

Mynock331 karma

What's your favorite sports team?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

Shout out to the Cowboys, who are actually doing good this year—or so I've heard.

I personally don't care much about sports, but you can't live in Texas and not care about football, it's like a religion here.

iPissOnDogs0 karma

Are you a fan of Brother Ali? If not here you go


AlbinoAlex1 karma

I've heard a few of his songs and they're okay. Though I'm still pissed about missing his concert last year.

Mudzy0 karma

Are you currently planning a trip to Africa?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Not at this point in time because I can't afford it, but someday I'd love to go.