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What if I just nibble on your earlobe for a while, what crazy hijinks would that cause?

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How was that?

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Reminds me of our motto in the Norwegian Royal Army: Feeling bad or having any discomfort? Change your socks and drink some water.

They made sure you never run out of socks in the army.

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Some of it can be delicious. Old, Norwegian fisherman's tip for you: Catch a salmon and salt it a bit, then bury it under the sand and leave it there for three or so days. Then you can enjoy good, raw, fermented and salted salmon.

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Good evening,

I'm not sure if you're at liberty or willing to discuss the topic, but do you think the ad run by MoveOn.org about Gen. Petraeus' report to the Congress about the state of Iraq was justified or in any way raised important questions?

Thank you for taking your time to answer here at Reddit.