Heyyy reddit!

We are Nick Swardson and Rob Riggle and we are excited to join you for our AMA for our new film HELL AND BACK, where we explore the depths of HELL! There are misfit demons, a super sexy angel, infamous Greek legends, and the Devil himself; Hell has never been hotter or funnier!

You can view the red-band trailer for the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyFraRVwhtI

And HELL AND BACK will be in theaters next Friday, October 2nd!

We are looking forward to answering your questions today. Wynter from Reddit will be assisting us with getting started.


PROOF: http://imgur.com/sOpncRr

RR PROOF: https://twitter.com/RobRiggle/status/646090228495609856

NS PROOF: https://twitter.com/NickSwardson/status/646063197611364352

EDIT: We both had a hell of a time, I guess we forgot to say bye. BYE!

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marineturndlegofiend31 karma

Can you please punch me in the face over Reddit?

IamRobRiggle107 karma

If I could I would have done it by now....

NorbitGorbit26 karma

what are the weirdest props or costumes you've kept (or stolen) from a production?

IamRobRiggle57 karma

I kept 'business cards' from "The Other Guys" like detective business cards for our characters...

Noncensical25 karma

Rob - how has your career in the military affected your comedy? Do you think you'd be less funny had you not served?

IamRobRiggle47 karma

It gave me thick skin and tenacity! No...

I_Am_Maxx20 karma

Ok i need to set the scene a bit. The three of us are life long best friends. We have been through thick and thin together. You guys stood by when my parents got divorced, when that Lindsey chick cheated on me in highschool. Hell, you guys even saved my ass when I lost that poker game and owed the mob all money. We are about as close as three guys can be without it being sexual.

Now, I find the love of my life and propse and I decide I want Nick as my best man. Rob, how would you react knowing I chose Nick over you? Nick, how would you plan my bachelor party?

IamRobRiggle38 karma

I get it... I don't matter to you. I would wish you and your bride the best and you and Nick the best as well... Then I would burn all of the memrobilia from our relationship and move out of town and never speak to you again.

LowEndLem18 karma

Nick: what's the worst hangover you've ever had?

Rob: how do you have such a kind face yet look so terrifying?

IamRobRiggle41 karma

That's a great question. God? The Marines?

All-I-Do-Is-Wrap13 karma

Rob, what do you think of the rock band Rush?

IamRobRiggle38 karma

I love Rush! I had Moving Pictures on Albumn, cassette and 8-track

GumbleDog12 karma

What are your favorite types of meat?

IamRobRiggle47 karma

Kansas City Barbeque!

Frajer11 karma

Nick - what's Adam Sandler like ?

Rob - how has your military experience effected your acting ?

IamRobRiggle12 karma

Not a whole lot... However, I do use my life experiences to draw from when building a character or searching for sense memory.

agwagsnap11 karma

What's your guys favorite Movie? How about favorite TV Show?

IamRobRiggle20 karma

Riggle here... I love pretty much all comedies! Same for TV... Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Thrones....all amazing!

Tucana6610 karma

Are you guys capitalizing on the Pope's visit to promote your hellishly good movie?

All kidding aside (or am I?) how did the project come together? How long was production? When did you come up with the idea?

IamRobRiggle16 karma

Quit whatever you're doing and come to Hollywood and be a marketer! Great idea....

TravisCan10 karma

Why Claymation?

IamRobRiggle20 karma

Why not? It's good shit!

rocker20147 karma

Hey Nick and Rob!

Big fan of both of you.

Nick! Fellow Minnesotan here, saw you perform last year in Minneapolis at the special show in North Loop. When do you plan on doing another show in the area and what do you think about the Vikings this year?

Hey Rob, are you planning on going to the actual Fuckin' Catalina Wine Mixer!?! Paow! Since you are a big football guy too, what do you think of the Vikings this year?

IamRobRiggle21 karma

Everywhere I go I try to make it the Catalina Wine Mixer! Don't follow the Vikings...I'm a Chiefs!

nkleszcz7 karma

This is a question for Rob Riggle...

Do you care to share any anecdotes from the transition from being on Saturday Night Live (where we hardly got to see your talents), to The Daily Show (where we did)?

I think that your comedic journey is inspiring.

IamRobRiggle16 karma

SNL was my first gig...ever. It was an honor and dream to be part of that show even if it was for a short time. I definitely grew and learned on The Daily Show...again another honor and dream to be part of that show. No anecdote on the transition necessarily... I will say there is no finish line in show business. You're never done or satisfied. You just go from gig to gig and hope they are good gigs where you enjoy the work and the people....that's the most you can hope for in this business. Good luck to you!

Bitchkris7 karma

Who fucking farted?

IamRobRiggle10 karma

The fat, old woman next to me on Southwest airlines. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

liarandathief7 karma

Rob, could you explain the final scene in that "toothbrush in a public bathroom" The League episode?

IamRobRiggle14 karma

It is what it is....

IAmJacksHands6 karma

Nick your stand up is hilarious, I'm a big fan. Do you still sleep in a race car bed?

Hey Rob, how many dicks have you ate in international waters?

IamRobRiggle8 karma

International waters doesn't count so I've lost track

workisterrible6 karma

What are your favorite books, movies, and t.v. shows?

IamRobRiggle20 karma

Eat. Pray. Love.

edtehgar6 karma

Rob how did you get involved in working on sports shows?

Nick any talks of any Reno 911 reunions?

IamRobRiggle7 karma

Not sure really. I love sports so when they (sports related shows) ask me to do something... I generally say 'yes'

yoshdawg5 karma

Did you two get into fisticuffs at all during the filming of the movie?

IamRobRiggle12 karma

By "fisticuffs" do you mean handjobs? No, if that's what you meant.

burn_the_calories5 karma

Rob- Doritos Nacho Cheese or Doritos Cool Ranch?

IamRobRiggle13 karma

Cool Ranch....is there really any question?

KeyserSOhItsTaken5 karma

If you guys were to have a drunken gay encounter, who would be the bottom, and who would be the top?

IamRobRiggle13 karma


TantricPrincess5 karma

How therapeutic are your styles of comedy? If you guys didn't have a career in comedy what would have been your top 3 career back ups? Finally, what is your take on polyamory?

IamRobRiggle9 karma

See above....

cps52365 karma

Rob, how were you picked for your role in The Other Guys??

IamRobRiggle6 karma

Adam McKay called me and asked me to do the film. We had done Step Brothers the year before and I guess he liked me.

burn_the_calories4 karma

Nick you were awesome on Reno 911 but this question is for Rob. Which sketch was your favorite when you did the Riggle's Picks on Fox NFL Football? Thanks!

IamRobRiggle5 karma

Still doing Fox NFL this season... Last year's opener with Steel Panther and the Bradspa bit so far....

marineturndlegofiend4 karma

Rob, what kind of music do you listen to to get you in character?

IamRobRiggle6 karma

Steel Panther & the Carpenters

BallardMayor4 karma

What kind of cars do you guys drive?

IamRobRiggle10 karma

That's not a weird or creepy question at all.... would you like the license plate number too...? Kidding... F-150

bobbyfinstock3 karma

Do you guys ever take pictures of your shits and send them to people? If so, what is the criteria that makes it picture worthy to you?

IamRobRiggle10 karma

Great question! Hell & Back is a great movie with an unbelievable cast. It comes out Oct. 2nd, hope you enjoy it!

aaronm1092463 karma

To both of you, if you had to choose any movie you've been in to star in it's sequel, what would it be?

IamRobRiggle6 karma

Step Brothers...

TexasStarForever3 karma

Is there an actual Highway to Hell ?

IamRobRiggle10 karma

Yes there is and it looks and feels just like the 405....

josh_hofer3 karma

Where is the weirdest place either one of you has taken a shit?

IamRobRiggle9 karma

Your Mom's house!

scholzern3 karma

Hi guys, if by tomorrow you both were expelled from showbusiness up until death, what would you do instead?

Also, which one of you is more fond of the other?

IamRobRiggle7 karma

Second part first... I love Nick, but he loves me more I'm pretty sure. and I think I would be a farmer, private detective and I would continue to work my NEW VODKA COMPANY...LOADED VODKA!!! IT'S AMAZING!!! WWW.LIFEISLOADED.COM

mitchelbrownw3 karma

Hey Rob, being a comedy actor, you play, to my knowledge, a lot of the same roles. Do you want to break away from that type-cast?

Hey Nick, being a more stand-up based comedian, who is the/a comedian who inspired you to take up comedy? One who resonated/resomates the most?

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Of course I do! However, in this town if you do something well you tend to get offered similar types / roles. Gotta pay the mortgage and keep the kids fed....so.....

you_should_fuck_it3 karma

Vodka enemas.

Who's down?

IamRobRiggle4 karma

I'm no doctor....but.....

johnnynoname122 karma

to rob

Is it true that you have a Patrick Warburton Voodoo Doll?

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Not true. I love Patrick. He came and did a "Riggle's Pick" segment with me for Fox NFL a couple years back and he's a good guy. Plus he loves golf and so do I

tophrman2 karma

Ok, Rob, who's winning each division in the NFL?

IamRobRiggle5 karma

Chiefs AFC West Packers NFC Central....that's it for now

flowerbeebee2 karma

Hello Rob and Nick! Rob you are sexy as f***. Love what you do. What's a funny memory from the corps you'd like to share with us? Have great day to you both :)

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Finally... somebody gets it... with regard to the "sexy as fuck" thing. Nothing comes to mind off the top of my head re: funny Marine stories. Not to mention it would take forever to type a story and then ultimately it would end with "you had to be there."

mooseman12592 karma

Nick, where has been your favorite university to do stand up at? Rob, do you think you would want to do a stand up tour soon?

IamRobRiggle3 karma

I haven't done stand up in several years... I still perform live long-form improv comedy at the UCB in LA on Wednesday nights at a show called "Facebook." I would do stand up again, but I would need to build a new set before I went out there and toured again.

danielwb2 karma

Both of you, what would your personal hell be?

IamRobRiggle22 karma

Well, not two hours of Reddit with questions like "How old were you when you sucked your first dick?" That's forsure....

Hutnick2 karma

Favorite go to food?

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Comfort food! mashed, Mac-n-cheese, BBQ....

liamquane2 karma

Hi What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

IamRobRiggle2 karma

Let me improvise! Don't make things word perfect. Provide a comfortable, safe set where it feels good to go for it!

banana_puddin2 karma

Nick and Rob...that is one hell of a combo. What got both of you working together?

IamRobRiggle2 karma

It was a poker IOU....

Natron442 karma

Vikings vs. Chiefs. Week 6. Who wins?

IamRobRiggle10 karma

The fucking Chiefs baby!

thorhyphenaxe2 karma

Rob, I know it was in international waters, but did you actually eat a man's penis?

IamRobRiggle3 karma

I get this question a lot. It was a movie....so.....no.

whoopsiedont2 karma

nick swardson, why are you hiding?

IamRobRiggle6 karma

He's not hiding...I'm sitting on him

Natron442 karma

Rob. I play competitive wiffleball up in MN. If you need a ringer for next year's Big Slick, can I be the one? I should also mention that I'm terrible...

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Thanks for the offer, but we switched to softball this year....

evenode1 karma

Soooooo, does Nick or Rob have the biggest penis?

IamRobRiggle3 karma