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At least you got to port in St Thomas. That place is gorgeous.

Has this, now being yet another faulty Carnival ship, deterred you from booking with Carnival again?

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Senator Sanders,

This question will be buried. I know it will. But I have a very important question involving education. And to be fair, I have been counseled against you by my family, my friends, and most of the conservative people I rub shoulders with. I myself like to expand my horizons, and am drawing more and more to voting in your favor. To be honest, despite all the counsel, I like you. And I've liked what you've stood for.

My question is: My wife is a teacher. She is also a huge Hilary fan. She has been raked over the coals by the education system, specifically with the "it's all who you know, not how well you teach" mentality in bringing strong teachers to the forefront (she's been in the top 1 percent effectiveness in the county for 5 years and still can't move into administration despite a double masters in the field).

What do you plan on doing differently than Hilary to increase the strength of our education system? Especially with standardized testing and the proven dysfunction that comes along with it.

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I live in a "luxury" loft that has 2 maintenance people for 9 buildings. Anytime we call we get the run around about there always being an emergency. Our ice machine went weeks without being fixed, our Dryer went 16 days without being fixed, and we were infested with sugar ants for a week before they ever sent an exterminator. Each building has 1 luxury 2 bedroom loft with extra amenities (extra parking spaces, pool keys, elevator, etc...) and we are in one of them. We pay a stupid amount of money to live here, and there is always some pressing issue that takes precedent, even tho we are constantly seeing our maintenance guys sitting out and drinking soda on the golf carts, or sitting inside the office, or shooting the shit in the parking lots...

I have directly asked our property managers what's up, because there are some times that it's just comical how ridiculous the excuses are for why they haven't shown up, cancelled, re-scheduled, or straight up lied.

As a maintenance man, what would your advice be for dealing with this kind of stupid shit?

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My only concern with this, is sometimes if you call the office, you get the property manager. Like, she will literally answer the phone. And she's as useless as it gets.

I guess, realistically, I'm asking if I report her to corporate, am I going to be living in hell on my property if they don't do anything?

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Why Claymation?