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Hey Chris!

I always enjoyed Andy Dwyer on Parks and have been so happy to see you become so successful. I know there is a behind the scenes video from the set of Parks and Rec of you pretending to get a call from Steven Spielberg asking you to be in the next Jurassic Park. Did you ever believe that would actually become true and what has it been like getting these amazing roles?

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Hi Martin,

Big fan of the West Wing and many others of your work.

Quick question, is the amazing way you put on a jacket as the president one of the characters traits or do you really look that awesome putting on a coat?


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Hi Chevy! Big fan, everything from SNL to the Vacation movies to Community have been genius.

Can you let us know anything about your role/involvement in the new Vacation movie? Will it just be a cameo or will you be fully in the movie? We'd all love for Clark and Ellen to be fully involved.


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Hey Blake!

Big Workaholics fan.

What's one of your best memories while still living in the Workaholics house that most people don't know?

Also, when is Ders gonna show up on Community because you and Adam have, haha.

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Hey Sammy! I'm going to see you again next Friday in Minnesota and I can't wait!

What is your favorite song to play/sing from any of your catelog? And what's your favorite song off of the new album?

Also, is it possible to make a request of the song 5150 being played at the Minnesota gig?