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brother- I went to public school so that's as far as i can go in terms of what I know

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never....how dare you make a mockery of this


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don't do it lol

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as for the "what would you do in that situation"...there are times where I didn't wear a "tye off" and would naturally get hard

fact is- this is a "sex job" so if anything I would use my boner to my advantage...like, hang a towel that I brought with me with it or just have stick it in some ladies face...not very creative but what else am i gonna do with it--paint?

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this is a tricky one because I would employ what is commonly known as a "tye off"

I'm in the "adult industry" subreddit so I assume I can go into more "graphic" description here

with that prefaced a tye off (if you havent' googled it already) is when you beat off before a show to a point where you have nice "girth" and then you LIGHTLY tye a rubber band around the base of your dick....this greatly enhances the size of your dick and kinda give your dick that "sausage in it's casing" look

so you have nice size however it kinda sorta makes it difficult to get a legit, straight boner...

also (and not to blame recreational drugs but truth be told..)most of the time I was working I was usually under the influence of somesort of recreation drug....couple that with the fact that you may have some self esteem issues and couple that with the fact that you want to get done as fast as you can because you are disgusted with what you do sometimes...well- that makes a synergy for limp city

I didn't proof read that so if i'm unclear about something please let me know