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josh_hofer596 karma

I saw your friend Adam Carolla do a show in Durham, NC and he told a story about your house, a football game, and Tom Cruise.

Is Adam full of shit, or did that really happen? You asked him (Adam) to do his 'touch down' dance that involved him pretending to shit out a football. In front of Tom and his Mom haha ... oh and did Tom really bring cupcakes AND his mother to your house... for a football game?

josh_hofer194 karma

hahaha well it's still a hell of a story, cupcakes or not.

but cupcakes would make it better.

josh_hofer113 karma

Steven, just wondering what kind of music you listen to. Maybe the top three bands/artists you can't get enough of right now? Thanks!

josh_hofer107 karma

Just curious, what is your connection to the show Talking Dead?

josh_hofer100 karma

Ah, that is rad! Love what you guys and gals do with the show. Chris Hardwick is the perfect pick for a host. Hope to see you guys back for another season :)