Hey this is your pal David. I'm a writer, you may have watched House on Fox. I've also written for other shows.

My twitter is http://twitter.com/shorez. As most wanna be messiahs have said, I want followers.

I'm here today to answer any questions you have. Also, check out the pilot of my new show Sneaky Pete on Amazon. It's already been picked up for nine more episodes so I actually don't care.

I've heard good things about reddit - don't let me down.

Proof: https://twitter.com/shorez/status/646035812979642368

Edit: Thanks for all your questions but someone is waiting patiently outside my office to meet with me. I will check in later and try to answer more.

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eoinconlan51139 karma

Do you ever feel bad that Hugh Laurie's has a real limp now?

realdavidshore226 karma

yes but he can afford a lot of physical therapy

SearScare88 karma

You won an Emmy for Three Stories which is generally regarded to be the best episode in the show. Other fan favourites include One Day, One Room and of course, the two part Season 4 finale -- House's Head and Wilson's Heart.

My question is: Were there any episodes you wrote, or any episodes in general, that you yourself are a fan of, or have a special connection to, aside from these ones?

realdavidshore95 karma

As I've said, I love all my children equally. But my children know that's bullshit.

I did like those. A lot.

taco_whisperer72 karma

What is Mike Tomlin like in person?

realdavidshore95 karma

you actually made me laugh one of our writers came to Omar, told him he looks like the new Steelers coach - Omar mocked him, all black people look alike, huh? - then Omar saw Mike's picture and shut up

underfated65 karma

Massive attack teardrop, to me, almost embodies House M.D.

How did you come up with that song to lead each episode?

realdavidshore95 karma

During pilot shooting, Bryan Singer comes to me, really excited about something, drags me to his car to play a song for me - that song

HotpieTargaryen61 karma

Is it lupus? It's probably lupus, right?

realdavidshore103 karma

It was always lupus

_just_a_dude_54 karma

Was Hugh Laurie your first choice to play Dr. House?

realdavidshore113 karma

We offered the part to several people; we auditioned many, many more. But once Hugh auditioned, there was no doubt

ChuckEye53 karma

I think the Holmes/Watson :: House/Wilson parallels might not have been obvious to viewers early on. (Even though the first case was an Adler…)

Did it take the fans and critics longer than you expected to pick up on the homages? Or were there people from the get-go who saw what you were up to?

realdavidshore80 karma

Some people pick up right away. Others just noticed when you asked that question. I do find that surprising.

Maddie_N52 karma

Would you ever consider bringing back House (the character or the show) in some form?

What do you believe happened to House and Wilson after the show ended? Did House ever see Cuddy again?

realdavidshore87 karma

I would. But the chances of coming up with a story, having all the actors available. And...... all the corporate entities reaching agreement...

breezay44 karma

Not sure if you have time for this, but what TV shows are you currently watching?

realdavidshore326 karma

I have many friends in the industry but I secretly hate them so I don't want to promote any shows that aren't mine

throwinglifeaway_opi42 karma

are cuddy's 200 mg zolpidem pills an inside joke/easter egg?


realdavidshore34 karma

if so, it's a joke on me

suaveitguy38 karma

What does a character need to stay interesting and relevant in episodic dramatic TV? Most of your shows don't have huge overarching season long plots (like a Breaking Bad) and deal with the case of the week (House, L&O). How do you successfully design and develop a character inside of that framework?

realdavidshore59 karma

Very good question. Too long to answer. The real challenge is to have a character and situations that surprise an audience that expects to be surprised in a way that makes complete sense but no one saw coming. If you can do that, you're golden.

onesonesones32 karma

Is Joe Flacco an elite QB?

realdavidshore57 karma

Thanks for asking. No.

aangles254227 karma

I've always liked how Kutner's suicide lent more credence to House's committal into Mayfield. Despite the show's procedural nature, I feel like that episode, and the four after to the end of Season 5, work really well as a whole. Without ads, I think that's slightly over three hours. Was it always the plan to send House to an asylum, even before you knew Kal Penn was leaving?

realdavidshore26 karma

I'm pretty sure that was worked out as one big arc - glad it felt like it

IndubitablyTedBear27 karma

Hi David, huge fan of your work! Is it especially stressful to pump out hour-long episodes every week? Also, what is your favorite house quote? There's so many great ones to choose from!

realdavidshore41 karma

Yes. Very stressful. This one is long but: you know nuns, once you get the IUD out of them, they bounce right back. How bout this: Blew the Janitor Or... Everybody lies. I know I'm forgetting one. And I think it might be my actual favorite.

Nero_MD25 karma

In the case of Gregory House, what was the experience of writing a nihilistic misanthrope and getting into the head of that character? A depressing or enlightening process?

realdavidshore40 karma

Really good point. It was both. It was gratifying and thrilling but it was also really complicated to live in that head for eight years.

klaatubarada25 karma

Did Stephen Fry ever want to do a cameo?

realdavidshore87 karma

he never asked but we often thought about it - unfortunately never could figure out just the right story if you think you've got one, please keep it to yourself because I'll either think you're an idiot or feel deep deep regret

The_Grim_Reamer23 karma

My friend/roommate was always obsessed with House growing up, he's now in med school and I'm convinced House played a part in that decision, do doctors ever come up to you and tell you that House inspired them to become a doctor?

realdavidshore44 karma

actually yes, hugely thrilling (but scares me for my future medical needs)

Model_Omega22 karma

Hi David, House is my second favourite show ever, and I've always had this bug in the back of my head.

Season 8 had a lot of production issues I've heard, did this mean there were any plot threads that had to be cut/added it as a result?

Also, thanks so much for this series, I think the happiest I've ever been was when my mom bought me the whole series on DVD for my birthday.

realdavidshore103 karma

why didn't your mom buy you your damn first favorite show??

breezay21 karma

How's working with Amazon? What are some differences between that working relationship and the one you had with Fox?

realdavidshore27 karma

So far it's been fantastic - they seem to really respect the creative process

SirSteve_20 karma

How did you and the crew usually react after Hugh delivered a powerful line you had written? Obviously you had heard it in your head upon writing but for a line like "I like being alone. At least I've convinced myself I'm better off that way." how did Hugh, or any other cast member's performance impact you upon delivery?

realdavidshore36 karma

once we came up with a joke I absolutely loved - went to Hugh and told him he can deliver this line absolutely any way he wants and it will still be funny - he viewed it as a personal challenge

deadpool90219 karma

How did the character of House change as you were creating him?

realdavidshore32 karma

I'm really not sure. I stewed for months. And months. And then he kind of was birthed fully formed.

RamsesThePigeon18 karma

Hey there, David! As cliché as this may be to say, I'm a big fan!

I'd also love the chance to pick your brain.

The short version of this is to say that I'm an accomplished writer, but that I'm currently employed in a very different industry. I'd like to make a transition to writing for television, which means - unless I'm mistaken - that I need to make the right connections to help me in that endeavor.

When I worked in film, networking was frequently done during smoke breaks while on set or in the studio. (Or, well... outside of the studio.) Someone would mention an upcoming job and hopefully a producer's name, there would be an introduction and a vouching-of-skills, and the next week would find a person working on a new endeavor.

Is that about how things have gone for you? Are there any job boards or other such resources that an industry outsider might not know about?

Thanks again for taking the time to offer your insight!

realdavidshore22 karma

are you reading any of my answers or have you spent the whole time typing your question?

realdavidshore14 karma

Unfortunately (and I really mean that) there are no job boards that I know of. You really need an agent. The networking advantage kicks in more once you're in.

swyrl-18 karma

How do you decide whether or not a show can continue running?

realdavidshore72 karma

the network lets you know quite clearly

oselcuk18 karma

Do you have any weird/funny stories from the House set (or any other)? Any gossip?

Also, what's your favorite food? I'm probably cooking tonight, any suggestions?

realdavidshore37 karma

here's as far as I'm going to go with gossip: someone on the crew was sleeping with someone else on the crew and they weren't married to each other regarding dinner, breakfast at night is always nice

Metaljb9717 karma

I read somewhere that in the season when House was chosing his new team, the first season with Steve Carell, that you were deciding who would stay in the team while recording. Is it true?

Edit: Peter Jacobosn, not Steve Carell

realdavidshore42 karma

I have no idea what that question means

Metaljb9710 karma

My english is quite broken, my bad. What I meant is that I read somewhere that in season 4 the actors didn't know if the characters they were playing were going to be dismissed from the class, and neither did you, the writers. That you were writing them off as the show evolved, that it wasn't planned.

(I meant Peter Jacoboson, not Steve, I'm very sorry)

realdavidshore27 karma

The writers were a little ahead of the actors but it's basically true. They would get the new script and flip to the last page to see if they were getting fired.

partyordiet17 karma

Why and how did you settle on the name House?

realdavidshore39 karma

For the character or the show? For the character, it was an homage to Holmes (say them out loud) For the show, I hate cute names, it seemed simple and apropos. There was actually a lot of debate - someone called it a 'fatal error' - so plenty of others were considered - the one thing I was dead set against were puns (House Rules, etc.) Once the network came up with the logo (reminiscent of hospital symbol) it was done

Frajer17 karma

How did you come up with the concept for House ?

realdavidshore42 karma

Lots of stewing. Bit of Sherlock Holmes. Bit of me (that's kind of a cheat isn't it). Bit of a good experience with a doctor that should have been a bad experience. Bit of me now wanting to create another Marcus Welby. Bit of the networks wanting a medical show from me (I didn't really want to)

YJCH0I15 karma

I've read online that certain elements of House MD were affected by real life events (e.g. [SPOILER ALERT] Kutner in season 5 because Kal went to work for White House)

What alternate story arcs did you have in mind had they been available? Or is the way it aired what you would have had happen anyways?

realdavidshore14 karma

the only real life events that affected stories were contractual

aangles254213 karma

Hi, David, huge fan of House. A few questions:

1) Any thoughts on why you didn't wind up writing more for NYPD Blue? 2) Was Hack an enjoyable experience, coming into a show created by someone else? 3) Would you care to let us in on why Cameron was written out of the show?

realdavidshore25 karma

1 - don't think they liked my first script 2 - no; seriously, it wasn't - love Morse and Braugher but didn't love the job - that's what made me decide I needed to do my own show 3 - set up that they were on a 3 year fellowship; didn't want the do the fake TV thing of people being "rookies" forever

thebaysideguy11 karma

Who was your favorite person on set? Any funny memories while shooting that come to mind?

realdavidshore13 karma

Lambie. (Look it up on youtube - it was an RSL alter ego)

realdavidshore41 karma

but I did always enjoy pretending to be friends with the crew

ledzepplinfan10 karma

I love your work. House is one of my favorite shows and I have seen each episode at least twice. How did you know Hugh Laurie was the right choice? Was there something from his audition that you remember sticking out? And how was working with him? He seems like a really funny guy.

realdavidshore19 karma

others read and I would think they were good but something was somehow missing - then Hugh read and I just had this sudden realization that 'yes, that's what I meant'

Todd_The_Sailor10 karma

I absolutely love the show, and I've always wondered how much medical advice you were given. Did you have a doctor consult with you about the medical maladies, or did a doctor suggest some of the episode ideas to you?

I remember in one episode, Dr. House called a writer for a fake medical show and asked him if one of his ideas sounded plausible enough for Hollywood, so I guess I'm wondering how much of that really happened in the show!

realdavidshore25 karma

one doctor part of writing staff, three doctors outside consultants who reviewed all and one nurse on set - not nice to tell people with brain cancer that there's a cure if there's not - nor is it nice to tell people with the flu that they're going to die

Ballmeat9 karma

Did you ever consider ending the show with the twist that House was really Wilson's brother with the mental disorder, and that he was hallucinating/fantasizing being a brilliant doctor the entire time?

realdavidshore64 karma

yes, but I decided that that was stupid

suaveitguy8 karma

Any memories from the set of Meatballs?

realdavidshore26 karma

I got my hands on the script one day and thought this is the worst thing I've ever read. I was very wrong. Also... I ruined a scene by wondering through the background. On purpose

iEatBabyLegs8 karma

Lisa has stated that she feels that her breasts and butt should have their own paycheck, how do you feel about that?

realdavidshore27 karma

I thought they did

dooj887 karma

how did you and the writers come up with all of the interesting underlying causes of illness for the episodes? did you have medical professionals sharing head scratching cases? or did you flip though medical journals, pick a rare illness and work backwards?

realdavidshore22 karma

creative usually came first come up with story line with specific ethical dilemma, ask one of our doctor consultants how we can make that work in real world, they say we can't, we rephrase until they say yes

khoifish12977 karma

Why did you decided to break up the old team and decided to have a new one in season 4?

realdavidshore19 karma

change before you're asked for change and come on, who could work for that man for four years

taco_whisperer7 karma

Are cable networks like HBO, Showtime, or Netflix that aren't as concerned with censorship more appealing than networks like Fox, CBS, etc? Were you ever required to cut scenes from House because of censorship concerns?

realdavidshore16 karma

actually no - I couldn't swear, I couldn't show nudity but that just forced us to be more creative Which brings me to a story... Clinic story with a little girl who House realizes has been masturbating - network wouldn't let us say that so we needed to come up with euphemisms - and I wanted to create our own.... Which were... Finding Nemo, Ya Ya'ing the sisterhood and... I can't remember the third one but I will laugh when one of you remind me of it

bhammer1007 karma

What's the best advice you can give someone who is interested in writing?

realdavidshore12 karma

write. yes it's trite but that's the only advice. write, rewrite, then rewrite again - the stuff you think is great you will think is shit next week so keep at it

GrannyRista6 karma

Hi David - would you mind just typing "Hello Luke Murf" for me?

Husband watches and rewatches and adores your stuff!

realdavidshore10 karma

I did it. But on a different computer.

anahgs6 karma

On Twitter you said you asked Lisa to come back to do the final episode, but she didn't. Why? When will the truth of her leaving be revealed? :(

realdavidshore15 karma

I'd love to speak for her. So I will. Because it would be too painful to say goodbye again.

TomLinkon5 karma

Thank you for your contribution to the show! It is, by far, my favorite television series of all time. Watching the show, I took a lot of positive character traits from Dr. House and I can proudly say I am a much better (and creative) person because of it.

My question is, where there any character traits or important aspects of Dr. House that you did not get a chance to develop?

realdavidshore7 karma

I don't think so. That's why I felt eight years was enough. There might have been more stories to tell but I didn't think I had anything more to actually say.

ItsHarry5 karma

House seems different than most Sherlock Holmes adaptations/homages on TV. Did you feel pressure to take elements from those stories as the seasons went on, or did you just take the name, the Wilson relationship, the superiority and the substance abuse, and tell your own story?

realdavidshore8 karma

it was more vague inspiration - never felt constrained

LastPageofGatsby5 karma

What do you think of the place of comedy in dramatic films/series? You obviously have a good sense of comedy and it is all over your stuff. What do you think of dramas with little or none?

realdavidshore11 karma

Thank you. They bore me. Except for Bones. (That's a joke)

Leath_Hedger5 karma

Strangely enough I've started watching the series from season 1 only 2 days ago! Perfect timing...because I've been stewing on these questions. Serendipity really.

  1. Did Hugh Laurie end up enjoying his American accent enough to keep it going outside of filming/practicing?

  2. Did you have a lot of medical pros on set for teaching and coaching the complicated drug names and conditions or were the actors pretty good at remembering them?

  3. Did Hugh walk with a limp so much that he forgot to turn it off afterwards?

  4. I see so many famous or semi-famous actors as patients in House. We're they already semi-famous or did they go on to bigger roles after getting exposure on House?

  5. Small question. If House always found so many of his answers from clinicals, how come he hated doing them instead of embracing them for the resource that they are. Must have lost a lot of patients in those months/years of skipping clinicals. ;)

Thanks for all your time and dedication Mr. Shore!

realdavidshore9 karma

1 no 2 yes 3 no 4 some yes, some no 5 shit, I can't answer that with a yes or no

feldamis5 karma

What were the pills in the Vicodin bottles?

What do you think is the most emotional episode you created? I think season 7 episode 2 in my opinion was one of the most emotional moments for me. I was almost crying because the story and the characters were so good. Also, what are your thoughts about the episode Family Practice? I have never seen such seriously intense life and death situation moments in the entire show. That episode in my opinion has some of the best acting I have ever seen. the conversation with Master and Cuddy is absolutely spot on.

Off topic. Do you think if you did a mash up between The Office and your show, do you think it could take off?

realdavidshore11 karma

candy was in the Vicodin bottles (in one episode we were shooting in an actually pharmacy, I'm sure we could have stolen anything we wanted)

Ch0rizo5 karma

Hi David :). I loved House...watched every episode.

I've always wondered, how much flak did you get from the media, or maybe even fans, claiming that the show glorified and possibly played down the effects of prescription opiate abuse?

To be clear...this is not my viewpoint on the character/show. I just always thought it was something that the staff must have been dealing with all the time...

realdavidshore12 karma

the one standards and practice note we got during the pilot (we got more later) was to ask me to promise not to treat his addiction as a joke. And that was never our intention. It's obviously a serious issue. Proud to say we got much much more praise than flak

DeusExChimera5 karma

What's the reason behind the London Ontario inside jokes? (That's where I live!)

realdavidshore11 karma

Speaking of "That's where I live." Season 1, I'm at a press event/party, show hasn't been on, no one knows me, feel like I'm wasting my time, need to find a way to contribute. See a reporter from a Toronto paper, go up to him say 'hey, I used to live in Toronto'. He looks right past me and says and I quote: "I still do... I see Paris Hilton." Then he walks away. Anyway I lived in London Ontario till I was 20.

MoMerry5 karma

Did making the show House ever make you a hypochondriac when you started to feel sick?

realdavidshore9 karma

I hurt my leg at one point and my biggest fear was that I'd need a cane and have to spend the rest of my life listening to clever witticisms

liamquane4 karma

What was your favorite House moment?

realdavidshore27 karma

During the pilot, there was one shot by Bryan, rack focusing through an X-Ray onto House's face and I suddenly knew this was a show Also when Lisa jumped out of bed during a scene forgetting she wasn't wearing anything. Also when Chandler told Monica he loved her

suaveitguy4 karma

You came from the same town, and worked on at least one show (Due South) with Paul Haggis? Did you two come up together?

realdavidshore6 karma

Not really. But my dad used to play his dad squash. Seriously.

__seripha__4 karma

What is your writing method? Do you choose a particular place to write or particular music? What do you do when it comes to feeling writer's block?

realdavidshore11 karma

No. I can pretty much avoid writing anywhere.

Ambassador_throwaway4 karma

Fan of House and have been rewatching it on Netflix last couple months! Thanks for for a really memorable show!

  • In anticipation of the Fall TV season officially starting this week, do you currently watch any shows or looking forward to a new serial?

  • Did you watch last night's Emmy's?

realdavidshore22 karma

unfortunately there was a pre-season hockey game on opposite it

ElPlywood4 karma


Did you ever cut the roof of your mouth on a sharp nacho chip at Joe Kool's?

Did you ever smash a plastic shooter glass on your head at the Bav Tav?

Did you use fake ID to get into the Ceeps?

realdavidshore4 karma

I'm embarrassed to say I was never at the Ceeps until long after I was of age.

suaveitguy4 karma

How was the transition from Canadian TV to US? Any advice for others?

realdavidshore9 karma

I didn't really do it. I moved here, then got a job in Canada. So... no. No advice

lewarcher3 karma

As a former Canadian/someone Canadians will always claim as Canadian, what do you think's needed for Canadian television to be better?

realdavidshore8 karma

Vicious circle. Talented people need a reason to stay. Which will only happen when the shows get better. Which will only happen when talented people stay. And no, people offended by that answer, I'm not saying there are no talented people who stay up there. I'm saying there aren't enough. I'm sure you're a genius.

MCUWO3 karma

Is it true you love Western so much that you'd like to return to do a writing workshop with students?

realdavidshore2 karma

Yes. Why haven't I been asked? My feelings are hurt. (So much I may not even do it if asked.)

gsasquatch3 karma

How far in advance are you outlining? Did you know the end in the beginning and just fill until is is time, or was it a matter of "end is nigh, time to write a series finale"?

realdavidshore5 karma

I did not know the ending at the beginning In broad strokes I usually was about a half season ahead of where we were writing

djangofreemanrox3 karma

will you one day write a movie script ?

realdavidshore3 karma

yes, will you read it? (practicing for when I do write one)

breezay3 karma

What's your creative/writing process like from concept to final script? Do you use notecards or whiteboards to map out the acts?

realdavidshore3 karma

white boards, cards - love being able to visualize the whole story

spgreenwood3 karma

Where's your favorite place to travel to? Favorite restaurant in the world?

realdavidshore12 karma

I like grapefruit

NorbitGorbit3 karma

which in-jokes have you put in various series that you haven't seen anyone catch yet? which names have you wanted to use for characters but for whatever reason, you weren't able to?

realdavidshore5 karma

mostly they were about London Ontario

HourEleven3 karma

I still rewatch and am amazed and the tight interplay between the character plot points and the medicine. Which part of an episode would be written first, the character arc or the medical arc?

realdavidshore5 karma

my writers referred to that as the shore weave (if it was a more clever nickname it would be obnoxious for me to say that) - we were always trying to do both at the same time

duckalucka3 karma

As a writer, do you feel the same as Jane Anderson referenced in her Emmy speech last night that it's "a horrible horrible blank page"?

realdavidshore5 karma

blank page 18 is particularly difficult

CeltsGarlic3 karma

You created something that is known all over the world as a quality product. How does it make you feel?

realdavidshore12 karma


digitulgurl2 karma

Are any of those medical mysteries real?

realdavidshore3 karma

They are possible and/or plausible but not real per se

Lecter072 karma

In your own head-canon, the most important canon there is, what do you think happened to House after Wilson died?

realdavidshore19 karma

I control what I control. The characters lives after I'm done, it's whatever you want.

PermTrouble2 karma

What's your favorite video game?

realdavidshore14 karma

Intellivision baseball

AeddGynvael2 karma

House is my favourite TV show no contest, both because I love the characters and because I love the medical stories themselves. Thank you!

My question is, did you find any particular inspiration from real-life people when writing the character of House?

realdavidshore2 karma

No. Anyone who says they were the inspiration is lying. (Ironic I suppose)

[deleted]2 karma


realdavidshore2 karma

no it's not

djangofreemanrox1 karma

is it true that "sneaky pete" is inspired by the story of the french identity thief frederic bourdin ?

realdavidshore1 karma

still no

djangofreemanrox1 karma

have you considered to bring back moriarty at some point in house ?

realdavidshore1 karma

don't think I did - though he was great

shxrk1 karma

Any news on Sneaky Pete?

realdavidshore3 karma

Not sure when it will be on. But it will be on. Ten in total (to start)

merkins_galore1 karma

Why isn't it lupus?

realdavidshore2 karma

our sweet spot for diseases was... can look like many other diseases and can kill you