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if I were Brian Wilson and you were me, what would you ask?

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there is a section of the exhibit which clearly outlines (in movie format shown in a coal mine decoated room) what burning fossil fuels is doing to our planet. even though the Koch brothers are lobbying for more carbon burning, the museum isn't beholden to preserve their slanted bias through the exhibits.

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yeah that might be one of my favorites of all time. i was floored when you played it on your '69 tour this summer! (you blew wolftrap, va away!)

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how did you and the writers come up with all of the interesting underlying causes of illness for the episodes? did you have medical professionals sharing head scratching cases? or did you flip though medical journals, pick a rare illness and work backwards?

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i was there yesterday for the first time in a long time, and the exhibit is really stunning. the flow 'though time' is a bit confusing as there are many ways to wander through the exhibit, but over all the presentation is wonderful. my question is when the seas were higher all those millions of years ago, what was the climate of DC at that time? underwater? are there dinosaur fossils in the mid Atlantic? it seemed to focus on the midwest and most western states when discussing north american dinosaur fossils.