I am a 19 year old who has been working at taco bell for 4 years now. I was promoted to manager about 3 months ago, and here to answer questions! (what i can of course!)

My Proof: http://imgur.com/40r1TCj

EDIT: alright its been fun answering questions tonight but i have a long day tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow morning to answer more questions though!!

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here4_pie_and_punch64 karma

If a fight breaks out in your restaurant and somebody is vertically video taping it, does company policy allow you to yell "WORLDSTAR!"?

CleverKat25 karma

hahahaha as much as i wish no. We are not allowed to video tape or take pictures :(

Sampa129 karma

What do you find most challenging about being manager at 19?

CleverKat79 karma

Definitely getting people to listen to me. Not many people take me seriously, because almost everyone is older than me. Its a big struggle i have.

Also, dealing with complaints can get rough sometimes too. When a customer comes in and sees that i am so young they like to try and take advantage of me.

Good question!

ghost012819 karma

What happened to the volcano menu?

CleverKat18 karma

We discontinued that about... i want to say.. 2 years ago? i don't remember for certain. the closest thing we have to a volcano taco is the firey gordita crunch. unfortunately, we do not have anything like the nachos or burrito anymore.

d4haxor1 karma

I miss having lava sauce on my dorito shell cheesy gordita crunches and crunchwraps, any other tasy ideas to get a similar spicy cheesy nirvana?

CleverKat2 karma

We unfortunately dont have a super spicy sauce like that anymore. The chiptole is sorta hot but not like lava sauce.

We also have diablo saice in packets. Its supposed to be 2x as hot as fire or something :p

iNolan16 karma

Do you have a butthole?

CleverKat47 karma

yes. ty for comment doot doot

rices421213 karma

Why did ya'll discontinue the steak and chicken taquitoes some odd years ago? They were the best thing on the menu.

CleverKat10 karma

I am not familiar with these. must have been before i started :p

rices421233 karma

When you become ceo, do you promise to reinstate the taquitoes?

CleverKat21 karma

i will try my best. :D

ksiaz02212 karma

How much do you make?

CleverKat28 karma

Not enough. Haha around $10 and hour. But it's not really about the money

Thrilling103117 karma

So manager in title only? How can they give you the title and responsibility but pay you nearly what the poverty line is? Last I heard 9$ an hour is poverty, 10$/hr for manager is a joke. Get some good experience and get out.

CleverKat13 karma

well i am only a part time manager, so i guess i don't get paid big bucks. I am working on moving on though.

ausernameilike3 karma

I hate to be a dick, but it really should be about the money. People who wash dishes at most real (dont take that as an insult, i just mean not fast food) restaurants start at that much. I bet you love your coworkers and care about what you do there, but it's not a charity. Please remember this. Ive been working in restaurants for like 9 years now and just remember that they'll pay you the least possible and try to get the most out of you. Maybe try and get a job cooking at a mexican place in town, you'll get some solid kitchen experience which would pay more (eventually. Kitchens arent known for getting rich in) and learn skills you can use anywhere you'd want to move.

CleverKat4 karma

Yeah i understand and i appreciate the advice. I just finished polishing up my resume and looking at jobs at verizon and other IT professions.

ausernameilike4 karma

I posted that before i read the whole AMA. see that youre going to school for engineering, which is great. We need more people out there who have worked food service out there, i know you'll be considerate compared to all the assholes you deal with daily.

CleverKat3 karma

Yeah working here has taught me to be more patient with people.

SuzyYa12 karma

do you ever say time to lean? time to clean! and does your taco bell also have KFC? and why is KFC so good?

CleverKat5 karma

i dont think i have ever said that hahaah. and no. i wish though. KFC is like heaven. there is one next door though...

toxicsponge8 karma

Has working at taco bell impacted your weight? If so, did you lose or gain weight?

CleverKat11 karma

yes. i have gained a few pounds. lol

Mikeyyymc8 karma

What's your least favorite thing to make? What is one thing that pisses you off the most about customers? Do you still eat taco bell? I love the number six. Is there anything I should know about any of the food I ever order? Like things I should avoid?!

CleverKat25 karma

My least favorite thing to make is definitely the "limited time" stuff. right now we have the grilled stuffed nacho and we have to fold it in a triangle. Its super annoying to have to do for an order of like 5 of them. Some other items are the xxl nachos, nacho bell grandes, and probably party packs.

I cannot stand when people think everything is our fault. When someone is ordering they see what they want on a little screen outdoors. We also ask them if everything looks correct on the screen before they pull up too. But everyone assumes that if something goes wrong its our fault. We replace it anyway!

Nothing we make is honestly that bad. I have heard horror stories about Mcdonalds and pink chicken nuggets. But our food is honestly not gross. We don't have a microwave, so nothing gets nuked, we fry all of our products fresh every day, and we have very strict hold time procedures.

slim_chance7 karma

But everyone assumes that if something goes wrong its our fault. We replace it anyway!

I know the feel, man. At Domino's we get dudes screwing up online orders THEY PUT IN THEMSELVES and call and complain. Or they want a refund because they never came and picked up an order they put in online and already paid for.

And that was just last week!

CleverKat4 karma

Yeah they just like to bitch just to hear themselves bitch :(

Kanga_8 karma

Has anyone ever went crazy over messed up orders? I want to work in fast food, but the thought of someone losing their shit over something that dumb terrifies me.

CleverKat20 karma

yes. all the time. just yesterday we had a lady come through the drive through who asked if our pop machine was working, and that every time she comes our diet pepsi tastes funny. Then she complains the whole time (after we already gave her the drink for free) and drives off mad.

She came back and threw her food on the counter because 2 things she ordered were not in the bag. they were also not rung in, so its not like we didnt give her the food. she demanded the whole order be replaced. this kind of stuff (albeit not quite as bad most of the time) happens every single day.

Kelter_Skelter6 karma

How do you handle these situations? Tell them to leave and just take the complaint she'll eventuality file or just give them whatever they want? (Or something else?)

CleverKat7 karma

I try my best to make them happy. explain to them what happened and that were sorry and that we will take care of it. most of the time I'll give them a free combo card or something for their next visit. If nothing else works i either give them my general managers name or do whatever i can.

Kelter_Skelter5 karma

Follow up question when someone is complaining about something that is completely their fault such as you heard them say beef then they come in yelling about how they wanted chicken. Same procedure? Just eat the cost via remaking order or free coupons or do you stick to your guns because you know it's their fault?

CleverKat10 karma

Yep. and this infuriates me. I cant tell you how many times i've remade orders for people that i know are blatantly lying, and we still have to remake the food for them. We have some discretion, so someone can't come in and say we messed up their 50 dollar order and get it replaced for free.. but remaking food for someone who's lying gets super annoying.

jesusgeuse1 karma

Previously was a taco bell manager. This, all day. There's nothing worse than someone deliberately telling you the wrong thing and then having you remake it or replace it. Often these people who know how to screw over fast food workers and care to do are not terribly nice or respectful about it.

CleverKat2 karma

Exactly. I wish we could do something about it. But all corprate cares about is how happy the customers are. Even if they are lying

captain_kjeur7 karma

Have any fun stories about what goes down at Taco Bell?

CleverKat16 karma

Back when i was a little crew member, i used to put bun water (really hot water) in our sauce bottles and me and my friend would have water fights with them.

Also, about a couple months when i first started, me and the guy who was training me made a basketball hoop from a box and taped it to the wall in the back. But corporate came... I dont think i have ever tried to hide something as fast as i did that day.

These are just two that comes to mind. ill see if i can remember more :p

TheSanityInspector7 karma

Do you hope to make a career in the industry?

CleverKat6 karma

Nope. im looking for other options right now.

Chickensoup2287 karma

The age old question, Taco or Burrito?

CleverKat8 karma

i still perfer taco. :P

Mr_Potamus6 karma

Do you spit in my food?

CleverKat18 karma

i have NEVER spit in anyone's food. i have never seen anyone do it either. i have punched the heating cabinets before though.

Mr_Potamus3 karma

Damn. What did the heating cabinets do to you?

CleverKat10 karma

i got really mad, and it was right there lol. it probably hurt me more than i hurt it.

Mr_Potamus3 karma

Why'd you get so mad?

CleverKat13 karma

Well when you're right in the middle of dinner rush and every car is ordering $20+ orders and were expected to make the food in a little over a minute it can get overwhelming. Its a lot to take in sometimes lol

Mr_Potamus18 karma

Hmmm... Seems like it would be easier to just spit in people's food.

CleverKat20 karma

yes it would definitely be easier. but its just wrong. i just couldn't do it. :p

Nik_tortor5 karma

Why can't I ever eat a taco without everything spilling out of it?

CleverKat14 karma

as soon as i uncover the secret ill let you know. I've been there for 4 years and i still eat my tacos over the trash can.

donteatpoop4 karma

Why in the hell did you take away the Fire Roasted sauce?

You left us with Verde. Fucking Verde? Are you kidding me???

CleverKat5 karma

Honestly i have no clue. A LOT of people liked the fire roasted sauce. Its a bone head thing they did...

donteatpoop2 karma

I'm holding you personally responsible.

CleverKat7 karma

Awww come on haha i dont make the rules :(

Kanga_4 karma

Every day? Holy shit, no thank you.

CleverKat3 karma

yeah, its not something everyone can do. it has, however, taught me how to handle difficult situations and problem solve effectively, which is cool :p

purutwelve4 karma

will the beefy crunch burrito ever return?

CleverKat3 karma

Id say probably not. i dont see us getting the mexican rice back. we may get the hot cheetos back sometime though, and we can put those in our $1 crunch burrito.

masked90004 karma

I used to be a manager there. I have a question. There is a weird phenomenon with that Dr pepper freeze. If u get one right after defrost it would shock your lips. It also would not lose its charge so it would shock you over and over. Anything like that happen to u?

CleverKat3 karma

That never has happened to me. sounds kind of interesting though!

Doctor_Captain_Nun4 karma

How many taco's could you make in 30 minutes?

CleverKat8 karma

A lot. trust me.

Doctor_Captain_Nun3 karma

But like, quantity. Also, when will you get churro's on the menu my friend and I went to two different taco bells.

CleverKat16 karma

i have never counted my TPM (tacos per minute) but if you want me to estimate something..

336 tacos? making nothing but party packs (12 tacos) for 30 minutes straight if each party pack takes 2 minutes to make. (does my math check out its late)

rammslauter_133 karma

Cheesy gordita crunch with a volcano taco instead of a regular one; why can I not find it on the menu?

CleverKat5 karma

We discontinued the volcano menu a while ago. you can get the cheesy gordita crunch with a firey doritos shell though. :p

PickDK3 karma

What is the best thing a vegetarian can get at Taco Bell?

CleverKat6 karma

Definitely either a 7 layer burrito or a cantina bowl/burrito. The 7 layer is a pretty big burrito for its price. and the cantina items are awesome too!

preacher0993 karma

Are you a student and doing this as a part time job?

CleverKat11 karma

I am a full time student. i work about 20 hours a week.

Zipstacrack2 karma

How are you finding it? In my undergraduate I was working around 35 hours a week and found it pretty challenging myself.

CleverKat42 karma

its difficult. Especially since i'm studying electronics engineering... but im managing. (heh get it)

ksiaz0222 karma

What is the largest order in terms of price and quantity of items you have witnessed someone make?

CleverKat8 karma

Just the other day we had someone order 4 number 4's (mexican pizza and 2 tacos) and 4 party packs. iirc it was like 60 bucks.

But the biggest order i have ever made was a while ago. i dont remember exactly what was in it, but the whole screen was filled for one order. it was like $120. I think it was for a soccer team :p

Evan_572 karma

Any interesting/weird stories from the job?

CleverKat4 karma

Hmm.. I'll get back to you on this one. i have to go waaaay back but im sure i can remember something interesting :p

krystallynn042 karma

Is there anything you would not recommend off the menu?

CleverKat6 karma

It depends on what you mean. food quality wise? nothing we have is necessarily gross. If you ever want chalupas ask for them fresh. :p

From-Its-Self2 karma

Any recommendations of the menu? Something you like the most?

CleverKat9 karma

I've grown to like a burrito with nothing but steak, cheddar cheese and potatoes. But im EXTREMELY picky. i dont like lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, etc. So taking reccomendations from me might not be the best idea :p

solisu2 karma

I grill my beefy five layers all the time after years ago a buddy told my I can get anything grilled for free. What would be the most annoying item that can be grilled?

CleverKat9 karma

yep anything can be grilled for free. and i hate anything that is already grilled so grilling anything is annoying. it takes too long when all you have is 1 minute to get things out :(

Ive had people ask for soft tacos to be grilled before. its weird.

(another life hack: onions and red sauce is free. and when you want sauce dont say "a handfull" say exactly how much.)

solisu1 karma

These words shall change my taco bell experience forever.

CleverKat2 karma

glad i could make your taco bell experience better :p

oliversjgilmour2 karma

Have you had any experiences with the breakfast menu?

CleverKat3 karma

no i dont work in the mornings. its pretty good though!

oliversjgilmour2 karma

Really? I've heard it's awful!

CleverKat2 karma

I dont usually get it so i really dont know how it is. The am crunchwraps are pretty good though

Chuber1202 karma

Are you in school?

CleverKat3 karma

i am. studying electronics engineering.

Master_of_Pokemon2 karma

Do you think you might open up your own Taco Bell as a franchisee?

CleverKat3 karma

More than likely not. :p

Master_of_Pokemon1 karma

Good luck.

CleverKat1 karma

Thank you :)

Thebigsmallguitar2 karma

Are you sick of tacos yet?

CleverKat8 karma

it depends. I get the luxury of creating stuff the public doesn't get, so i'm not eating boring or tacos every day. When im on break i try to get something other than taco bell to eat though. :p

br0wnb0y2 karma

Could you eat taco bell for every meal that you worked there for?

And what is the best quality product on the menu (meat wise)?

CleverKat3 karma

Probably not. I'm trying to cut back lol. And i dont even really eat meals anymore. ill grab a taco here and there between rushes. really bad for me :(

vedder442 karma

What 5 things (physically) would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day?

CleverKat7 karma

i think you know the answer to this already. doot doot

throwthisaway_please2 karma

If I ask for a burrito inside of a burrito which is then inside of thus another burrito, would you make it for me?

CleverKat3 karma

I would do it. I dont know how but id try. 8)

astroman99952 karma

How do u feel managing people older than yourself?

CleverKat7 karma

I really dont know. i cant tell if its a good or bad thing... on one hand it feels good because im a boss. on the other it feels kind of sad... lol

Inglebrook1 karma

What are your top three most popular items?

CleverKat1 karma

chicken quesadillas, chalupas, and probably bean burritos.

TragicBackstory1 karma

For comparison, what's the general age distribution of your coworkers? Does it seem unusual given you're the manager?

Do you encounter any rudeness from coworkers or customers concerning your age?

What do you think secured the management position for you?

Thanks for doing this, btw ^_^

CleverKat4 karma

Right now i am running a shift with 2 17 year olds and an 18 year old.

Usually everyone is in their early to middle 30s. And i am the youngest manager by far. The next closest is 26 i think. So not a lot of people take me serious a lot. Its somethinf im working on haha.

What secured my position is my history. I am the only one still here from when i started so im reliable. Im also a pretty hard worker and my boss likes me. So when one of my old managers left i told my GM id take the job if she needed it. Im just an all around good employee i guess. And thats hard to come by in the food industry :p

Ryfrey1 karma

Sangrita Blast is my favorite soda now. I stocked up because of the limited time thing! I seriously gonthere just for that sometimes. Any clue as to if Mt. Dew is planning anymore TB exclusives?

CleverKat4 karma

I have no clue. Stay tuned for captain crunch cinnabon delights though ;)

do_you_know_doug1 karma

Why did corporate take away baja sauce? I haven't ordered a cheesy gordita crunch since. I'm still mad. (But won't stop me from eating TB 2-3 times a week and being judged here!)

CleverKat2 karma

No idea. And its made a lot of people mad. Fight for your baja sauce!!!

SarcasticPotatoChip1 karma

What is Taco Bell's policy on food poisoning?

CleverKat1 karma

What do you mean? If i have it i shouldnt be even coming in.

SarcasticPotatoChip1 karma

Sorry I should of been more specific. The policy when a costumer gets food poisoning from eating the food prepared and can prove that it was from taco bell

CleverKat2 karma

Havent had this happen yet. I assume they call the store. Then we have to call some kind of hotline number and report it i think.

kalvshot1 karma

What is the worst customer you've ever had the displeasure of serving? What did they do?

My dad is a Manager at Nandos and has been working for them for about 27 years. He's a great manager and if it's a tough shift (super busy) for the employees he buys them all Starbucks. Do you ever treat your employees to something like Starbucks?

CleverKat2 karma

Cheeky nandos heh.

I had one giy come in once and started to try and fight us. My general manager had to take him outside and call the cops lol.

And no most of the time i have to really hound my employees to get stuff done. We do all kinds of stuff though for people though. Grateful rallies, little parties, etc. But maybe if someone wows me ill do something like that. Thanks for the suggestion :p

Shanshan161 karma

I've been getting eyed at to be a McDonald's manager. I know they're different restaurants, but any tips on manager stuff in general if I do get it?

CleverKat1 karma

Hmmm. Definititly make sure your employees know that you are their manager. Dont be a pushover until you have their respect. Thats the biggest advice i have haha. Im still pretty new :p

Shanshan161 karma

Hey, it's more than I had a minute ago! Thanks! But again, it's no guarantee I actually will get it, but I'd rather have something to go on.

CleverKat1 karma

Well good luck man!

Shanshan161 karma

Thanks. And female, but whatever.

CleverKat1 karma

Oh im sorry!

Agent86ofControl1 karma

Regarding when you talked about ordering and asking if everything was alright on the screen. I can't tell you how many times they have put sour cream in my burritos after I ask them not to and the screen was correct. :( Anyway do you hate when customers enter the drive through 5 minutes before closing?

CleverKat1 karma

Some stores just arent as good as others unfortunatley :( and i dont usually close :/

iwantmycheesypoofs1 karma

Now I used to do service calls for a TB franchise in the Midwest. Is your TB franchised or is it directly under TB corp? Just curious

CleverKat1 karma

We are corprate. Where did you service in the midwest?

iwantmycheesypoofs1 karma

I serviced Border Foods in and out of the Twin Cities area with coverage extending to WY, SD and WI.

CleverKat1 karma

Oh man im in nebraska haha :p

xchadrickx1 karma

I clicked on this thread expecting some laughs, twenty minutes later I'm still here and genuinely interested. Congrats on being a teenager with a solid work ethic, it will pay off.

Now a question. I'm vegan and travel a lot for work. Taco Bell is my go to place because I know I can find something to eat in an unfamiliar area. I can only eat so many Fresco bean burritos, how about a suggestion of some things to spice up my travels?

CleverKat1 karma

Try the 7 layer burrito! Great for vegitarians. Also the veggie cabtina bowl/burrito.