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donteatpoop140 karma

I think Stuck On You was a very underrated movie. Freaking hilarious.

What movie of yours do you think wasn't recieved as well as you thought it would be?

donteatpoop80 karma

That shit taste fishy.

donteatpoop51 karma

Because it's nothing but a commercial for his Puf Electronic Cigarettes.

It's more of an AMPEC

donteatpoop20 karma

I know they started an hour after you, but how many times were you lapped by Kim Jong Un?

donteatpoop5 karma

Methodman, you are awesome. Thanks for what you do with Wu. I just watched How High again the other day. It's still just as funny.

My question: What is the funniest story from your life that you tell when you are reminiscing with people?