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Since you never miss leg day, have you checked to see how much you can leg press?

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Did they ever suggest diet and exercise (strengthening your core) and have you noticed less pain in your back or better natural posture?

Good for you, we all love breasts, but taking the step now and probably will have a bigger positive impact over your life :)

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Good on you. Setting goals and achieving them has been a tough sell to a lot of people. What is the few little things that helped you the most in achieving your goals?

Have you been able to use your new found body and all to get out on dates and such?

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Could you eat taco bell for every meal that you worked there for?

And what is the best quality product on the menu (meat wise)?

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From your perspective can the Indian government ever win back the people of Jammu and Kashmir?

What do Hindus you know think of the situation there?