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Working as a manager at 19? I think most mothers with half a brain would be proud. Shows that their kid is capable and a hard worker

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I posted that before i read the whole AMA. see that youre going to school for engineering, which is great. We need more people out there who have worked food service out there, i know you'll be considerate compared to all the assholes you deal with daily.

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I hate to be a dick, but it really should be about the money. People who wash dishes at most real (dont take that as an insult, i just mean not fast food) restaurants start at that much. I bet you love your coworkers and care about what you do there, but it's not a charity. Please remember this. Ive been working in restaurants for like 9 years now and just remember that they'll pay you the least possible and try to get the most out of you. Maybe try and get a job cooking at a mexican place in town, you'll get some solid kitchen experience which would pay more (eventually. Kitchens arent known for getting rich in) and learn skills you can use anywhere you'd want to move.