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I've had it my whole life, can confirm it completely sucks. I'm just glad that I'm past school dances. They were the absolute worst. Fortunately my SO doesn't care at all.

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Honestly I've never related to someone on this, it feels really good. Thanks for facilitating OP.

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What were your feelings about the Lego Movie, I mean you've got to be using glue. Is there guilt there?

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I know you've talked a little bit about Amiibos. I was wondering how annoying is the Amiibo collecting community? ALL THE TIME my collecting friends tell me to call in ahead and see if an certain amiibo is available. I don't want to be that guy so I never have. With Wave 3 coming out though I've been going into the stores about every other day. So since you invited me to ask you anything, I won't feel bad for asking, what is my best strategy right now for getting shulk?

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Thanks for the reply and congrats on the Rosalina! Crossing my fingers for some luck with Shulk