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Nah, we have sister cities in Canada, Russia, Poland, and China. Want me to add you guys to the sign next time I'm on Dort Highway?

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Study and practice! No substitute for putting in the work. You can even start playing for free on PokerStars to improve.

How do you get around how people play with fake money, though? Every time I've tried it, half of the tournament is out after two hands from people going all in on ace-nothing trying to get an easy early lead.

I image that doesn't happen at the $10,000 entry WSOP (though they don't televise much of the first day. Is it as much of a madhouse?)

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Dude, this is the best AMA I've seen. Not some celebrity or politician promoting their latest paycheck, answering 7 questions before it's their turn in line at the coffee shop. Just some dude, an expert in his field, talking about something that affect a lot of people. I've been reading through this for nearly an hour, and I can't believe how many questions you've answered with good reading material.

I have to ask a question, so, can I buy you lunch? I have some points to redeem :D

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But everyone assumes that if something goes wrong its our fault. We replace it anyway!

I know the feel, man. At Domino's we get dudes screwing up online orders THEY PUT IN THEMSELVES and call and complain. Or they want a refund because they never came and picked up an order they put in online and already paid for.

And that was just last week!

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There's always kickstarter. Dude's'll cough up a ton of dough for swag and stuff.