My short bio: Hello! I'm Saffron Bacchus here with my husband and costar Dennis Bacchus, and we just hit 10 million views on our Pornhub channel! We love making porn, it's all we do, and we love sharing it with everyone! :)

My Proof: Here's a link to my Pornhub profile:, and here's me holding my AMA sign!

We also just launched a new membership site,, to go with our main bitcoin-only site,, so more people can enjoy our work! :)

Ask us anything! :)


P.S - I also did a little video AMA on my channel if you want to check it out! It's very NSFW :P



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EDIT: We're going to take a quick break to take a shower (together of course!), so we'll be back in less than an hour if there are any more questions! You can add me on SnapChat if you want to see some snaps of shower fun times ;) I'm "sexy_saffron" :) 9:42 EST

EDIT: Thank you guys so much for all your questions! It's 1 AM here for us so we're going to go to sleep, but we'll try to answer any remaining questions when we wake up! It's been so much fun, and I hope you guys had fun! :) XO-Saffron

EDIT: We're awake! Looks like we have about 200 messages to go through, so we'll probably be here all day! You guys are awesome! :)

EDIT: Whew! I think we've finally gotten through all the messages! Thank you so much everyone who asked questions! This went way better than we ever expected, thank you so much! :)


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combatwombat8D1633 karma

Did you shoot a new video called RAM-PARTS?

Sexy_Saffron1929 karma


tza999396 karma

Go on..

_Elwood_Blues_1333 karma

It's a great porno where Woody Harrelson got fucked by the whole of Reddit.

Sexy_Saffron792 karma

Love it! Shooting starts tomorrow!

allesroger139 karma

are you still gallantly streaming?

Sexy_Saffron133 karma

We don't do much camming these days but I would love to figure out a way to do it and put on some good shows! :)

redditjam6451256 karma

What is something we wouldn't know in the life of a Priest as a regular citizen? I want to know the economic aspects of the church you guys run, do you guys use any money handed out as tithes? If so, how much?

Sexy_Saffron682 karma

We do implement a strict cum-tax ;)

Also, happy cake day! :)

redditjam6451555 karma

Wait, what? NVM I'm in the wrong thread. This is definitely not the catholic priest thread.

Sexy_Saffron630 karma

Nope, this is the exact opposite! :P

YouFoundDonon842 karma

How much do you actually make doing porn?

Sexy_Saffron1570 karma

I don't want to say exact numbers, but it is a good deal more than we made as a mechanical engineer and head pastry chef which is what we did before this. :)

chaffed_nipple342 karma

I take it you were the head chef?

BestFootFwd74 karma

We have done some cam and custom video/pictures before as well. What kind of video flow do you have to maintain to be able to do this full time as amateurs?

Sexy_Saffron109 karma

We try to shoot as much as possible, but we target for at least 2 videos per week. It's really just about putting out as much quality content as you can and getting feedback and looking at your metrics to see what you should do next! :)

B_Wilks57 karma

Not that it really matters with men doing formerly female jobs and the opposite for women, but was Dennis the pastry chef?

Sexy_Saffron101 karma

Nope, but I applaud your progressive attitude! :)

Ranndym56 karma

Why won't you give approximate numbers? That's the only reason I read the thread.

Sexy_Saffron111 karma

Oddly enough I find talking about money to be grosser than most people find talking about sex. :)

JustABen160 karma

Of course, the choice to share your income is your own.

But I understand the frustration of the above poster. Every time one of these threads pop up, people ask about income and get very vague indicators (basically "a lot" or "not as much as you would think" or something). It's a bit disappointing.

Basically was the only reason I came to this thread as well. "Wonder how much she makes from those views?"... vague answer. :/

Sexy_Saffron42 karma

Oh, from those views the rate is about $0.50 per thousand views. Pornhub isn't even close to our main source of income though, our website and Clips4Sale make much more :)

palmermarc-3 karma

Why? Everyone makes money, everyone spends money.

Sexy_Saffron-2 karma

Yeah but... everybody poops, and we don't need the details on that! :P

We like to live simply, we're very much minimalists, so money isn't what brings us happiness. :)

palmermarc-2 karma

Then why would you even bring up the fact that you make more doing this than your old careers, and specifically mention your careers, which everyone can easily look up how much the average pay for those are?

Sexy_Saffron1 karma

Then you have your answer :)

immorta1791 karma

Would you guys be interested in making some content for /r/holdthemoan ?

I noticed you do some public vids and we are always looking for more original content!

Sexy_Saffron591 karma

I would love to! I'm actually planning on doing a few more public vids this summer so I'll remember to post some gfys there for you! :)

blndcavefsh281 karma

How does shooting in public work? How do you make sure you don't get nicked or frighten a child?

Sexy_Saffron481 karma

Choose a secluded place and cross your fingers really! Also, bring an inconspicuous camera like a gopro instead of a full camcorder, and baby wipes! :)

leeroyheraldo219 karma

How does that work in terms of legality? Since you film it happening, there's obviously enough evidence. Do cops just not care enough to bother since so many people do it?

Sexy_Saffron728 karma

Nothing is illegal until you get caught ;)

ut19581 karma

well that's not how law works

Sexy_Saffron271 karma

Obligatory IANAL :P

grundo1561370 karma

You anal? In which video?

Sexy_Saffron285 karma

I Am Not A Lawyer :P

Goonsrarg-82 karma

So you are actually out there breaking laws? I Hope you end up on a sex offenders list.

Sexy_Saffron44 karma

At least then we'll never get asked to babysit! :P

KyleWatson4575-43 karma

I'm sure your creepy ass will still find a way to bang children.

Sexy_Saffron23 karma

Why does your mind immediately go to banging children? Ew.

TheTrueHaku-23 karma

Don't worry they will. Or dead. Trust me. On ten years of this couple is still married I will eat a stuffed snoo.

Sexy_Saffron2 karma

We've been together for 5 years so far, so I'll see you in 10 more to eat that snoo! :P

RemindMe! 10 years "Watch /u/TheTrueHaku eat a stuffed snoo"

Katie_Pornhub716 karma

Getting in late here but thanks for the great AMA Saffron and promoting the amateur program! Goodluck with your new membership site.
Which is your favorite video you've uploaded?

Sexy_Saffron404 karma

Hey Katie! :)

It's really hard to say! Uploading each video, and seeing everyone's reactions, is so exciting each time! If I really had to pick one that didn't get the love that I thought it should have, it would be my Huge Hitachi Orgasm video. I loved the way the satin and the colors turned out! :)

SavingMyWit611 karma

I would like to view your videos but I don't own a pornograph, could you recommend a good one?

Sexy_Saffron506 karma

Well, really any ether-connected tele-viewing device that provides a good downlink to the Akashic field should satisfy your needs, and I'm told that the iPad is suitable in this regard ;)

Jux_556 karma

The CIA recently said they would keep Osama Bin Laden's porn collection classified.

If you found out that he loved your porn, would that make you feel creepy?

Sexy_Saffron702 karma

Nope! I don't really care who's dick it is, as long as it's hard for me ;)

Reiginko470 karma

Even Osama Bin Laden though?

Sexy_Saffron1014 karma

Hard cocks man, it's all about the hard cocks ;)

TeutonicDisorder79 karma

My cock salutes you.

Sexy_Saffron196 karma

I hope he's standing at attention ;)

juanton_36 karma

That needs to be a super hero. Hard Cocks Man.

Sexy_Saffron10 karma

New roleplay once we get the costume ;)

fgdncso492 karma

When you masturbate, do you use your own videos?

Sexy_Saffron511 karma

When we do sexytimes, we do sometimes put on our own videos! :)

ezekiellake806 karma

If you record yourselves getting sexy whilst watching a video of yourselves getting it on while you are also watching a video of yourselves getting jiggy, then you can call it Cum-ception for the slam dunk of porn pun movies.

Sexy_Saffron499 karma

Totally stealing this idea! :P

Rogan_McFlubbin298 karma

Do this, but in porn form.

Sexy_Saffron47 karma

For Halloween, definitely ;)

Brain_in_a_car86 karma

Honey, we need to get deeper!

Sexy_Saffron56 karma

Oh man, this thread is a wealth of ideas for videos! :)

EmmaRSnow1 karma

It takes a special person to be able to masturbate to themselves. Congrats?

Sexy_Saffron4 karma

Thanks? :P

well_memed_friend401 karma

What do you find more satisfying?

A rough hard session where you both are pure primal

Or a slow soft sensual romantic session where everything goes like a paperback fantasy

Sexy_Saffron654 karma

Both! For foreplay or oral I love a slow sensual build up, but once he puts it inside me I generally can't help myself, and I beg for him to pound me. :P

markwallbergslover495 karma

This comment made me slightly aroused.

Sexy_Saffron290 karma

That's my job! ;)

WillNotBeStupid231 karma

Follow-up: I try to do a good job with foreplay- my wife is great in bed, and I want to return the favor.

Any suggestions on something new to add to the mix tonight? Something that would take her by surprise.

Sexy_Saffron273 karma

Ok, before the stores close, go out and grab a Hitachi Magic Wand. You might not find it by that name at Bed Bath and Beyond, but this device is what you're after:

She. Will. Love it. And you. :P

WillNotBeStupid575 karma

I'll do it...but right now I'm a little too high to drive. Gotta be responsible.

Sexy_Saffron149 karma

Good idea ;)

DownOnTheUpside102 karma

You really like to write faces at the end of your comments.

Sexy_Saffron156 karma


dontgetaddicted45 karma

My wife doesn't like hers. :-(

I think she just doesn't give it a fair chance in finding the right way to use it.

Sexy_Saffron75 karma

You guys should try the variable speed attachment! It's really what makes the thing work ;)

DST3224 karma

What would you say is the hardest part about producing porn?

Sexy_Saffron548 karma

Dennis' cock! :P

Jokes aside, there's a lot more that goes into it than just giving a blowjob. There's the makeup, lighting, camera angles, background noise, set design, editing, etc! I think the hardest for us so far is the lighting, we're always trying to tweak it to get better every video, but of course we're never satisfied. :)

DKiller417186 karma

You might not be satisfied, but Dennis most definitely is ;)

Sexy_Saffron202 karma

Oh I'm very satisfied ;)

keayantz87 karma

I don't know what your set up is but I'd suggest china balls. They have natural diffusion so you won't get hard lighting. You can hang them wherever. They are cheap. You just can't put too much wattage in one.

Sexy_Saffron67 karma

That's a really cool idea! We will have to try that out! :)

theodo221 karma

Did you and your husband meet through porn, or did one of you convince the other to join the industry?

Sexy_Saffron637 karma

We met through okcupid actually! (Our how we met and our getting into the industry stories are in the video in the OP). It was my idea to get into the industry after my husband got laid off, but it was only supposed to be until he found another job. Very quickly I started to make really good money and we decided to stop looking for other work and go all in on porn! It took no convincing since he realized he could get paid well to get blowjobs from his wife! ;)

Xifon481 karma

The new American dream.

Sexy_Saffron482 karma

More like Canadian dream ;)

poisonlinestorm154 karma

How should one go about anal for the first time? How was your first experience?

Sexy_Saffron209 karma

I would suggest lots of lube, and go slow! It was surprisingly better than I imagined it would be. I'll try anything twice :)

lecherous_hump151 karma

Cool! How do you monetize it?

Sexy_Saffron201 karma

We have two membership sites, and we sell clips on clips4sale! We also offer custom videos and get paid for our Pornhub views. :)

Catanians119 karma

Do pornhub views work similar to youtube views where after a certain number of views they become monetized?

Sexy_Saffron179 karma

Sort of. Instead of number of views, it's if they meet certain criteria on quality and content and length, and then they get featured and become monetized. :)

ajarofmarmalade54 karma

How does the monetization work though? Is it CPC on the ads around or what because there are no ads on the videos themselves.

Sexy_Saffron98 karma

Pornhub pays us for the views on the video regardless of clicks, which I suppose is paid for by the ads around the video. :)

Zacoftheaxes144 karma

Saffron Bacchus sounds like a presidential name, can you give me your platform and tell me why I should vote you for President? Will you make American porn great again?

Sexy_Saffron634 karma

My fellow fappers, we stand at a moment in history where the tubes of the net are stuffed with awkward rough blowjobs and a constant sound of hissing, and I say to you, no more! No longer must we settle for girls who are not into sucking your cock! Or mashing it senselessly! No! I say to you, we must bring back sensuality into porn! We need to encourage the husbands and wives, the boyfriends and girlfriends, and all who want to explore their sensuality, to have fun! And share it with us! Porn should be fun! It's up to each of us to make it that way, and if you elect me president, not a single cock will feel unloved or unwanted! Some say it can't be done, but I believe that YES WE CAN!

I'm Saffron Bacchus, and I'm here to change the way you think about porn!

Also, legal weed for all.

BloodQueef_McOral140 karma

Would you rather fuck 100 duck-sized Dennises or 1 horse-sized Dennis? (I hope I pluralized Dennis properly).

dLuR102 karma

You reddit often. I can tell

Sexy_Saffron120 karma

All day every day. I've even been shadowbanned and unshadowbanned more than once :P

mgibilterra21 karma

Best... Response... Ever

Sexy_Saffron18 karma


RuShitnMeMotherfuckr134 karma

I have not watched any of your porn (yet) but with all the varieties of it out there, what would be your best pitch to get me to watch it?

WillNotBeStupid239 karma

Hot chick with an alt-look. Not hardcore**, but in a way that makes you want more...not leave in disappointment.

She looks comfortable making videos and seems to enjoy it. And it seems like she's doing it for herself, not as part of some exploitation scheme run by someone else.

** Edit: She can get hardcore, but most videos are blowjobs. But she's super-hot. Highly recommend checking out her videos.

Sexy_Saffron163 karma

Aww! <3

Sexy_Saffron164 karma

Well, we're nothing like the porn you'd see anywhere else. We believe that porn should be sensual, loving, and fun! We're a married couple, and we love to explore fetishes. A common response we get for our fetish videos is "I don't know wtf I just watched, but I like it!".

We also love to film deeply sensual and intimate blowjob videos with lots of cumplay, and multiple male orgasms.

Our videos might be random, but we love making them, and we're told that it shows :)

Sn00ker_130 karma

Did anyone ever recognized you on the street or something like that? :) Nice vids btw

Sexy_Saffron253 karma

Thank you! Nope, I haven't been recognized yet! I don't really go out though much, we mostly stay home watching Netflix, having sex, shooting videos, and gardening :)

dynawhey129 karma

Do you get weird looks? I recall another AMA in the same profession saying she gets weird looks from people. It‘S like seeing a "celebrity" but there‘s an awkwardness in saying "I‘m a fan of your...films."

Sexy_Saffron86 karma

Not that I've ever noticed! I think it would be awesome to have someone randomly recognize me! :P

KingGodde-74 karma

Ah yess. The life of a person who will have no career when he's older.

Sexy_Saffron29 karma

Says who? We're online entrepreneurs, building websites and marketing something most people don't even pay for, yet still making money. I think we'll have no problem in the future :)

throw757126 karma

Tell me about your view of facials. I think its so hot how you take them, and not degrading at all. What goes through your mind before he pops?

Sexy_Saffron186 karma


Facials are awesome, and I love giving my husband orgasms! :)

HamburglarrPLS108 karma

Who is your favorite pornstar?

Sexy_Saffron312 karma

Heather Harmon of Ideepthroat fame :)

sandhol63 karma


Sexy_Saffron57 karma

I know right?! :P

supreme_throwaway90 karma

Does your family know about this part of your life? How do they/do you think they would feel about it?

Sexy_Saffron166 karma

I don't think they would be that shocked, given the way we are. They just know that we do internet work that confuses them :P

prestonb80 karma

Will I ever find true love?

Sexy_Saffron159 karma

Magic 8 ball says...ask me later :P

DKiller41786 karma

It is later, will he ever find true love?

Sexy_Saffron115 karma

Magic 8 ball says... "Maybe..." ;)

awsompossum71 karma

What are your thought on people who actually comment on your videos?

Sexy_Saffron89 karma

I love it! I wish more people felt comfortable to comment on my videos, it's great feedback for what to shoot next! :)

sadeyegirl68 karma

Does it ever get awkward? Do you ever have to fake it for the video?

Sexy_Saffron132 karma

Nope! It's only my husband I'm working with so if we're not feeling it for whatever reason we just take a moment, reposition and start again. I really enjoy having sex with and giving blowjobs to my husband so our shoots generally go pretty well! :)

Cruiseway61 karma

How'd you celebrate?

Sexy_Saffron192 karma

We smoked a big bowl after today's shoot! :)

nickrenfo261 karma

/r/treesgonewild would be a great spot for you

Sexy_Saffron109 karma

You'd think right?! Sadly they don't like us though, since we make money from porn. It sucks because sometimes I just want to post a pic of my boobs in some smoke, but my posts are often removed :(

Leo_the_great35 karma

Have you seen the documentary "Hot Girls Wanted" on Netflix? What is your opinion on the amateur industry?

Sexy_Saffron83 karma

I have! I didn't like how they focused on a small negative aspect of the industry, instead of showing all the other great aspects. What they showed was more of the Pro-Am industry, which runs girls through a circuit of cocks until they're all used up and tossed away, which is sad, but isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some girls just want to make a lot of money in a short amount of time and porn can be a great way to do it! We're more in the indie side of the industry where we do everything ourselves so the film didn't really apply to us so much, but I would love to see a film that did! :)

throw75733 karma

Do you ever orgasm in your scenes?

Sexy_Saffron69 karma

Yes! Sadly they don't get as many views as blowjobs though :(

In an ideal world, we'd film a video of each of us cumming each day, but not many people want to see me cum. Dennis takes care of me when the cameras aren't rolling though ;)

greenclipclop78 karma

That's interesting... I'd figure seeing the woman cum would be in high demand.

Sexy_Saffron54 karma

I thought so too! Apparently not, but we do plan on filming more like that just for fun anyway! :)

quaoarpower27 karma

Do you have family members who frown on your choice to do porn?

Also: does it pay the rent? I mean, can you do that and just that without having to support yourself by the more traditional methods?

Sexy_Saffron56 karma

We're not really close with our families, they live really far away so we don't see them much or talk about personal things at holidays.

It definitely does pay the rent, and more! This is our only income and we are comfortable :)

ToastBoxx23 karma

I feel all giddy that you replied lol thanks. That is weird man I often wonder where some ideas for porn comes from. Hope its cool to ask a follow up question. Is there any sort of porn that you just can't get your head around how or why someone would get turned on by it? Love your videos by the way

Sexy_Saffron29 karma

I don't think there's anything I can't wrap my head around anymore, though there are fetishes that we are not personally into, such as scat and waterworks, etc. :)

u_wot_m88821 karma

I love your videos! Ten million views... whew!

How lucrative has the whole experience been for you so far? Could it be a primary source of income, or is it just a nice addition?

I keep waiting for you to do a full tit fuck video! Not saying/just saying, it seems like a great idea to me.

Sexy_Saffron38 karma

Thank you! :)

This is our sole income and we make more than we did combined as a mechanical engineer and a head pastry chef! :)

I recently uploaded a tit fuck/handjob/oil video! Maybe we'll do a full tit fuck in the future! :)

BFfenrir19 karma

You said you wanted to bring sensuality and more cock love to porn. How about bringing more pussy love to porn? What do you think about making porn that is more geared toward female pleasure, both for the female actress and the female viewer?

Sexy_Saffron28 karma

You know what? That's a great idea and I think we're going to start adding more of those to the shooting schedule. It may not be a thing yet, but we're going to make it one! Thank you for that! :)

Randomguy1757712 karma

How did you get into porn ?

Will you and your husband ever go into mainstream porn and have sex with other performers?

Sexy_Saffron30 karma

I started out camming, then my husband got laid off so we decided to try shooting sexy videos! :)

We've never performed with anyone except each other, and we don't like mainstream porn so we'd never go in that direction :)

WillNotBeStupid10 karma

I love your vids.

When you get recognized in public, how do you handle it? Are you like, "Oh hell yes, thanks for watching!" or do you try not to acknowledge it?

Again- love your vids!

Sexy_Saffron12 karma

Thank you! :)

I've actually never been recognized, but we don't really go out much, we're homebodies :P

If someone were to recognize me though, I would definitely be surprised and excited and very thankful! :)

Jux_8 karma

Can you help give a scale for 10 million views?

Is that top tier for homemade stuff? Middle of the pack?

Like, if you were aiming to be top 5 on PornHub, what view count would you be aiming for?

Sexy_Saffron15 karma

Well, there's a whole Pornhub Amateur community that is growing, which is similar to the early YouTube community, though obviously not as large. Compared to the other accounts I've seen, 10 million is definitely on the upper end of the scale, but there are people with almost 100 million. I would love to get to that point some day! :)

The top amatuer from 2014 was Selena, and she's got 95 million views right now:

According to Pornhub's pornstar ranking system, I'm #2669 out of #11989, so I got that going for me :P

poonbooger7 karma

I'm a huge fan of your videos! The intimacy really sets them above the mainstream. How old are you guys?

Btw keep up the good work! :)

Dennis: you lucky fuck.

Sexy_Saffron11 karma

Thank you! :) I'm 23 and Dennis is 26!

Dennis laughs :P

DST35 karma

Do you guys work with other pornstars? If so who would you say is the most famous pornstar you guys have worked with?

Sexy_Saffron8 karma

No, we only work together, we don't want to work with anyone in mainstream porn. :)

RedditInfinity5 karma

I am a videographer wanting to record porn sooner down the road. Can I get into the industry anonymously?

Sexy_Saffron7 karma

Yes! It's so easy these days thanks to bitcoin! Especially if you stay behind the camera! :)

fivefurtrees5 karma

What is something you'd like to share that is unique from all the other porn site ama's we get?

Sexy_Saffron13 karma

We were the first Bitcoin-only porn membership site! :P

DarkJrock4 karma

Do you make money off of a type of members site? Or through adds on pornhub? Is this like YouTube for Fucking?

Sexy_Saffron6 karma

We have our own membership sites which are listed in the OP. And we also get paid for views, it is very much like YouTube! :)

jollyjerry4 karma

Is piracy a problem? How do you protect content on your private sites, or is it just not worth worrying about?

Sexy_Saffron5 karma

I don't really worry about it much, I'm just glad people like sharing my videos! :)

AstroAlmost4 karma

I was in a band a few years ago, we had the opportunity to play live during an orgy scene in a porno. Half the band wanted to do it, the other half did not. We ended up opting out, and it pains me to this day that I missed my opportunity to perform if you will in a porn.

Which brings me to my question: What's a guy like me gotta do to hear one of my songs in a video like yours?

Sexy_Saffron4 karma

Damn, I would have loved to see that! :)

Send me some of your stuff! I'm constantly on the search for new songs to use, especially for the Stroking to the Beat series! :)

LDM954 karma

Spit or swallow?

Sexy_Saffron6 karma

Swallow of course! Maybe play around with it a bit first ;)

JohnAnderton3 karma

Has commercializing your private life with each other hurt it at all? Do you ever find your "off-screen" sexy times diminished because of it, or vise versa?

Sexy_Saffron5 karma

I would say it's gotten better! We have way more sex, on and off cam. There's been times especially when I'm teasing Dennis and he's behind the camera for a video and he just jumps on me afterwards! Plus the whole exhibitionism aspect raises it to a whole new level :)

baymax0_03 karma

How do you see yourself 10 years from now? Would you still be into the pornography business or do you see yourselves in a more "regular" job/office setting?

Sexy_Saffron4 karma

We're never going back to work for any one else! We plan to keep shooting as long as possible, building our website and a network of sites. The Bacchus Empire! We have so many related business plans that don't involve me getting naked, so we'll be in the adult business even if not in front of the camera. :)

Luzinia3 karma

What position would you most like to try but haven't yet?

Sexy_Saffron3 karma

The Prone Bone! We do it sometimes off camera but it's a little tricky to shoot. Maybe soon we'll try it out! :)

Fachow2 karma

Worst pornography gig? and why?

Sexy_Saffron2 karma

We work for ourselves, so we only shoot videos we enjoy! :)

TimVicious1 karma

Can I get a shout out in one of your upcoming videos?

Sexy_Saffron3 karma

Yes! Our rate for private custom videos is $500 for 20 minutes :)

WillNotBeStupid1 karma

Two more questions:

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, or Nikki Minaj?

2, assuming you were the pastry chef...what is your favorite dessert to whip up in 20 minutes or less?

2a- If you are the mechanical engineer, how much torque needs to go on the thingy that holds up the big things that hold all the other stuff together? Of course I'm talking about a bridge, spanning a 200 foot gap over a moat of crocodiles.

Sexy_Saffron4 karma

Between those three, Nikki Minaj, but you're basically comparing apples and planets :P

The first thing that pops into my head that you could whip up in 20 minutes would be brownies! Delicious, chocolate chip brownies... drool

From Dennis: If you are referring to the cables holding up the bridge, the important metric you're actually looking for is tension. The thicker and stronger your cables, the more bridge thingy you can hold.

FBInformant-1 karma

Do you have any videos of you taking the BBC?

Sexy_Saffron4 karma

Sorry, I only sleep with my husband! :)

kevfitz1729-3 karma

How do your parents feel about your life in porn?

Notice_Meeeeeeeeeeee-4 karma

Will you take my virginity on film?

Sexy_Saffron8 karma

Sorry, I only sleep with my husband :)

stownerd-25 karma

Why do you hate your dad so much?

Sexy_Saffron8 karma

Why do you think I hate my dad?

dannytdotorg8 karma

I think he's being dumb and saying girls that do porn have father issues. People are quite silly.

Sexy_Saffron8 karma