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Fucking. Cringe.

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To the atheist point, how do you feel when people say "There are no atheist in Fox Holes?"

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/u/LaineyLoves2Lactate did you reply to this guys survey?

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Hello fellow Tennessean. You can milk a goat from behind or from the side. However​ you and the animal are comfortable. Some goats tend to get a little kicky if they aren't comfortable with you though.

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This seems to be the problem with all government programs. Foodstamps, Health Care, HUD. There are holes, where people making just a few dollars more get really screwed suddenly by what they thought was a god send.

I've been in them myself before - at one point in time my wife and I even contemplated divorce because her and the kids would have gotten a serious increase in food stamps and state health insurance if I was "out of the picture" and paying Child Support from one hand to the other would have been super easy.