I'm the lucky dummy that ESPN cut to during last year's World Cup while losing his mind celebrating Jermaine Jones' goal. Thanks to reddit, my face started showing up everywhere, I met Will Ferrell, and I got to stay in Brazil a bit longer than I'd planned.

Now, my mustache and I are running for President of FIFA: http://youtu.be/VzlaIZkj6S8

Here to say thanks, make fun of Sepp Blatter, and not take myself too seriously. Apologies in advance if it takes me awhile to respond… it's hard to type in these gloves.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/3mfmcaf.jpg

EDIT: I'll have to wrap this up around 12:45p CT. I think we all know there's a game to watch. If there's any questions I haven't gotten to, I'll come back later and hit you up! Thank you all for hanging out.

EDIT: Friends, soccer fans, redditors... thank you so much for hanging out with me for the past few hours. It’s been a blast chatting the beautiful game with you all. Unfortunately, however, there’s a certain match on in 30 minutes that demands my attention. I think you understand. Seriously, though, thank you to reddit for not just today, but last summer. And I look forward to getting to the unanswered questions soon. Enjoy the match!

EDIT: Wow, lots of new questions. I'll come back at halftime to answer some more. Thanks!

EDIT: Fun first half. Back for a few to try to catch up!

EDIT: Ok, did my best to answer some more, but the second half beckons. We got ourselves a game! Any additional questions, hit me up on twitter @teddygoalsevelt. Thanks again for everything, reddit!

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Chelsea10281392 karma

Would you have accepted 10 million dollars to vote for South Africa 2010?

teddygoalsevelt1652 karma

Can I quote myself? "Not corrupt... mustache."

Seriously, though, FIFA officials need to stop looking at themselves like business people and realize they're public servants. They serve the football/soccer world and need to behave that way. Obviously, that's a bit of an optimistic and borderline naive way of looking at things, but it's the truth. We demand the same of our politicians (as much as is possible), we should expect it of FIFA.

Edit: For clarity, the "not corrupt" part means no. No bribes.

Nickp1991484 karma

Women’s World Cup is going to be pretty awesome event?

teddygoalsevelt795 karma

Absolutely! I'm stoked.

For anyone on the fence about whether or not the WWC is as interesting or exciting as the Men's, I beg you to watch. The beautiful game is the beautiful game, not to mention our Women are some of the best in the world!

JeanneHusse277 karma

Do you agree with the decision of making them play on synthetic fields ?

teddygoalsevelt1080 karma

I hope it’s the last time any World Cup of any kind is played on turf. It would never fly in a men’s tournament. And it shouldn't fly here.

tannerclary3434 karma

Why did you choose Teddy Roosevelt as your "historic persona"?

teddygoalsevelt561 karma

Thanks for the question! It's kind of a combination of things, and I'll try to give you the cliff notes version. I've been traveling for US Soccer for awhile, and one of my favorite parts was seeing what everyone brings to the table. Costumes, musical instruments, etc. So, when I found out I was going to Brazil, I decided I needed to step my game up.

At the time I also had a huge beard down to my chest. So I knew I should try to use that for something. I started brainstorming… should I shave it into a chin-beard and be chubby Abe Lincoln? Mutton chops and be a 60’s greaser? Then I thought mustache. Soon after, Teddy Roosevelt came to mind, and once it did it was kinda perfect.

He had an extensive history with the Amazon, he’s one of the toughest MF-ers to ever hold the office, he’s an overall badass. The man is almost a caricature of Americana. Like, his life almost sounds made up. So, once I saw all the pieces fit (including my face), I started assembling some pieces on Amazon.com and the rest is history!

Evil_Petting_Z00422 karma

During the World Cup, ESPN cuts to you out of a crowd of celebrating US Fans, the shot captured the moment of the game perfectly... how long did it take before you to realized you were becoming internet famous?

teddygoalsevelt590 karma

Yeah, this is probably a great time to make the point that I really am just one guy in a huge crowd of celebrating US fans. In fact, there's kind of a funny story about how that ESPN shot came to be.

I really was losing my mind after that goal. There had been so much buildup, the supporter section was like a powder keg once JJ smoked that ball into the net. So, I'm jumping around, high fiving people, getting beers spilled on me... people are tumbling over seats, hugging, crying... suddenly this other guy from across the aisle (I was right next to the stairs) comes over and puts his arm around me, and turns me around. He squares us up and I realize he wants to mug for the camera with the weirdo in the Roosevelt costume. So, I just keep going nuts, but facing a camera now. But they cropped him out of the shot! You can just kinda see his arm and shoulder a little if you look for it. But the guy responsible for putting my dumb face in front of the camera in the first place never got the screen time he so desperately desired. Alas...

To answer your actual question, I didn’t find out until the end of the match. I had a cell phone there, but had it turned off during the game, and had generally spotty service at matches anyway. But at the very end of the game, a cameraman, sound guy, and reporter came down to where I was sitting to ask if I minded doing an interview after the match. I’m thinking, “OK, they just want to talk to one of the crazier US fans about this amazing match we just watched.” But the guy says back to me, “OH THANK GOD. My boss just called me from the US and told me if I don’t find and interview that Roosevelt guy, I’m in deep doo-doo.” That’s when I found out.

MAXAMOUS243 karma

How do you feel about Bud Light Lime?

teddygoalsevelt882 karma

These days, it tastes like champagne.

Ramanb29228 karma

What colour is North London?

teddygoalsevelt337 karma

Lily white.

Reingding13165 karma

I sat across the aisle from you at the U.S. Portugal game. My face was used on ESPN to show the disappointment of the stoppage goal. If you remember me and are ever in NY, want to grab coffee? The pictures don't show my USA speedo if that helps jog your memory.


teddygoalsevelt146 karma

Yes! Absolutely! How amazing is reddit?

iera1914156 karma

How do you feel calling football.. soccer?

teddygoalsevelt316 karma

I'm ok with it. This might not be the answer you were looking for, but part of recruiting friends to give the game a try has been accepting the differences in terminology. A stigma that soccer fans sometimes have here is a bit insulated and condescending. I don't agree with it, but new fans are afraid of being corrected on things like soccer v football, tie v draw, zero v nil... so, I do my best to stay away from that and be as welcoming as possible.

jc2821147 karma

What are the odds that Qatar will lose the 2022 World Cup bid and the U.S. will get it? Also what celebrations would you have in store?

teddygoalsevelt270 karma

If we're being realistic... not good. It's highly unlikely that the process will allow for that, it would obviously be unprecedented and would negate all the work Qatar has already done. Plus, we're not going to actually get a new President (barring something being forced) for 6-9 more months. Which would put us almost into 2016. Not a lot of time.

That said, it's not completely out of the question. Certainly more possible than 2018 in Russia. Fingers crossed?

Evil_Petting_Z00126 karma

How are you feeling about yesterdays result against the Netherlands? (I woke the kids up from their naps while celebrating.)

GenJohnnyN95 karma

What team do you support? P.S Take care of Stevie G for us over in the states!

teddygoalsevelt190 karma

Beside USMNT, obviously...

Ok. Assuming based on your Stevie G reference you're talking Premier League. Sooo, guess we're gonna get this out in the open early.

Ok, I'm actually a big supporter of Tottenham. Made my first pilgrimage over to White Hart Lane just a couple months ago, actually. We'll probably get more into this later, but I love that club.

But, Steve Gerrard is a legend. Hate playing against him, and respect the expletive out of his game. He's a huge get for MLS and is only going to help the game over here.

not_yo_supervisor83 karma

So I'll be the one who asks... What made you stay in Brazil longer than you'd planned?

teddygoalsevelt264 karma

First of all, I would have stayed for the entire thing if I could have. It was such an amazing experience (not even talking about the Teddy part), I may not have ever left if I hadn’t had to.

But beside the US escaping the group of death (!!!), some friends at my work at the time started a GoFundMe site to keep me down there. I guess they felt that I was a good luck charm or mascot or something.

And after I waked out of the Germany match and turned on my phone, it blew up with texts about how the internet (thank you, guys!) and McDonald’s had donated thousands to put the GoFundMe over the top.

I never was totally comfortable with the idea, and luckily my employer at the time and I worked out a deal where they would actually let me expense the trip so all the GoFundMe money could go to charity. It went to a cool Brazilian charity called Gol De Letra, you can check them out here: http://www.goldeletra.org.br/default.aspx?lang=en

SalemDrumline201174 karma

If you could have a posse of other US Presidents to cheer on the USMNT, who would you want by your side?

teddygoalsevelt290 karma

To name just a few…

Abraham Lincwin

My cuz, Franklin Delano Goalsevelt

Midfield Fillmore

NoHands-drew Jackson

Chested-it A. Arthur

Richard Bicycle Kixon

Ronald Redcard Reagan

noobit184 karma

Compendium of Presidental Soccer Legends.

Data is incomplete. I am currently flipping through history books and cross-referencing with unidentified soccer legends to put the pieces together

Fellow researchers - /u/teddygoalsevelt /u/churningbutter /u/mrspuff202

## Name notes ## Name notes
01 George Bashington known for headers 23 Benjamin Carryson No longer allowed as goalie
02 John Add'em Racking up points 24 Grover "The Rover" Cleveland Took the "roomba" approach to soccer
03 Thomas DEF-ferson Department of Defense 25 William McKickley Ball's already past your defenders
04 James "Umad"ison Most sportsmanship-related penalties in the league 26 Theodore "Teddy" Goalsevelt "Run softly, but carry a big kick"
05 "Aims" Monroe Aim twice, kick once 27 William "Powered" Taft Kicks like a machine
06 John Qu"IN"cy Adams If I shoot, it's good 28 Win-draw Wilson Only wins or draws
07 NoHand-drew Jackson Block your shots without 'em 29 Warren G. Hard"ball"ing Warning: Aims for the nuts
08 "Honduran" Buren Trained with the Honduran team during his tenure 30 Kelvin Coolfridge Never loses his head over the game
09 William "Baller Bill" Harrison Installed presidential fields in the White House 31 Herbert "Maneuver" Hoover Inventor of the Hoover Maneuver*
10 John Mile-r That's definitely out-of-bounds 32 Franklin Delano Goalsevelt “I ask you to judge me by the goals I have scored”
11 James Poke Doesn't really 'kick' per se 33 Harry S. Throw-in Excellent throw control
12 Zachary Nailer Accuracy over all 34 Dwight D. Eyes'N'power Dangerous; skilled in both aim and range
13 Midfield Fillmore This is as far as you get 35 John F. Tennedy Goals-per-game average: 10
14 Franklin Pierceshot Just put a hole in your goalie 36
15 James "The Cannon" Buchanan Better get out the way 37 Richard "Netson" Nixon Nothin' but net
16 Abraham Lincwin "I cannot lose a game" 38 Gerald R. Scored I came, I saw, I scored
17 Andrew "Brawnson" Johnson Much better at the football that isn't this one 39 James Center #20 was his hero
18 Umiss-es S. Grant Enjoys taunting bad players 40 "Redcard" Reagan Most penalties in the league
19 Rutherford "Blaze" Hayes He's already past you 41
20 James Midfield "Control mid and you control the game" 42 Bill Cleaton "I did not have hands-on relations with that soccer ball"
21 Chested-it A. Arthur The "A" stands for Abdominals 43
22 Grover "The Rover" Cleveland Took the "roomba" approach to soccer 44 Barack Goalbama YES HE DID

teddygoalsevelt53 karma

This is amaze.

churningbutter95 karma

No Barack Goalbama?

teddygoalsevelt109 karma

Yes he can be in the posse, along with Dwight Winger Eisenhower.

teddygoalsevelt95 karma

And Calvin Cornerkickin' Coolidge.

s0n0ran66 karma

Who will win today's CL final, and why are you picking FCB?

teddygoalsevelt305 karma

Ha! I'm actually picking Juve! Mostly with my heart, not my head.

I'm half Italian, so like a typical American, I pretend I have some sort of actual connection to that country. Plus, I just really, really like Pirlo and Buffon. What an amazing last chapter to both of their careers (not saying they're done, but all rumors point to Pirlo coming to MLS and Buffon certainly can't have too many more years left at the top) to win the Champions League again.

Forza Juve!

SomeKindOfJeff47 karma

Goalsevelt? have an upvote.

teddygoalsevelt51 karma

Back atcha, kind sir!

Uncle_Skeeter47 karma

When selecting potential countries for World Cup hosts, would you take into consideration the working conditions for the builders?

How do you feel about the modern day slavery that exists in Qatar?

teddygoalsevelt108 karma

I think it’s shameful if working conditions aren’t considered in the bids. It’s essentially an industrial lease for the use of facilities. No other such contracts would allow for what workers have and continue to endure this era of host nations. It’s shameful from a moral perspective and downright nefarious from a business one.

And when it comes to slavery, regardless of era, it’s abhorrent, unacceptable, and disgusting.

fantasyMLShelper33 karma

How often are you recognized on the streets?

teddygoalsevelt90 karma

Honestly, never. After returning to the US, my beard soon followed. Which basically put an end to getting recognized. Any power I have is derived from my mustache.

ReverendPious29 karma

What would make you a better candidate for the FIFA presidency than someone like Joe Pious?

Also, as a quintessential Englishman I have to ask you how you celebrated your historic 1-1 win against England in 2010?


teddygoalsevelt50 karma

The FIFA President thing is really just about getting someone in there with some integrity. Whoever that is doesn't really matter to me, but we need someone leading our sport we can trust and be proud of.

And the 1-1 win (love that you called it that, haha) was celebrated with friends watching it projected on a bed sheet we'd strung up in the middle of someone's apartment. That summer, and match in particular, are special to me because that was the summer of introducing soccer to my friends. And it was that match that really clinched it for a lot of people.

caspirinha24 karma

If you become president, where would you stand on more technology in the game? How much power would you have to implement it? I believe that there should be a video ref who is looking at instant replays of incidents while the game continues - I believe you could have much more accurate decisions alongside the normal ref within five seconds.

teddygoalsevelt45 karma

I wouldn’t be on this AMA today if it weren’t for the Internet, so I kinda have to be pro-technology, right? And I’ve always spoken softly and carried a big stick. I believe this is how I’d make it all happen.

On a serious note, though, I feel like anything to make sure all the calls are correct without slowing down the game is a good thing. Obviously, with a sport that’s been mostly unchanged for so long and has so much tradition, it’s going to be difficult to implement a system that makes everyone happy. But the least we could do is start taking steps in the right direction. Even baseball has replay these days.

onwardtomanagua20 karma

Huge fan, teddy. Are you planning on seeing united passions and can we expect a teddy goalsevelt film review?

teddygoalsevelt26 karma

I mean... ya kinda have to see it, right? Has there ever been a more prominent, expensive display of hubris?

Aaaand the review isn't a bad idea. I guess, stay tuned?

Lighetto20 karma

Hey, Teddy! Thanks for doing this AMA. I have a really important question for you:

When's the last time you've #TailgatedIt?

teddygoalsevelt20 karma

Every time I’m in an elevator.

resident_hater17 karma

What do you think about some reports linking American players (such a prominent GK) being annoyed up with the American Outlaws? Have you ever got the feeling that they don't like the chants?

teddygoalsevelt25 karma

I'm not familiar with the reports of American players being annoyed with AO, but there's definitely been some press lately that we'd rather not have. The founders and leaders of AO work diligently and constantly (on their own time, no less… they make no money, it's all volunteer) to try to make it an organization the entire country can take pride and want to participate in. And part of that is the chants and songs we use in the stadium.

There are no official songs that have swearing in them, they’ve mostly eradicated the goal kick chant, they’re working on it. But because of how big the organization has gotten, it’s going to come down to all of us in the sections working together to make sure we’re bringing it in a way that the players and US fans around the world can be proud of.

jacklynch199613 karma

If you were Jurgen Klinsmann, what are three things you would change about the USMNT (roster, tactics, training)?

teddygoalsevelt33 karma

I'm one of the guys that thinks Jurgen is actually doing a pretty solid job. I like his focus on youth, his modernization of the training system, and his focus on more a more attacking style. I'm very excited for the future.

But, to not completely cop out of this question... I'd have him bring back his long hair, grow a mustache, and consider wearing red.

tditd13 karma

Whats the best stream youve ever watched?

teddygoalsevelt25 karma

Just kidding. It's whatever match I'm actually watching at the time. I just watched both of the Champions League semifinals

Evil_Petting_Z009 karma

Tim Howards beard or Kyle Beckermans dreads?

teddygoalsevelt19 karma

As a facial hair aficionado, I gotta go with the beard.

iTrippin8 karma

Who are some of the U-21 players for the US that you're excited about?

teddygoalsevelt21 karma

Well, as a Spurs and USMNT supporter, I am ECSTATIC about Cameron Carter-Vickers. It's so hard when guys are this young, but he really seems like the real deal.

And on the opposite side of that same coin, I'm looking forward to seeing what Gedion Zelalem can do. I haven't seen nearly as much of him as I have of Carter-Vickers, but from everything I've heard he really has the makings of a star.

Evil_Petting_Z008 karma

The internet can be a fickle mistress, have you run into any Teddy haters?

teddygoalsevelt13 karma

As someone who spends a lot of time on the internet, I have to admit, as all of this happened I kind of braced myself for just that.

But, I can say I've been so lucky and thankful to have experienced mostly support, camaraderie and good amount of indifference.

I'm quite aware that all of this is very silly, and based on luck, but as it's given me opportunities to enjoy and promote soccer more than I could have otherwise, I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can.

Samonuh8 karma

What country would you like to see host the World Cup sometime in the next few decades?

teddygoalsevelt16 karma

This one's tough. There's still a lot of debate about whether bringing a tournament like the World Cup to a "developing" nation helps or hurts it. A lot of signs point to hurting. That said, we can't just limit host nations to those who already have all of the infrastructure in place to host, as that makes the rich, richer and alienates most of the world.

I guess my answer is a mix of deserving, developed nations with some nations where it will actually help improve things. </politicalcorrectness>

John_Bot6 karma


teddygoalsevelt3 karma


brianwood655 karma

what's your advice to someone who can't grow a half decent beard to save their life?

teddygoalsevelt23 karma

Go with a full decent mustache.

dyiddo3 karma

Hey, Teddy! Thanks for this AMA. As a fellow Yank and Yiddo, I'm stoked that you're one of us.

I'm just curious ... Whom do you want and think Spurs should sign and sell this Summer?

teddygoalsevelt5 karma

Thank YOU, man!

As for summer dealings for Spurs, we could do a whole other thread about this (in fact, I'm quite sure there are many of them), so I'll just keep it general. I think our main positions of need are CB and CM, with some reinforcements up top being a nice-to-have. I obviously like Verts, and I think Dier has a great future, but after that it's murky. And while I enjoyed seeing Mason/Bentaleb come through most of the season well, I feel like there's a lack of offensive threat from that pairing. It leaves a lot on Harry and Christian to make something happen. So, some ins and outs at midfield would be nice (including some backup for Eriksen).

I'm looking at Pritchard as our "new signing" reinforcement on the front line.

Evil_Petting_Z003 karma

How has your experience changed when going to a match? Are the fans still excited to see you out there?

teddygoalsevelt10 karma

Well, for the most part it hasn’t changed. Not the least of which because all the matches I’ve attended have been club. I actually haven’t been back to a US match since last summer (to be remedied at the Gold Cup in Kansas City).

Also, I try to keep a low profile (for the most part). But when I do get recognized, people still seem to be excited. I take any photos anyone wants and try to represent US Soccer as well as possible.

And I’m sure I’ll be leading songs and chants soon, but that’s what I was doing before!

ribsicle2 karma

What do you do for a living?

teddygoalsevelt4 karma

When I'm not being the 26th president and soccer diehard, I work in advertising as a writer.

xjimbojonesx2 karma

How come you haven't been to Toyota Park lately?

teddygoalsevelt2 karma

I'll be there tonight, actually. Come say hello.


How did you become a football fan in the US?

teddygoalsevelt9 karma

I was born and raised a football fan, I became a soccer fan more recently.

Sorry, that was one was a tee, I had to haha. Football/soccer debate aside, I really became a major fan after the 2010 World Cup. As I mentioned, I'd been raised as an American football fanatic my whole life. I even played through college. And with that, you’re kinda taught to hate soccer because it’s the same season and you compete for athletes. So, as recently as a decade ago, I was the guy saying, “Oooooooh, soccer… what was it, another nil-nil draw?!” But after enjoying the crap out of the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, I realized maybe it wasn’t soccer… maybe it was me.

So I decided to give myself a “soccer bootcamp.” I realized that the reason I wasn’t a soccer fan wasn’t because soccer wasn’t as good as the other sports, it’s because I didn’t understand it. Being raised in the US, you pick up the history, the teams, the rivalries, etc. of our “major” sports through osmosis. You don’t have to try, you just know. With soccer, I had to try. But I did. So for one month, all I allowed myself to watch, listen to, or read had to be soccer-related. I went in as a casual World Cup fan, and came out a fan of the game.

Been a love affair ever since.

herrbz1 karma

Why didn't you run for president before it got trendy?

teddygoalsevelt2 karma

My first presidential campaign was in 1901.

poisonsu1 karma

"Teddy", How does it feel to get beat by me in fantasy this year? Since I won, would that make me president over you? I think I earned the right to be president of everybody. #COYS

teddygoalsevelt4 karma

It stings. I'm as competitive as they come, so I want to win everything. But, I'm also kinda ok with how I ended up. This is my best season by a mile, so I'm not too bummed.

As for being President of everybody based on fantasy, first show me a mustache, then we'll talk. I may have an open position on my cabinet.

trystanrice1 karma

Which came first, your love of the beautiful game or your surname?

teddygoalsevelt2 karma

The love.

zerooskul1 karma

Who really wins a football match?

teddygoalsevelt3 karma

The fans? Unless this is a reference I'm not getting, in which case: [insert correct answer].

LoodakryZ1 karma

If I gave you about $3.50 could I host a game in my back yard?

teddygoalsevelt4 karma

I'm not takin' bribes, but if you start a game, look for me in the cheering section.

BurtaciousD1 karma

So the game against the Netherlands was exciting. Bobby, Gyasi, and Danny got their first international goals and Jordan Morris managed a great assist, but our defense looked a bit shaky with Johnny misreading crosses against Huntelaar, and Alvarado and Orozco mismarking.

This all being said, what is your outlook on our match against Germany, and also on how our squad can be rotated to insure our first World Cup victory?

teddygoalsevelt2 karma

I know, what a match! I was watching at work and the last couple goals came so fast I barely caught them.

My outlook for the Germany match is just to continue to see growth. There's a lot of youth in the squad right now, and they're still getting used to playing, and playing with one another. I'm trying to stay open-minded with everything so early in the cycle.